This contains my disappointment (still Clexa)


I am back. Okay. So I am gonna continue my previous post when they prepared the attack to Mount Weather.


So Clarke explained their plans to free their people from Mountain Men. She stood next to Lexa (I am dying inside)

Next is the interesting one!!!!!!!


They were outside the Mount Weather ready to attack………….until………….

Apparently, Lexa BETRAYED Clarke. She made a deal with Emerson, a guard from Mount Weather. The grounders wont attack if they release their people but not sky people. GUess what? Clarke was really really pissed off. So fucked up lmao

Clexa scene in season 2 done. Season 3 was the good one and yet the saddest part -_-

Without the help from the grounders, Clarke could save the rest of people from the ark. But she gotta kill many innocent lives at the Mount Weather in order to save them. Because of that, she couldn’t go back to the camp with others. She chose to stay in the woods by herself. She somehow felt guilty for what she had done to free her people from Mount Weather.

But her life was not that safe at all. She was hunted by the Ice Nation because they believed if they killed her, they would gain power as Clarke was known as wanheda (commander of the death), something like that lol

At the beginning of the ep, it was confirmed that Clarke was a bisexual as she slept with a woman (not gonna post the screencap because I would stick with my plan to just share Clexa lol)

An ice nation managed to capture her and she would be presented to the Ice Queen to be killed. When she arrived at the place, look what actually happened………


REUNION but bad reunion lol I understand though. Lexa betrayed Clarke at the Mount Weather in season 2. I understand she couldn’t forgive what Lexa had done. If she helped her, I think there would be no innocent lives taken at the Mount Weather.


That was Prince Roan, a son of Ice Queen. He was banished by his own mother, I guess??. Lexa told him she would lift his banishment if he delivered Clarke unharmed but she broke the deal lmao I love badass Lexa ❤


He wanted to kill Lexa but he couldn’t get close to her so he asked Clarke instead. Apparently, Clarke was considering it haha


She praised Clarke omfg ❤


Gosh…. she almost killed Lexa lmao

Lexa wanted to have sky people to join the coalition. The 12 clans wouldnt accept it, but they perhaps would if they saw Wanheda (Clarke) bow before Lexa. WILL SHE DO THAT?? I MEANT…………………..





Calm down :(((((((((

So the Ice Queen was responsible for the assassination of the sky people (I skip this part because not really want to talk about it but it happened ok? Ice Nation sent an assassin to slaughter sky people who happened to rest at Mount Weather. Watch the show :p ). She was about to get punished (death) but then she challenged Lexa in a combat which Lexa accepted.


Worried Clarke :)))))

Lexa would be against Roan, and yes Clarke worried.

LMAO :)))))) This is actually my fav scene. I meant, look at the smile of Lexa. She is proudly introducing Aden rofl. She was like, “Clarke, this is Aden. He would likely become the next commander if I died today. He would help you,” and she is proud of it lmao Oh my Heda X’D



Clarke tried to stop Lexa to fight Roan. I am crying a river………………………….

So Clarke came to see the combat between Lexa and Roan. Clarke was so worried about Lexa. But she won, of course. She killed the Ice Queen instead so Roan became the King. Wohooo…

Here is the video version because it is so cool when it moves haha


Lexa thanked Clarke for backing her but all she said was, “FOR MY PEOPLE” see Lexa looked really disappointed lmao she was like, “omg did Clarke finally like me?? Nah, she did it for her people 😦 ” poor Lexa haha

These love birds :)))))))))

So here is the thing. Since the Ice Queen sent assassin to kill some of sky people, Lexa helped to protect Arkadia (now the camp’s name changed) by building some troops near it to prevent another attack from Ice Nation. While a new dickhead character called Pike who saw grounders all the same, wanted to kill them all. Right after he was chosen as the new chancellor, he started to wipe the troops Lexa sent to help Arkadia. Unfortunately, Lexa saw all the troops died and sent another army to slaughter the sky people (thanks Pike).

The grounders’ culture is Blood must have blood so this massacre should be paid with blood too (means war toward the sky people). Of course Clarke was against it. She didn’t want any war and asked Lexa to let her go to Arkadia to talk to Bellamy. Bellamy was one of them who slaughtered Lexa’s armies. So Clarke managed to talk to Bellamy but it was no use.

Clarke went back to Lexa and she came up with something to stop the war, again.


Lexa fucking listened to Clarke. Can we have Clarke to be Lexa’s adviser not Titus?? Lmao
Did Lexa do this in order to impress Clarke and earn her forgiveness?? Because Clarke had not said a word about forgiving her yet.


