Cool Wednesday

Hello…. Elita here..


I just reached home after Anita (my mentor mom) took me and Agung to see a movie in East Appleton. That’s really cool. Why? Because I and Agung have been planning to see a movie too but still no idea when we will go. Then right Anita offered me to go with her and of course I’ll say YES ヽ(*´∀`)ノ



The movie theater is called Marcus something.

There is actually Marcus by Woodman’s which is closer but Anita took us here because it had the movie she wanted to catch up. The title is on the ticket above! It was about football and based on true story  ( ˙灬˙ ) 


That picture was my lunch today and it was seriously terrible!!!
I don’t want to talk about it anymore!

Alright time’s up! I need rest!

( *˘ ³˘)zZ♡* good.night


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