[WakaRei] Part 1

“From now on we will be always together,”

“Yes. It’s a promise.”

That’s the last word she heard from her best friend. It has been 5 years since that was declared and the last time they see each other.

Wakatsuki Yumi today is officially transferred to this high school. She is in the 2nd year and before entering the school, she got recommended by the teacher to be in the archery club. Yumi is very good at sport. She can do anything; she is always an athlete and she got this nickname since elementary, super girl, because there’s nothing she cannot do. Because of her godly skills, she often gets admired by her juniors even her seniors and surprisingly, never dates anyone though every girl is in line just to get on a date with her.

Since she’s never seen being with anyone, some rumors start spreading that Yumi does not like being in a relationship, or she is a heartbreaker, or she already slept with older women, etc. But some of her fans still believe in her that she is still pure and she just hasn’t found her right partner.

Some girls who were once her classmates in elementary school said that she had this one best friend whom she always clung with. Like, wherever you see Yumi, this certain girl is always there with her. But when she entered junior high, they were not together. Some said this girl was transferred overseas and some said that Yumi dumped her because she annoyed her or something. These are the rumors among Yumi’s fans and no one knows the accuracy and how true these are. But the only one that is confirmed is the best friend’s name who is Sakurai Reika.

“I can’t believe you are real,” a classmate approaches Yumi who just entered her new classroom.

“Hello… Hmm.. yeah I am real. What’s with that question?” Yumi chuckles.

“I know! I am sorry I just can’t believe that Wakatsuki Yumi the super girl gets transferred to this school. I have always read about you in an online forum. It’s like reading a story with you as a super hero.”

“Haha… Be careful, sometime what you read online about me is not true. You can ask me directly though.” Yumi smiles.


“Yeah of course!!” they shake hands.

“I thought you were not friendly at all. That’s what I read online.”

“See? That’s not true. I am super friendly. By the way, what’s your name?”

“Ah, I am super excited and forgot to introduce myself. My name is Takayama Kazumi. Everyone calls me Kazumin.”

“Hi, Kazumin. You can call me Yumi.”

“Can I call you, Waka-sama??”

“Well…. that’s what most girls call me…”

“Okay! I will call you Waka-sama!”

“Haha.. Fine.”

After a long chit chat, Kazumin then leaves the room. Some girls are waiting outside the classroom and interrogate Kazumin how she can manage a conversation with Yumi. She says Yumi is not like what people tell. She’s friendly and she smiles a lot. After hearing this, every girl starts considering to talk to Yumi but again they’re just not ready to get ignored or scolded because of her personality that people describe online still influence them.

The bell just rang which means lunch time. Everyone starts walking out from the classrooms to get food. Yumi puts the books together inside the bag and whispers to herself, “…so she’s not here.” then she walks out from the classroom.

She walks in the hallway. All girls are looking at Yumi who walks alone in the hallway and whisper to each other. They are obviously talking about her. They all look so excited but no one even approaches her. Yumi got uncomfortable with this condition when she was in junior high school, but now she gets used to it. No matter how much she shows that she is friendly enough to get along with, but the fact she is a super girl has created an image that she is not approachable.

She walks to the school yard and accidentally bumps into a girl. Half of this girl’s sandwiches dropped on to the ground and Yumi helped her to put everything together.

“I am really sorry I drop your lunch!” says Yumi while helping her.

“It is okay. It’s not everything and I still have some with me.” she answers politely and not even angry at all.

“You don’t have to be that nice to me though. I am at fault and it’s okay to get angry you know. You cannot even eat these foods anymore. You should be angry.”

The girl smiles, “You’re so funny. I am not angry but you force me to get angry. Why?”

“Because I dropped your food? Listen, I am not like what people tell online, okay? I am still a girl who will apologize over a mistake and I am not picky about friends.”

“What are you talking about??”

Yumi then looks at this girl with a confused look.

“You don’t know me??” Yumi asks.

“Well, I believe this is our first time we see each other?” she answers.

Yumi laughs in relieved. Finally, there is a girl who doesn’t know her. Yumi then wants to be friend with her.

“Nevermind. I am Wakatsuki Yumi. Please call me Yumi.”

“Oh, hi. I am Shiraishi Mai.” they shake hands.

“Okay, Mai?” Mai smiles and nods. “…well, I am still sorry about your food though.” Yumi continues.

“Hey, that’s okay. We still can eat the rest.”


“Yes. I mean, my friend and I. Her name is Matsumura Sayuri. I actually ran from my class to go to her class. I didn’t see you there and we bumped. It was actually my mistake because I was in rush. I am sorry.”

“Enough with apologize haha…”

“Yeah hehe.. Anyway, do you want some of these? Have you had your lunch?”

“Not yet. But may I take one of these?”

“Absolutely! Take one, please. I cooked them this morning.”

