[AtsuMina] The Officer I Fell In Love

“Once again this city is safe because of officer Maeda! Give her applause!” everyone in the room shouted proudly and screamed my name. This normally happened, almost every morning/afternoon/evening, whenever I succeeded catching dangerous mafias in the city. Just want to let you know, I got a lot of medals, awards, certificates from major, etc. I only had one dream, to become police officer who could stop terrorism in the city.


I had a terrible past which changed me into who I am now. Strong, independent, and a person who is reliable. Hard to forget what happened on that time but I knew I must move on.


“Thank you everyone for this celebration. But of course without my partner helps, I won’t be able to catch them.” I looked at my right side, there was standing my partner. A cool looking woman and really reliable. She was fast, quick thinking, and able to do her job completely. She is good at shooting more than me. I am the best 2 after her.


“Officer Yamamoto always did good job! This city is so proud to have heroes like you two.” Head Officer, Yokoyama gave her appreciation speech because of many times this city was saved by both of us.

“That was just a coincidence that we were able to catch them. Everyone is hero, right? We are this city heroes!” Heard the cheers of the crowds.

“Cool…” I whispered to myself.


“Maeda-san, I think you need some rests?” Sayaka, the Officer Yamamoto’s nickname approached me in the corridor right after we finished celebrating.


“No time for rest, Sayaka. I still have plenty works to do.” I smiled at her and kept walking.


“Where are you going? I’m coming with you..”


“Patrol. You sure wanna join me? I think you have a date today. I heard you talking to her on the phone.”


“Eeeeh~~ N…no…” she blushed.

“Don’t mind me. You can go and enjoy your date. Say hi to Watanabe Miyuki.”

“M…Maeda-san, how come do you know her name?”


“You are my partner, what about you I don’t know?” I gave a light blow on her shoulder and left immediately. Sayaka was just freeze there and didn’t move at seconds.  “Hehe she’s cute…” I talked to myself again.



“Maeda Atsuko, she has been always like that..” someone came up from Sayaka’s back.

“Ah, Officer Shinoda. Otsukaresama desu…” Sayaka gave her gratitude to her super senior.


“Acchan is always looking for that person, the person who gave her a nightmare, something she regretted and unforgettable in entire her life.” Said Shinoda Mariko, one of the super senior in this police station.


“That person?” Sayaka looked clueless.


“You would know soon. Anyway, I always look at you..”


“W-what? I…I…” suddenly she stuttered too much and blushing.


“Idiot. Not look in that way…” Sayaka looked relieved and nodded. “…you know Acchan never picks anyone to be her partner, she always works alone. Acchan is the top class police officer at this time, her qualification to pick a partner must be high. You are only good at shooting which I think it’s really common. Well probably she has another reasons.”


“I…I don’t know I should be happy to hear that or not..”


“Haha don’t mind, don’t mind! Just keep doing great job and become Acchan’s successor.” Then Mariko left.


“Hmm…Maeda-san has terrible past? I don’t know about it, since she looks really strong. What was it I want to know…” then Sayaka kept thinking until she realized that she was going too late for the date.



People in the city again got frightened by terrorists’ actions. It happened not long after my catching-celebration few days ago. Important people got murdered, shot right on their heads. Most of them run big famous companies who had big revenues every month. No proof to be found at the places and it was quite hard to guess the reason behind this murder case.


“I will catch this criminal no matter what..” I talked to myself while walking out off the building, followed by Sayaka.

“I am ready.”


“No.. You shouldn’t join this time. I don’t want to put you in any danger situation.”


“I refused. I know how much this danger situation will take, but I’ve understood so that’s why until now I’m still here…”


I looked at my first partner next to me, looking at me with begging-eyes. I know Sayaka, her courage and her confident were really amazing. The first time I met this kind of girl and I respected her.

“Alright, this time I allow you to join me. Let’s catch them together..” I smiled at her.


“Ah! Thank you so much! I won’t disappoint yo-“ a bullet just hit right on Sayaka’s shoulder. She fell down.


“Sayaka!” I heard another shot but it missed. I tried looking at where this bullet came from and it was from building across where we stood. Sayaka kept whimpering down there, her hand covered the blood from her shoulder. Immediately I helped her standing up and took cover inside a building.