Look at Lexa when she found out that Clarke draw her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think she saw hopes?? It is obvious that Lexa likes Clarke and Clarke has never shown any signal that she likes Lexa the way Lexa does. AND NOW THIS? Maybe Lexa was like, “Oh my god my baby draws me! doesnt it mean she like me too???? omg omg omg” that is written right on heda’s face ❤ lol



Titus gave Lexa an advice that she was too personally involved. Means, feelings. She has feeling for Clarke. Let me slam dunk myself into a trash bin………………….

Lexa literally needs a hug /hug her/

They were discussing about Emerson, whether they are going to banish him from the land or kill him by 49 cuts on Clarke’s hands. Emerson is the guard from the Mount Weather. He helped Ice Nation to kill the sky people. So Roan gifted him to Clarke.

On the judgment day, Clarke did not want to kill Emerson means he is banished from the land. Clarke is really getting on Titus’s nerve since the way of their people still blood must have blood and because of Clarke, Lexa looked somewhat weak in front of the 12 clans because she listens to Clarke; not finishing ones life for justice. Titus is like a protective father and he will do anything to protect Lexa, even he has to end Clarke’s life.

So this is the interesting thing.

The dickhead, Pike, started another plan to attack another grounders village to get their lands for crops ~_~ but Kane and Octavia worked together not to let that happened. Oh ya Octavia is Bellamy’s sister. So Octavia went to the village and warned the grounders that sky people would attack. Of course they wont listen and they planned to attack back at sky people. Octavia managed to warn the sky people when arrived at the village it was a trap.

After that, Octavia got dragged to the Polis (where Lexa and Clarke are) and told Lexa that the sky people attacked their village. It shocked Clarke.

Lexa, Titus, and Clarke had a discussion. Titus kept reminding Lexa that blood must have blood is always the way of their people and blood must no have blood fails. But again, Clarke managed to somehow convince Lexa and then Lexa came up with a blockade around Arkadia. Whoever crossed the line, they would get killed. But this didn’t make grounders whose village got attacked satisfied. One of them tried to kill Lexa, but Titus stopped him and killed him instead. PRECIOUS FLAMEKEEPER. And then Titus kept telling Lexa that it is always blood must have blood.



So basically Lexa let Clarke to stay in Polis as she is not necessarily back to Arkadia after the blockade order. Of course, Lexa doesn’t want Clarke to leave. She gave her choice to stay or to leave but I know Clarke would stay ;))) they love each other after all of this, hey!! ;)))


Titus reminded Lexa that love is weakness and commander needs to be alone. He said Lexa’s feelings for Clarke (HORRAAYY) put both of them in danger. He also brought up Costia and Lexa got exploded (oh god that turns me on really)  Angry Lexa is just so sexy to resist *heart eyes*

While Octavia asked Clarke to go back to Arkadia with her. Clarke wouldn’t want to leave, she chose to stay but Octavia insisted her to come with her. To prevent more dead people from their side because they knew Pike wouldn’t obey the blockade (duh??) I could see it’s really hard decision for Clarke because it meant she would leave Lexa which she didn’t want :))))) I am crying blood. I am jumping off my roof right now.


Clarke blinked many times lol Did she surprise because she just realized that Lexa is actually fucking gorgeous?????????????????????

Lexa said “may we meet again,” and LOOK she HELD HER TEARS I MEAn………
Lexa is strong character but seeing her crying is just asdghjklf; it somehow looks hot. Again, it turns me on.


I would say that she never thought that Clarke would be the one who initiated the KISS. Let me GIF that the kiss part. I am actually not read y but I can do this!!!!!!!!!!!








I was really struggling making all these gifs!!!!!!!!! Lexa was just so cute and pure……….. though from the season 2, she was a badass commander who never hesitated to put her blade through someone’s chest. AND NOW THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
And she fucking cried during the kiss. ANyway, I just got the information that that tears was unscripted it meant it was the actress. Alycia felt the emotion between Lexa and Clarke and she got carried away with her acting and fucking cried. She is an amazing actress. AND YET……………………….. Sorry I can’t continue this post atm. I need to save it for me to continue tomorrow. I am broken again so I can’t continue for now.

Hey I am back. It’s 12:38 PM my time and I gotta continue this.

It’s been 2 days since I watched the last episode (ep 7). I still feel lost. I tried to avoid twitter but I couldn’t. People keep talking about Clexa and it totally broke my heart.

I will talk more about myself later after I finish Clexa scene from ep 7.



To be honest, I can’t stop watching this scene. We have waited for century until we finally got this. AND CLARKE IS A TOP Y’ALL. Or maybe they both can be tops ;)))))))))))))))

Next on is the worst scenario EVAR.

Clarke went back to her room and there Titus was waiting for her. He intended to kill her. HE GOT A GUN ON HIM HOW

Yeah the tight ass (Titus) accidentally shot Lexa >:((((((((((((((

Source : dailythehundred





Clarke, I think, she still couldnt’ believe that Lexa was gone forever. Damn it they just made love and they fucking killed Lexa in minutes after that !!!!!!!