“Oh. That’s really nice. I barely cook. Well, I am taking one…” Yumi takes a bite. “….wow!! This is so good!”

“Thank you, Yumi. Anyway, I need to go. I’ll see you later?”

“Alright, Mai. Thank you and see you…”

Then they walked to the opposite ways.

“Hola, Waka-sama!” Kazumin appears from behind while Yumi is enjoying the last bite of the sandwich.

“Oh, hi there…”

“Why are you alone sitting here?” asks Kazumin.

“Because no one dares to approach me.”

“I should tell everyone that you’re kind and approachable. Some girls have asked how I could manage to talk to you. I told them already that you’re friendly. Maybe it takes sometime for them to be able to approach you. Don’t worry!”

“Thank you, Kazumin.”

“Anyway, do you join any club?”

“Yeah. I join archery.”

“What?? Why archery? Join me in kendo club. It is one of our best clubs at school. While archery does not make any record since the first time it starts. I heard student council will have this club closed.”

“Really?? That’s too bad.”

“I know right. But the club which doesn’t contribute to school, it’s better to close it down right? By the way, I know you’re good at anything, but have you done kendo?”

“I have.”

“As expected! So, will you join kendo? With you in the club, I believe we will be unbeatable in the next match.”

“Sure. I will.”

“Yataa~~ Can’t wait to play together with you!”

“Me too…” then they continue talking about random things.

Yumi walks to the different building with a thought to see what she’s been looking for. She walks slowly as look into the classrooms once she passes one. None. She has always given up but she transfers to this school with one reason. A reason that somehow gives her hope again in life. She arrives in a hallway where she spots a group of girls surround another girl right in the corner. Yumi is curious what happens so she gets closer and hides right behind a wall. She takes a peek and overhears what they are talking about. Mai is there and she is the one who gets surrounded.

“What’s this?” A girl takes a food box from Mai. This girl smirks, and throws the box away. It contains the sandwiches she cooked and they are all over the floor. Mai doesn’t fight back and she keeps her head down.

“Are you going to cry?” Mai can’t hold the tears and she cries.

“Such a cry baby~” another girl grabs her hair. Mai looks in pain.

From the gesture, maybe these girls are seniors, Yumi thinks.

“For how many times I have told you not to get into my business, haven’t I? Can’t you understand?!”

“Ye-yes, Fukagawa-senpai. I never get involved in anything related to you.”

“Shut up and just listen!!” the girl who grabs her hair shouts at Mai and pulls her hair down so hard.

“I am afraid you do. Kana,” Fukagawa gives hand gesture to tell Kana to let her hand go off Mai’s hair. “….do you know the new transferred student, Wakatsuki Yumi?” Mai nods.

“I saw you share your food earlier. What is it? Are you two friends?”

Mai doesn’t say a word.

“Are you deaf??” another girl slaps Mai.

“Noujo, don’t. I want her to speak.”

“We just met….”

“Oh… then already shared food? I really admire Waka-sama. If I can’t have her, so no one can. If I can’t share food with her, then no one can. Do you understand, Mai?”

Mai nods. Noujo again slaps her twice. “Speak!”

“Yes, I-I understand.”

“What? I can’t hear you!!” Kana then grabs Mai’s collar and pushes her hard against the wall.

“I-I understand. Please let me go..” beg Mai.

They don’t let her go. Kana and Noujo keep beating her so bad. While Fukagawa steps on every sandwich on the ground.

Yumi can’t stand still. When she’s about to go for a rescue, a girl appears right there. She probably accidentally passes by. Mai smiles when she sees the girl. It’s like she is seeing her life savior.

“Oh, Matsumura. What are you looking at? Do you want to end up like her too?” Noujo shouts at the girl who is called Matsumura. Matsumura then looks at the helpless Mai. Mai still has the help-me-face, but Matsumura let go a big sigh and turns around leaving Mai alone. Mai is there with clueless face. Surprised by what she just saw.

“No ones gonna save you now.” Fukagawa continues and start beating Mai.

Yumi then runs for a rescue. She gets in between Mai and the gang.

“Seriously, beating a girl while you are with a group?”

“Ah! Wa-waka-sama!” Fukagawa in shock.

“I don’t want to be called ‘Waka-sama’ by people like you.”

“We…we’re just playing around, right Mai??”

“I am not stupid. I watched from afar that you are beating this girl. Do you wanna know how it is to get beaten so badly?”

“You sound more harsh in real than online. But I still love you, Waka-sama. Listen Mai, you’re lucky now. Come on guys, let’s go!” They flee.

“I don’t give a damn about what written online. Stupid girls.” then Yumi helps Mai to stand up.

“Are you okay?” Yumi touches Mai’s cheek. Small scratches are both on her cheeks.

“I am okay. Thank you.”

“You’re bleeding. Let’s take care of it.” then they both go to the infirmary.

After Yumi takes care of Mai’s scratch, they begin to talk.