“We are attacked by someone at district xxx, my partner Sayaka got shot on the shoulder. Please send reinforcement and ambulance. Do you copy?” I turned off the radio on my left chest.


“Eagle Team and ambulance are on the way there. Copy.”


PRANG! DOR! DOR! PRANG!! That person kept shooting and broke every windows.


“Kkhk!” I drew off my pistol and shot twice at the direction I exactly saw where the shooter came from. Few moment that person still shot at the building where we hid.


“Damn it! It’s hard on this position!” I saw Sayaka beside me falling unconscious. “Sayaka?! Sayaka, oi hang in there, Sayaka! Damn!” I was always afraid of this situation. It would remind my terrible past which I really didn’t want to remember. If only at first I didn’t let Sayaka to join me.


Not long reinforcement came and parked their cars in front of the building we hid. They stood behind the cars and took a-ready-to-shoot-position. I couldn’t go out cos the situation wasn’t that safe. In few minutes we waited, no more shoots from the rooftop, it stopped. Then ambulance came and I quickly took Sayaka inside.

“Is she okay?” one of the officer asked me.


“She is. She will be fine.” Then I saw someone went out from that building, with hat and summer coat. I thought that person is the terrorist. “…And please would you go with the ambulance together? Make sure Sayaka safely arrives at hospital.”



I then ran to follow that suspicious person. He took corner right and I followed him. I arrived at small alley and he was gone. Damn, I lost him!


“Looking for me, officer?” I turned around and he was already standing behind me. I drew off my gun and pointed at him. “…wow…wow easy. I am unarmed.” He put both of his hands up.


“If you dare to move, I’ll shot.” I said.


“Khu…khu…. I won’t.” he smiled. “…btw since when you have those fierce eyes, officer Maeda?”

“Am I that famous so that you know my name?” he chuckled. Then he put off his sunglasses. “…I said don’t move or I’ll….” When I saw the face, not a guy. She was the part of my terrible past, the past which made my day such a nightmare.


“…shoot me?” she smiled at me. “Long time no see. How are you?”


“You….you are alive?”


“Of course I am! Do you wish me dead? How can you be this mean!”


“No, no. It can’t be… You…were on the road, blood everywhere. You…closed your eyes. I called your name, you didn’t answer. I thought….I thought that…” the first time after that tragedy, my body trembled a lot.


“Well, at that time I was still alive. Just unconscious.” She laughed. Looking at her so healthy like this, I felt so happy. So happy until I got tears on my eyes.


“Atsuko….” She moved closer.


“Don’t!” Again I pointed my gun on her. “….you…shot my partner! I couldn’t…”


“Could not what? You wanna shoot me?” I didn’t answer. “…listen. She wouldn’t die. I just shot her shoulder.”

“Why did you shoot her?”


“If I didn’t, I might be dead. I heard she was really good at shooting.”


“You don’t need to do this.”


“I just want to warn you. Don’t get involved in this case, will you?”

“Are you a terrorist now? Why?!”


“You don’t know whom you are dealing with. This person is really dangerous. I…You might be dead!”


“I don’t care! My duty to make this place safe and to catch those thieves! Even its you!”


“I don’t mind being arrested by you right now, but I still have something to do. You can do whatever you want but that’s after I finish it.”


“What are you going to do?”


“Sorry I can’t tell you right now. But don’t worry, I won’t kill innocent people.”


“I can’t let you go! Stay where you are!” I said when she was about to leave.


“If you want to arrest me, you must kill me first.” She walked to me. My hands were shaking, shaking a lot when she attached her chest at my gun. “…shoot me now, can you?”


“I know you can’t, Atsuko.” She smiled. “…we will meet again. Please you must withdraw on this case. See you…” she gave a peck on my cheek then left.




“It hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Sayaka shouted in the room at hospital.


“Go..gomen…hiks.” the girl then pulled her body off Sayaka.


“Milky is just worried about you. She was really shocked when she heard the news you were shot. She thought you were dead.” Maachun said.


“Sorry I made you worry. But I am okay, just need time to rest.”


“I will cook everyday for you if you want~” Milky pinched Sayaka’s cheek.


“I’d love to! Thanks sweety~” Sayaka pinched Milky’s nose.


“It’s hospital, don’t do lovey dovey things please…” said Maachun.


“Ha~i…” Milky and Sayaka said at the same time.