But she was able to give her the last kiss I AM IN PIECES



Who to blame? PIKE.
IF he didn’t attack the grounder village, there would be no blockade order for Arkadia so Clexa will live happily in Polis. SCREW YOU PIKE AND EVERYONE IN ARKADIA WHO SUPPORTED HIM. I just want you all to die. Kane, I am counting on you!!

When Lexa was dying, I think she was more worried about Clarke.



I swear to God, every morning I wake up, I feel lost. It’s not the same morning as I wake up to. I suddenly miss Lexa………. The way they killed her is so silly. By a stray bullet?? COme on. Jasper survived a spear which was thrown right on his chest, Jaha survived a bullet wound on his stomach, Raven survived after getting shot by a rifle on her spine and explosion, and Lexa fucking died by a stray bullet. I couldn’t accept!!

Lexa was a strong character and a commander of 12 clans. AT LEAST MAKE HER DEATH LOOK HEROIC???? Dying at the battlefield for example. Not by a stray bullet which was shot by her own flamekeeper?

Since Friday my time, my twitter timeline has been full with people sent hate messages to the showrunner and the 100 writers. I don’t know if they deserve it or not but I am not gonna lie if I felt upset. I was really upset and I am still upset.

I am a fan of The Walking Dead and it broke me down when they decided to kill Beth Greene. I was crying in front of my TV and kept crying for whole night; even the next morning I still fucking cried. It took me weeks to accept Beth’s death tbh and that was really painful.


WHY THEY ENDED UP KILLING MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS??? WHY????? Jaha and Pike are still alive, and Lexa died. I am losing words for this. I have been so heartbroken.

I read some tweets saying that they didn’t want to continue the 100 because they were so disappointed at the show but some of them would but not live. I am actually new to this fandom but from what I see, Clexa fandom is full with creative people. They are fun and I love it whenever they make jokes about Lexa and her candles, also Clexa pick up lines. I don’t know after the show killed Lexa, will they continue doing those fun things? I bet that’s not gonna be fun anymore, right?

Clexa fandom helped the show trending world wide. They trended Clexa kiss anniversary, they trended clexa are soulmates right before ep 7 started (so ironic, really). Also, they trended Lexa for I believe 24hrs after ep 7, they trended Lexa deserved better, and they trended Alycia (the actress who played Lexa). From what I see, this fandom is really strong. Killing Lexa was a brave choice and they might lose a lot of viewers which I couldn’t wait to see LOL Just like I said before, the reason why I watched the 100 was because of Clexa. But I never say that I am gonna stop watching as I want to know how this show ends. I think a lot of people are looking forward to the ratings of the show after this. The creator of this show, keeps losing his followers on twitter. I think he has lost 40k followers and keep flopping lmao Imagine that large amount stops watching the show? They are so fucked up lmao

I don’t want to spread hates actually. I am just upset and disappointed. I try to understand they killed Lexa off because the actress is regular to other tv shows but I think they could have made the character gone for awhile, hiding for example, they didn’t have to kill her. Also, I don’t want to judge because I am not from film industry so I don’t know how regular cast and stuff work, I don’t know anything about it so I believe it is also a very hard choice for the showrunner.

The spoiler : Lexa is actually gonna appear on finale. I am not sure if that;s gonna be the real Lexa or just her spirit in the city of light. But by reading Alycia’s tweets saying farewell already, I don’t think Lexa is gonna be back alive.

Lexa deserved better. Clarke deserved better. Their loves deserved better.

Clarke kept losing someone she loved. In season 1 she lost her dad and her best friend, in season 2 she lost finn, a man she loved, and in season 3 she lost Lexa, a woman that she was just in love with.

Oh god… I am screwed up. They both deserved better.

I don’t know how long I am gonna be heartbroken like this but I hope I will be over it soon. Clexa relationship is too precious, I am just sad and disappointed.

I would be more pissed off if they make Clarke over Lexa’s death soon and got together with someone else.

And I hope Clarke will wash her hair soon.

May we meet again. 


2 thoughts on “This contains my disappointment (still Clexa)

  1. Lexa was a legendary character. I will miss her immensely. Words cannot even express how devastated I was after her death. I was in genuine DISBELIEF. I honestly did NOT see the death coming, particularly because EVERYONE saw it coming, so I thought “Pssh, the writers are not falling into that cliche! The 100 has been such a progressive show, I really doubt they would just up and kill–” *gets shot by accident*

    1. tbh I am still not over her death yet. I started watching this show because of Clexa and they killed her off just right after I got in to this fandom. I know the movement the fans started after Lexa’s death eventhough I don’t participate in it but I will admit that these fans are amazing.

      This show is gonna flop.

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