Random post : The 100 & shipwar

Hi again.

First of all, I just want to say that I don’t speak perfect English. I am not native speaker.

Skip that. Let’s just get to the point. I am writing this because it gets in my nerve everytime I log in to my twitter and see all the ‘mess’. I honestly have two accounts on twitter (totally wasting time and energy lol). The first twitter is my main one (moekare_100) and another one is mostly flexible kinda twitter; means I follow people based on my current favorite which in this case are The 100 and ADC.

My fandom has always been Jpop since I was in senior high school. I listened to jpop almost everytime at that time however now I somehow start listening to some english songs. I didn’t really watch any movies other than japanese, to be really honest, but I did watch super heroes of course; but not tv shows just like The 100. The first tv shows I watched was The Walking Dead and I became a fan right after I watched the first season. I love zombie-themed films that’s why I watched twd till now. I watch Resident Evil too but I am not a fan of its game, my father is.

If you are assuming I know ADC because of The 100, no, you are wrong. I know ADC from Fear The Walking Dead. But before I knew Fear TWD was happening, I stumbled upon a video on youtube. I didn’t know how I ended up in this clip, but I ended up watching this clip. It was about the Clexa’s first kiss. I had this reaction, “oh cute,” then closed the video. I didn’t know that was ADC being Lexa. And then Fear TWD began and I recognized this Alicia Clark cause I somehow felt her face was kinda familiar. THen I found out that she acted as Lexa in The 100. But I didn’t give this show a try cause I wasn’t really a fan of american tv shows. I searched ‘Alicia Clark’ and sometime ‘Fear TWD’ on tumblr but the result was mostly about Lexa and The 100. I was like, “Wtf is going on?!” But the now me has already got an answer.

I started watching The 100 on February this year because a friend of mine kept mentioning this show lol Well, the reason I watched this show because of ADC. I started season 1, and I know Lexa appeared on season 2 so I thought season 1 would be so boring. But I was wrong. I could make it through the season 1 ALIVE. Now, I am here on season 3, I would say, season 1 is way better. I had no enough sleep for a week just to finish season 1 and it was worth it. No Lexa on season 1, but it could entertain me and make me curious what happened next. Now I am on season 3, I don’t get it why this is happening. So far, this season is the worst one. It used to be an awesome show, but they ruined it all in second. I was upset when they decided to kill Lexa off and Lincoln oh my god. They both were my favorite characters. I don’t want to point out how Lexa died because it’s already all over articles on internet and yes, the way she died was ridiculous.

One more thing that I would never ever understand. Shipwar.

Is it common to have this in every show?! I don’t understand why they would be fighting over which character should end with which character, I am totally lost. I might be not coming from this fandom, but I do ship in my jpop fandom, of course. In tv shows, you ship fictional characters, but in my current fandom, we ship ‘real people’. Well, it’s more like their relationships are beautiful so we ship, but still we ship it and we don’t fight over this? It’s not rare that hardcore shippers are really creepy and they scare the shit out of their otps so they kinda put distance which is so sad to see. I don’t really wanna talk about my Jpop fandom so let’s continue.

Yes, I am a Clexa fan. There are Bellarke fans. Some Clexa fans and Bellarkes fans ‘fight’. For God’s sake, why would you fight? For what?

Talking about Bellarke, I honestly disliked Bellamy when he appeared for the first time, but I started to like him from the half of season 1. He was an asshole in the first half of season 1 because he was just afraid he would get killed for his attempt to kill the chancellor once ark people touched the ground. If he died, no one would look after Octavia which he always said that she is his responsibility. Hey, I totally understand that. I liked season 2 Bellamy too. He tried to help his friends and he became inside man at Mt. Weather in order to save them. He was willing to risk his life and that was cool of him. But I never see Clarke and Bellamy a thing. I don’t know how to say, well, it’s more like brotp? Like Indra and Octavia, I don’t know but I never see Clarke and Bellamy as a romantic couple. Before assuming, let me clear things. I ship anyone. I liked Clarke and Finn, they were cute, but I felt bad for Raven but anyways. I ship Linctavia, they were just perfect together, Kabby is fine, but I don’t really ship Bellarke for romantic thing because to me they are more like partners in crime, you know? I ship as long as they’re lovely together, so why not?

Until season 3, I totally hate Bellamy, for now. I know he just wants the best for arkadian but what he did was crossing the line (thanks to you, Pike). I liked it when Octavia beat the shit out of him because she represented me :p I wanted to kick Bellamy’s ass for good after what he’s done, whatever.

Bellarkes fans can say anything what they want and what they like; even photoshopping the hugging moments or others is totally fine, ah including talking about lexa and clexa too, bad or good, that’s fine. They think what’s right for them. We all have our own opinions which are okay. The same goes to Clexa fans too. Clexa had so much moments together, the fandom is full with talented people and so creative, so just have fun. Do not bother with rude Bellarke fans. Bellarke fans too, do not bother to respond to the rude Clexa fans.

I know how it feels when your otp is not canon. I ship Daryl with Beth but Beth died, so did my ship :”

Common sense in shipping, is you care with two of people you ship. Not only one; not even talking bad about another when they’re not together. That means you don’t ship, it means you only stan one person in that ship. And keep telling you ship them is a total embarrassment for people who see it.

Last words, why fight over pairings? You can’t ask people to think like you and to like what you like. What you have to do is look for mutuals to have fun with. Do not say bad things about other pairings because yours are not even better.


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