Nogibingo! 4……………………………………………….

Hello everyone…
Well, maybe I have no any viewers for my ‘whore post’ but I still want to post something lol

Anyway, it’s been awhile! And as the title says, yes I am gonna talk about Nogibingo! 4. I cannot believe it its already season 4 of my favorite tv show. Love love ❤

Recently, I am not really updated with the fandom, I dont even know what’s happening but who cares lol I’ve been busy with my life in United States so I have no time for fandom that much :/

Okay, let’s go back to Nogibingo…

The latest episode was episode 5 and I found it very interesting. It was about what if Nogizaka’s members become a pet. I don’t want to talk about the whole show, I am just gonna point out my OTP in this part. Do you know who my OTP in Nogizaka is? They are WakaReika and SayuMai but in this show I am just gonna talk about WakaReika ❤

 150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40000So this is Sakurai Reika. She participated in this ‘what if Nogizaka’s members become a pet’ section. When the first time I watched this show, I was kinda guessing that she is gonna do it with Wakatsuki and yes I was right! (Well not really because I have seen the preview of this episode from the previous one lol)

150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40003

150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40006

She was asked about what kind of pet she is going to do and who is gonna be the pet, and Reika said I make Wakatsuki as my cat. That is so sweeeeeeeet….

150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40008

Then Ikoma interrupted, “Well I don’t think whether it is going to be broadcast or not.”

150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40010

Then, Sayuringo kinda explained it to us who probably wonder why, “These two persons are real.”
150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40014

Reika then, “No! It’s not like that!”

I cannot stand Ijiri (the guy on the left) face expression because that would probably my expression as well lol

So let’s begin!!

150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40012

150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40019 150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40024 150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40029 150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40034 150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40037 150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40041 150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40043 150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40050 150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40052 150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40055 150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40057 150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40058

150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40066

150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40069

That face though lol Reika probably got tired after acting so energetic.

150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40071

150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40073 After their part done, Wakatsuki thinks that was so embarassing lol She looks cute aww

150504 NOGIBINGO!4 ep05.mp40075

Okay…. this is the last part of their section.

I am not gonna talk about all members because it’s gonna be huge and takes time to write everything lol
I hope there will be a lot of their moments in the future because I like their friendship. I forgot who said this but someone gave a hint about the things that they have is more likely couple should do. Like Sayuringo said, they are fucking real. Well, I guess that is because they are really close friends and there might be something that they cannot do with other members for convenient reason or something like that but I would always say that they are real LOL


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