Clexa video

It is just a quick update.

I have made a Clexa video. I actually did one before this but due to copyright, it got taken down lol however it is on my tumblr. Search Clexa tagged I think you’ll find it.

Edit : Youtube took down my video again so I uploaded it to my tumblr instead


5 thoughts on “Clexa video

  1. OMGGGGG, JAPANESE SONG, LOVEEEE IT :D!!!! FIRST TIME I SEE A CLEXA VID PUT TO A JAPANESE SONG!! Foreign music is not always appreciated by others :’)

    So heartbreaking, though, I just get sad every time I see clexa, but I must be some sort of masochist because I keep going back haha *sobs*

    NICE JOB (^_^)b

  2. Awww thank you and I am glad you enjoyed my video.

    Haha same here. Whenever I miss Clexa, I re-watch the eps randomly and when editing this video, it was totally a suicide haha
    I will make another Clexa video with japanese song again, hopefully soon (Y_Y)

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