Nogibingo! Ep 11


How many years have I abandoned this blog? Maybe I should start writing when I have time (I always have time but I AM JUST LAZY)


Few days ago I have heard that Nogibingo! will stop airing this month, Mar on 28th. My kimochi when I lost one of my fav tv shows


Well… after all this week’s ep is hilarious. We have 3 members per team to show off themselves if they could be something like ‘kyunkyun’, I dont know how to use this phrase. To kyunkyun the judges??

140321 NOGIBINGO!2 ep11.mp42

The judges

Kanarin the idol otaku, yama no ojisan, and the strict, hinapyon.

I dont bother to do all captures from beginning until end. I just want to talk about my fav scenes LOL

When Naachan appeared, Ikoma was like, “NAACHAN NAACHAN” all the time. Yes that vvota feels. I think Ikoma is not vvota enough as she couldn’t even write Naachan’s name in kanji hahaha


Even Ikomachan fell unconscious. No one can face Naachan’s cuteness



Ojisan has weak heart XD


Also… this segment also has wakachuuki ❤ *o*

Everyone (the judges) couldnt control themselves, lets say Kanarin. I have the feeling that she is really fangirling over Wakasama.. probably she likes her too much? lol

I think Waka said she felt really embarrassed to dress up like that, no? My jap is so bad hope someone will make the sub for this segment XD

Waka succeed to change her kyara into moe kyara. As we know that waka is wellknown for being gentle <– I mean act like a boy, cool as a boy, a FUCKING IKEMEN. Just read my previous blog post about Wakasama, you will see XD

In one of first bingo ep, waka said that she really wanted to change her kyara (from ikemen to moe), and members said, “impossible” to her.. Also one of her blog post she posted her pics dressing up as guy, as per her fans requested at handshake event. Waka also commented there, she might be not looking as kakkoi as the real handsome guy since she is a girl after all… but she did it tho for her fans. From her comment, I think that waka indirectly dislikes to be known as member who has that ikemen kyara. Wait up, that is only my thought who knows what actually she really felt. Personally, I like handsome wakasama.. but I also like cute wakasama 🙂 One of the reason why I like her and also she is supaa kind. Very yasashii hito 😀


We are jumping too far lol

ah ya.. also I hate them who dont let Maimai and Maiyan to participate in this segment…

All Maiyan do is…shouting at cute girls

MAIYAN CALM DOWN!! Omg her expression reminds me of Matsui Rena who saw Hashimoto Kana on Music Station few times ago.


Bingo two weeks ago, also had the mousou request segment, like the earlier ep of bingo ages ago. Maimai participated and she is always being my favorites.  She got me. Her expression, her sentences, are taking me down. I WAS KNOCKED OUT.  Maimai really suits this kind of stuff XD


Judges agreed.



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