The 100


This time it is not related to idols at all. As you can read on the title, it will be about The 100. I will assume some of you don’t know about this tv show, but some of you do. Okay so this show has been taking my soul until last night. First of all, I don’t live in America, I am Asian so Friday has always been the day that I always look forward to. I don’t want to be hypocrite, but the reason I follow this show is because of Clexa.

Let me tell you something. I have this hobby. I don’t know if I should say it is a weird hobby or fun hobby (lol); so I like searching for videos with OTP(s) from random tv shows. That is why I could come across to some tv shows/webseries like Skins, Lost Girls, OITNB, Person of Interest, Pretty Little Liars, Carmilla, etc including The 100. I am pretty sure I have noticed The 100 right when the season 2 was over but I never got to follow the show until few weeks ago.

I decided to follow the show when season 3 ep 4 was airing. Also I understood I won’t see Lexa until season 2 and I could deal with that. Surprisingly, I loved season 1.

97 years ago in the story, there was a nuclear apocalypse that caused most of people in the earth died from the radiation but fortunately there were survivors.


Short explanation. They were criminals from the Ark who were sent to the ground to see whether earth is survivable or not.They were from the space and lived in the Ark. Ark will be running out of oxygen so that’s why they sent these people, hundred of them down to earth to see if it is survivable or not.


My precious space walker. He’s cute and I loved him.

I love earth, too 😛

Anyway….. I am not gonna post everything from season 1. I am doing this screencap for me in the future. A kind reminder that I was once in this wonderful fandom.


Finn and Clarke were a cute couple. I liked them and to be really honest, these two made me forget for a while the reason why I watched The 100.

They think they are alone on earth? No. The grounders have lived there before sky people come and grounders will hunt the sky people down! HHAHAHa


Here she is, Raven! Finn’s girlfriend. She comes down to earth because of Clarke’s mom asked her to. She asked her to go after them to see if they are okay. But poor Raven that she actually found out that Finn loved another girl. (Uuuu I love this kind of love story). Clarke was obviously in love with Finn and I don’t know what would happen if Clarke knew that Finn actually had a girlfriend. Maybe she would keep the distance?

So season 1 was actually telling mostly about these sky people, how Clarke lead her people, how Bellamy acted from an asshole to a cooperative one, etc. It’s like developing each character. And also, season 1 was about the grounders who came to wipe the sky people out.

So sky people succeeded to burn 300 grounders alive and trust me, the commander of the grounders will never accept that XD

Now season 2. At the end of season 1, they were captured by a group called Mountain Men. Well they lived in a place called Mount Weather. I forgot to tell that the 100 people who came down to earth were told to reach this Mount Weather to get supplies but they never got there because they thought they crossed the line after they were attacked by grounders. And they became more focusing on the grounders and see them as life threat. So now, season 2 will be talking a lot about Mount Weather……….and of course the grounders too 😉

The rest of the people in the Ark got to come down to the earth including Clarke’s mom, Abby, and other soldiers (REINFORCEMENT YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!).

So that’s Kane and Abby.

Back to the people who got captured by the Mountain Men. They were living the life!! Got bunk beds, delicious food, living with other survivors, etc. But Clarke felt suspicious. She barely trusted anyone at Mount Weather. She sneaked inside to see what Mount Weather actually was. She found out Anya, a grounder, who was held as a prisoner by Mountain Men and it was not just her. BUt a lot of grounders became prisoners. The Mountain Men used the blood something like that to keep them alive. Why? Because people who live at the Mount Weather were actually the survivors who survived from the radiation. They got out from that place, they would get burned. It’s different from sky people because they used to live in the space and it affected their bodies or something like that so they could breathe the air on the ground :p

Clarke and Anya escaped from the Mount Weather. She worried about their friends because they were ‘held’ by them which would be used later for cure. I meant cure, is like they will use it to survive on the ground, from the radiation.


Clarke finally reached the Ark camp. She finally got to see her mom that she thought she was dead! Sweet moment~~


REUNION GUYS. So actually that guy Bellamy did not make it to the dropship when they were burning 300 of the grounders, so did Finn. So Clarke thought they were dead. NOw she’s happy to see them again! Awww~~

Ups, Finn wasn’t there. Because he looked for Clarke at the grounders village.

Clarke and the rest were way too late. Finn shot so many innocent lives because he was frustrated not able to find Clarke. He lost his mind. But after this, so not gonna like it because the commander made him pay for what he did.

MEanwhile, Kane was going to make a peace with the grounders. But he got his ass kicked lol. But then hey! There is chancellor Jaha! I meant, ex-chancellor :p


He was talking about Finn who massacred innocent lives earlier.


She was actually in disguise :p


Hey!! She was referring to herself! That’s so sexy, gurl 😀


WOOOO did you see that coming?!


HELL YEAH. That’s ma bit*h!

After that, Commander Lexa (<3) sent Jaha to give a message for the rest of the sky people. TO LEAVE OR TO DIE.

From now on, I will be posting a lot about my OTP in this show. Yes, Clexa (Clarke and Lexa) on the next post. That was actually my first intention to do when I started writing but hell I ended up posting from season 1 to season 2. Man, sometime I hate myself for not being able to stick with what I have planned. Alright guys, see you on the other side!


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