2 thoughts on “AtsuMina Fanfic

  1. Waaaah~β™‘ your atsumina fics are great 😍😍😒😒😒. I hope you continue writing. I recently posted a screenshot of my favorite lines from your fic on Tumblr,credits to you of course. 😊 I hope you don’t mind I just wanted to express myself how happy I am with your atsumina fics ~β™‘ Thank you!! By the way, is Your girlfrend is your sister the uncertainty the last part? T_T

    1. Hiii thank you for reading my AtsuMina fic!
      At first, it was not supposed to be the last part as I was thinking the plot for the next chapter which should be the last part. However, at the moment, I lose the passion :((
      I hope it won’t last forever because I have promised my dear readers to finish my fic lol

      I am so glad you shared your favorite lines from this fic which of course I don’t mind at all! Maybe if you could link me your tumblr account, that would be great :))))

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