Let’s be delusional



Lately, WakaRei is too strong. I want to cry.

Also, I think I might oshi Sakurai Reika now ‘o’

Before, Reika wasn’t even in my list of fav members in Nogizaka46. She was way too ordinary and just ok. But lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about her. I don’t know what happened to me but Reika is completely a hotie now. Help me~~~

Excuse my side story. I just feel like putting it here that I might oshihen from Milk ‘v’

Let’s get into the main thing I’d like to talk about here. Just like what I wrote as the title, “let’s be delusional” and ofc it’s about WakaRei, my current OTP ๐Ÿ˜‰
I was a AtsuMina shipper because their bond is strong; which I found similar thing in WakaRei but they are way too gay ๐Ÿ™‚

I am actually a bit sad because there aren’t a lot of WakaRei since they’ve been teased a lot for being lez couple within the group. Yes, I am talking about 2shot. Also, how often Manatsu mentions Waka in her mobame. MANATSU *pointing a gun at her* Ugh… they’ve been good friends since the beginning tho can’t help it =_=)”
But….Waka and Reika might spend time together and take a lot of selfies but not post them to public (just like Waka said in nogiroom last time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) Please, stop teasing them! lolol

Anyway, I’ve been rewatching Nogi’s stuff and let me share with you and lets be delusional together ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s Nogibingo!2 ep3, the mousou request. This time Reika was a doctor and how members compliment her because she looked so good in white (I approve).

140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03[23-44-28]140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03[23-44-44]140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03[23-45-02]140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03[23-45-04]140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03[23-45-15]140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03[23-45-24]140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03[23-45-27]140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03[23-45-36]140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03[23-45-43]140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03[23-45-45]

My god, she looks so hot ‘v’

140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03[23-45-46]


140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03[23-45-47]

Wait… I think Waka approves too (that Reika looks hot)

See the capture above. Waka keeps looking at her babe. Doesn’t even bother to look away. Ok lets say, Waka is checking Reika out ๐Ÿ™‚
BUT guess what happened when Reika turns to look at the members… (most likely to the direction where Waka sits)



Let me ask you something. When you are checking out someone, let’s say your crush, what you will mostly do when you’re busy checking them out, they suddenly turn around and look at your direction? That’s what happen on the gif above. Tbh, I’d do the same. I’ll be panicking and looking away and hope I wasn’t found out lmao
Waka was like, “Damn it I’ve been found out,” haha lol

140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03[23-46-57]140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03[23-45-58]140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03[23-45-57]

If she was a doc, I’d come to see her every fuckin day lmao

Next is Nogibingo! ep 5 the tomodachi things. So basically, the segment is like this member wants to get closer with that member, something like that. Asuka wants to be closer with Reika so Asuka needs to answer a couple of questions in order to be closer to Reika.

150810 NOGIBINGO!5 ep05[00-25-06]150810 NOGIBINGO!5 ep05[00-23-20]150810 NOGIBINGO!5 ep05[00-25-14]

So, Asuka is stuck at the question 2 so she asked other members to help her. Look what happened.

150810 NOGIBINGO!5 ep05[00-23-42]

150810 NOGIBINGO!5 ep05[00-23-43]150810 NOGIBINGO!5 ep05[00-23-44]

Do you see?

Okay. Let me explain

150810 NOGIBINGO!5 ep05[00-23-43]150810 NOGIBINGO!5 ep05[00-23-44]150810 NOGIBINGO!5 ep05[00-23-45]

I draw the arrow to make it clear ๐Ÿ˜‰

First pic as you can see Ikuchan’s stare at Waka is too obvious. MOreover, NAKADA KANA.ย She’s one of members who is really close to Reika, she might know something between these two, right? ALSO by judging her stare to Waka (not to mention her smirk tho ๐Ÿ˜› ) she expects Waka to help Asuka to answer the questions. Beside, the way Kanarin look at Waka was like, “aha I know you know the answer. Raise your hand, and fucking tell everyone in the studio” ๐Ÿ™‚
Again, Hinapyon at the back also stares at Waka ๐Ÿ™‚

Second pic. Look at Himetan’s naughty look, also, Maiyan, Maimai, and Misa. I was laughing at Misa ๐Ÿ™‚ she fucking smirked while looking at Waka ;))ย Then,ย look at how Maimai looks at Waka as well. I won’t do that if I know nothing between Waka and Reika :p
Unexpectedly, Manatsu is the one who raised hand. And her reaction was she was surprised because she’s the only one who raised hand while looking at Waka. Then after that she said, “Uso…” Uso = lie or in this situation, I guess ‘are you kidding me’ is the right one? :))) idk lol

So far thats what I found out. I am really sorry it is not a long update lmao

By judging from the above, I know WakaRei is a married couple haha Come on, everyone in the group knows they are super close and married. Reika is so spoiled to Waka and Waka is gentle and tsundere toward Reika (at least thats what I’ve been seeing), they’re perfect to each other haha

Listen, I have been shipping a lot of couples till now BUT I will be honest that this is the first time I feel so delusional about myย OTP. I know they are just friends but idk I also think that they might be more than just friends *oiiiiii* hahaha

Whatever it is, as long as they’re always together and happy, it’s enough for me. Also, I hope, in the future they won’t get teased again. It’s mentally attacked, you know. Eventhough it’s just for fun, but it affects them both, for example, so rare selfies of WakaRei (but when camera off, they keep being lovey dovey) etc.


One thought on “Let’s be delusional

  1. Yaaaas!! WakaReiโค๏ธ I’ve loved them two for a long time ahaa, they’re like total opposites but that’s what makes the great!!

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