My thoughts about 3×11

I was about to film my reaction of this episode but then I remember how silly I sound when I speak English so I’d rather write my thoughts out on my blog haha maybe next time (for my reaction video :v)

So the ep started with Jasper and Clarke’s scenes.


HOnestly Jasper. You can go to hell.

Like…it’s been months and he is still not over Maya’s death yet. And how could he only be angry at Clarke (like having this scary eyes of wanting to kill her too) while technically Bellamy also pulled the lever with Clarke at Mt. Weather? LIKE WHY EVERYONE BLAMES CLARKE FOR ALL SHIT THEY DID.


I am really sorry for the low quality because all my HDs videos are only for Clexa’s eps :p

ANYWAYS. OCTAVIA DRAGGED BELLAMY. I’ve never been happier in my life than watching this scene. And yet, Bellamy still used the ‘the grounders could have attacked us,” as the reason why he needed to slaughter the army Lexa sent to PROTECT them. Your argument is invalid. Even my dog laughs at you, Bell (from heaven, it’s dead 😦 ). I know Bellamy already felt he’s sorry but nope that’s too late. Lexa’s dead, Lincon’s dead. Bring them back, and you will be forgiven :v Now I hope Ontari is gonna wipe every single skyrat left for good, especially Pike.


Can we talk about how hot Clarke is in this episode?!?!?!/ Too bad Lexa is not there to see it herself :/

So Jasper just told everyone that the wristband can help Raven out of this madness and Clarke knows where to get one. Sure.


Reunion! 🙂

Why did Niylah not seem happy to see Clarke? Hey gurls you banged and did that and this, you could have hugged each other, right? ;))) lol they might not have time for that.


Niylah told Clarke that her dad died and he was a part of the army Lexa sent to protect Arkadia. Look at Bellamy’s face 🙂 “oh crap, the shit I did is not really helping at all, for now huh, asdfhkgkl.” And yet Clarke needed to keep that tragedy shut because aint no time for that shit right now. What Bellamy and his people did fucking slow everyone down now 🙂 Thank you so much.


Then pointing a gun at her 🙂 You did right, Bellamy :))

I love being sarcastic. That’s actually my middle name.

Just kidding.


Everyone’s acting is so amazing! Lindsey must be exhausting during filming this scene. Did she accidentally hurt herself? :/ I hope not.


Jasper. Honestly, shut up.

You don’t know if it’s not because of Clarke, y’all would have been dead. While Clarke ‘saving’ your ass, what did you do? Busy mourning your gf and figuring out whether to suck the drug Jaha offered? You are not worth the lives, kid 🙂


I was gasping during this scene.

Alie made Raven saying something to make Clarke felt guilty. Like, she mentioned Wells and Finn’s death because of her and Clarke was like, “LOL bitch. Nice try,” but then Clarke reacted when Alie said she got Lexa killed too.The fuck?? I can’t look at her face 😦
Clarke must be feeling guilty and she probably has blamed herself too for Lexa’s death. And now there is someone say it right in front of her, and how is she not hurt? Of course, she is 😦
And Alie learnt Clarke’s reaction, I believe? “owh the girl reacted when I said ‘Lexa’ what a love birds,” she thought. Maybe she will use it to ‘fight’ against Clarke? I don’t know :/



They made Monty killing his mom!! :O
Oh gosh.
I was totally speechless during this scene. Like, how could they do that to Monty? Killing his mom because that aint her mom anymore? Now he has no one 😦 (I don’t want to count Jasper as his friend as atm).


So they could bring Raven back! I am so happy Raven is finally back!! I don’t know but I just feel like whenever there’s Raven, everything’s gonna be ok! I’m kinda relieved so I am happy to have Raven back! Yay!

And anyway. When Jasper tried to smash the chip, Clarke desperately yelled, “It’s Lexa!” Man, seriously. Her face. She misses her Lexa so much, I can’t handle my feelings. Too much emotion ;—;  and how she believes that a part of Lexa is in there. I am crying a river now ;——-;

Okay now I am curious. Is this chip really gonna take her to CoL? And as we know, the most genius showrunner has shown to everyone how the finale will be. Apparently, Clarke will meet Lexa again and this time is in CoL. Whether Clarke finds her way in with this Lexachip or sucking the drug, or another way, but she will be in CoL with Lexa.

Imagine when Lexa meets with Clarke, she will tell Clarke that Clarke shouldn’t be in CoL and she must destroy it which means Lexa will be vanished forever. Clarke hesitates because she wants to be with Lexa, her soulmate, but then Lexa, “Do it for your people, dumbass!!” lol Probably Lexa will say something like that. I meant, something like ‘For your people/our people’ not the dumbass one. I don’t know. The genius showrunner probably has thought of something more cruel and how the show will end with everyone’s being ‘happy’ (sarcasm of sorrow/unhappiness). The show gets renewed to a season 4 after all. Please make Bellamy the villain? lol

Talking about Bellamy. I like ep 11, why? Because everyone drags him for being a nice leader 🙂

“Bring Lincoln back,”
“When you are angry, people die,”
“Clarke was saving her own people, and you were just saving ur own ass,” + Bellamy sucks in bed 😉
“People like you always are,”

Omg I live for this moment. I can’t stop crying (of happiness). But now he’s changed (I believe so?), I don’t know if I’ll like him again or not. Try me.

A fun story happens on my tumblr. After ep 11, tumblr keeps giving me a suggestion of a Bellarke’s post. What did I do to deserve this? I’ve never reblogged any Bellarke’s stuff, how could??? Ah, it is under The 100 tag (I followed this tag). But since this stupid tumblr keeps giving me this suggestion, I unfollow the tag. I QUIT.

Speaking of Bellarke, the shippers are overjoy after watching the show. Hmm… why are they? I don’t see any romantic moments between them? (OvO) What I see :


A princess and her loyal bodyguard


A princess and her loyal bodyguard


A princess and her purposely-hurt-his-hand-and-the-princess-had-to-take-care-of-it-loyal bodyguard!



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