“Who are they? Why did they do that to you?”

“They are my seniors. Fukagawa-senpai, Nakada-senpai, and Noujo-senpai. It’s humiliating; I am always bullied by them since I enter this school.”

“Why don’t you fight back?”

“I can’t fight back. I am weak.”

“I see…Who was that girl? I saw another girl but then she left without even helping you.”

“She is Matsumura Sayuri. I told you about her.”

“I thought she was your friend? She didn’t even help you.”

Mai begins to cry. “She is actually my senior. We’ve been friends since we met each other in the club. We got along very well….”

“So? What happened just now doesn’t seem like you both got along very well.”

Her mouth is like locked up. She can’t stop crying. She is crying in silent and holding her right arm, maybe it hurts because of the incident that just happened.

“I…I like Matsumura.”

Yumi keeps listening.

“She is the one who always helps me whenever I got bullied. Until one day I realized that I fall in love with her. I didn’t want to sacrifice our friendship but on the other hand I couldn’t hold it anymore. Today, I decided to confess and I did. She just said thank you and walked off. She didn’t even take the food I cooked for her. She just walked off. And then later I found out she left me behind like she didn’t care which made me so sad. I guess, I shouldn’t have confessed at the first place.” Mai is crying in her hands.

Yumi, who somehow feels Mai’s pain embrace her without hesitation. She pulls Mai onto her chest and caresses her hair gently. Mai keeps crying on Yumi’s chest.


“Thank you, Yumi. I feel better. I am sorry I cried on your chest. That was so embarrassing.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. It’s okay. I am glad you’re okay now.” both of them smile.

“Mai, are you in the club? Cooking club?”

“Ahaha I am not in cooking club. I am in archery club.”


“Yes. I am the club manager. Actually, Matsumura Sayuri is the top player we have at the moment. We never win a tournament like other clubs in this school do but Matsumura always leads us to win a couple of match. Now after I am being selfish, she might quit the club and we have no one who is in the same level as her. Moreover, student council will close down our club. I guess, I should move to other club.”

“I will join your club.”

“Are you kidding? The club will be shut down in short of time. Now Matsumura might be leaving too. I don’t think this club will run any longer.”

“Are you underestimating me?”

“Ah, no I don’t mean it that way. I…” Mai pauses for a sec.

“Haha I am just kidding. Leave it to me. After the student council see me, they won’t shut the club down.”

Mai is making a face. “I am still wondering what you are actually. Even Fukagawa-senpai told me to stay away from you and said something like no one can have you if she can’t or something like that.”

“Haha you will know eventually!”

They both are laughing.

~After school~

“Waka-sama, I want to show you to everyone in the club. Are you free now?” Kazumin approaches Yumi in the class.

“Ah, sorry Kazumin. I forgot to tell you that I will stay in archery club.”

“What? Why?”

“I want to help the club to win. You said it’s going to close down due no good records made by the club, right? Therefore I want to help them.”

“Hmm.. that sounds wise. Ah also, I heard that today the student council will come to the club and have it closed.”

“What?? Today?!” Yumi is surprised. “Kazumin, do you know where the club is?” she nods. “Can you please take me there??”


“Please give us a chance. We will win in the next tournament. Please don’t close the club until then.” Mai is begging to one of the student council representative, Hoshino Minami who just came to the club to officially shut the club down.

“You have been given a lot of opportunities but you still can’t win any tournament.”

“Please, just for this time. Let us play for this time.”

“I am sorry, I can’t.”

Yumi and Kazumin arrives in the club and gets in between Mai and Minami.

“Oh my god! Wakatsuki Yumi!” Minami gets blushed. She’s a diehard fan of Yumi.

“Yumi,” says Mai.

“You should have told me earlier that they’re going to come today. Thanks to Kazumin who let me know.”

“I am sorry. I just knew about it too.” Mai explains.

“Wa-Waka-sama. What business do you have here?” Minami asks.

“From now on, I will be this club member.” the rest of the club members including Minami gasp.

“Please could you please give us a chance? We will win this tournament for sure.” Yumi then puts her hands on both Minami’s shoulder. She couldn’t help but blush even more.

“I-I-I’d love to give you the chance, b-b-but the decision has been made by our prez. I-I-I couldn’t help you, sorry.”

“Can I talk to your prez?”

“She’s overseas. But for your info, we have recorded her speech regarding closing down the club.” Minami takes out her mini tablet and plays the video. There, the prez is giving the speech about closing down the archery club.

Yumi can’t get her eyes off the screen. Those eyes, those brown hair, that voice, the person whom she’s been looking for, the reason why she transfers to this school, the only person who can lighten up her life every day, she’s here. Yumi then slowly grabs the tablet firmly with both of her hands and still can’t get her eyes off the screen.

“Reika…..” Yumi whispers a name of her longed best friend who turns out to be the school’s student council president.


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