I am so heartbroken over a gd tv show

Okay so here we are now. As I said earlier, I am gonna post ONLY my OTP in this show. Yes, I am Clexa shipper but a lowkey one 😛 You know I have been shipping a lot of people before this, mostly idols. But mostly I ship everyone haha

So, the armies were outside the Ark camp. But Clarke had an offer for the commander of course it was to save her people!! To stop the attack :3


HELL YEAH FINALLY MY CLEXA ;———; I was devastated about the last ep (Season 3 ep 7) but then I saw this, yeah exactly the first time they met hurt my tiny heart. Okay I can do this ;—;


This is too much for me to handle ;;;———–;; I cry a river………………………


You better give her what she wanted.

I know I told you I would just post about my OTP but Hey…. I liked Finn and Clarke :p


He surrendered :(((((((((((((((((((((((


Poor Clarke 😦

From this point, I think Clarke has earned Lexa’s trust, maybe…. :p listen, what I write here is purely my opinion after watching the series.

Lexa gave the honor to Clark lol  I think it was supposed to be Lexa who burn the Finn’s body but she gave it to Clarke 😉

She fuckin told Clarke about the special one! I meant, these both just met! She trusted Clarke and she told her about Costia, I cry ;;;;;;


So the coalition between sky people and the grounders were not acceptable for the grounders, I meant, Blood must have blood so basically they want war. But fortunately, Clarke kept gaining Lexa’s trust and Lexa actually listens to her. Maybe Lexa felt chemistry *heart eyes*

Lexa’s underling tried to kill Clarke but Lexa saved her! awwwww~~


She fucking smiled :(((((( That was the first smile of her I am cutting myself off


Around people, she called her Commander, but when alone, she called her by her name. I am burning :Q_____


A jealous Commander?? 😮
Clarke sent Bellamy inside the Mount Weather to be an inside man. But Clarke started doubting if what she did was wrong; that it might get Bellamy killed instead. And Lexa was JEALOUSSSSS :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD




Clarke was a bit surprised to know that Lexa might have feelings for her. Just see when they argued, Lexa fuckin said ‘Not everyone, NOT YOU’ it meant Clarke being safe mattered. I am hanging myself~~~~~~~~~~


Okay… but their first kiss was just………………………….omg I am speechless. Lexa understood why Clarke stepped back. I am going to cut myself, again.

There are so many more I want to put here on my blog for me in the future about this fandom. I just started few weeks ago and this show took my soul along with it. But then that happened and to be really honest I still can’t get over it. I surely will, but it takes times. Y_Y

Next post will be the last part and I will update it later today. I have been sitting in front of my laptop since 11 AM and now its 15:30 PM when I am about to finish this post. I am really heartbroken and I need to let this feeling out by writing, I hope so.

Until then…….


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