AtsuMina Fanfic

The Officer I Fell In Love

Your Girlfriend Is Your Sister? The Uncertainty

Best Friend’s Girl

Your Girlfriend Is Your Sister?


The Present Is You

Intertwined Star

Ti Amo

Things That Never Change


After That Day

Just Like The First Time

Good Bye Days

My Valentine Is For You

Oogoe Diamond

Chrismast Pure White Heart

The Conclusion Night

Me and My Ojou Sama

One Click

Christmas For You

Unrevealed Feeling


2 thoughts on “AtsuMina Fanfic

  1. Waaaah~β™‘ your atsumina fics are great 😍😍😒😒😒. I hope you continue writing. I recently posted a screenshot of my favorite lines from your fic on Tumblr,credits to you of course. 😊 I hope you don’t mind I just wanted to express myself how happy I am with your atsumina fics ~β™‘ Thank you!! By the way, is Your girlfrend is your sister the uncertainty the last part? T_T

    1. Hiii thank you for reading my AtsuMina fic!
      At first, it was not supposed to be the last part as I was thinking the plot for the next chapter which should be the last part. However, at the moment, I lose the passion :((
      I hope it won’t last forever because I have promised my dear readers to finish my fic lol

      I am so glad you shared your favorite lines from this fic which of course I don’t mind at all! Maybe if you could link me your tumblr account, that would be great :))))

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