“Do you see Maeda-san? Is she alright?” asked Sayaka.


“She is okay.” Suddenly Mariko appeared. Surprised them.




“It’s ironic.” Mariko said.


“What happened?” Sayaka asked.


“Acchan was being in love with her childhood friend, Minami. Always together, whenever and wherever they go. Until the terror in the city separated them. Minami was shot by the terrorist. You know Acchan didn’t even want to leave her behind. At panic situation like that, someone got Acchan away from there. He told Acchan its not safe place, he would bring her to somewhere safer. She didn’t want to leave her and she asked him to carry her friend too. But she was told that her friend is dead. From that day Acchan kept crying, blaming herself for what happened to Minami. From that day, she promised to be a person who would catch all terrorists and make this city safe. She becomes stronger  by then.”


“Why did Maeda-san blame herself for what happened to Minami?” Sayaka asked.


“Her friend sacrificed herself to protect Acchan. Acchan at that time was such a crybaby, she couldn’t do anything by herself, it was always Minami who helped her.”


“Why did you say it is ironic?” Milky asked.


“Actually Sayaka was shot by Minami. I think she is the part of the terrorist.”


“What?! How did you know?” Sayaka looked quite shocked by this news.


“I am the source of information, don’t ask why. I am talking too much make me hungry.” Then Mariko left and looked for foods.


“Eh? You can’t just leave like that..” Maachun said when Mariko closed the door.


Sayaka looked so shocked. She didn’t think that the past of her senior had was really that terrible. Making her really want to help pursuing her senior dream more and more.




“Milky~ this is my last day off, ok?” Sayaka talked to her partner who walked next to her.

“Eeh~ I thought you need long day off for rest.” Milky sounded disappointed.


“I wish I could spend lot of time with you, but you understand right? The day when Officer Shinoda told us the story?” Milky nodded.


“I want to help Maeda-san. The sooner its finishes, sooner we could spend time together.” Sayaka smiled.


Milky stopped her step after seeing someone blocked their way. “Sayaka, do you know this dwarf?” she whispered to Sayaka.


“Who dwarf? It’s a human! And I don’t know her.” Replied Sayaka.


“She looks at us like….we are her foods. Its scary, Sayaka…” Milky hid behind Sayaka’s back.


“No worries. I will protect you no matter what..”

“I am not bad guy.” Suddenly she spoke up. “…hey you.” The person pointed at Sayaka. “…can we talk?”


“No! Sayaka don’t go! You can’t trust her!” Milky held Sayaka’s hand.


“Who are you?” ask Sayaka to that person.


“I am Minami and I mean no harm. I just need a talk. Have some minutes?”


“Minami?” both Sayaka and Milky felt ever hear that name.


“Sayaka….it must be…” Milky whispered to Sayaka.


“Yeah, I remember. Its her. I think I will talk to her.”


“You sure? I don’t think it’s a good idea!” Milky disagreed.


“I will be fine. I promise.”


“Yo girl. Don’t worry. I don’t bring any dangerous weapon. She’ll be fine.” Minami said to the frightened Milky.


After some minutes, finally Sayaka walked to Minami. They then walked a bit further alone.


“I heard about you and Maeda-san…” Sayaka started the conversation when they arrived in a small path.


“Can you do me a favor?” Minami straightly pointed out her purpose.


“What do you want me to do?”


“Firstly, I am sorry I have shot you. You ok?” she asked. Sayaka just smiled. “…okay. Alright… Can you…make Atsuko not to get involved in this case?”


“Why is that?”


“Because it is dangerous.”


“Everything is dangerous and Maeda-san understands that.”


“It is risky. I don’t want her to sacrifice her life for this. You guys don’t know whom you are dealing with. Atsuko is targeted now.”


“I promised myself I will become Maeda-san’s power and support her for whatever she does. If her wish is to destroy all the terrorists, no one can stop her even me. All I can do is to support her.”


Minami sighed and then smiled, “I know its useless. Atsuko has changed a lot. She becomes much stronger and I am really grateful that I was shot at that time.”


“Why are you feeling grateful? Don’t you know how it tortures Maeda-san?! Don’t you know how precious you are to her? The time when she thought you were dead and then you are actually alive then living as a terrorist?? Don’t you ever think about how she will feel?”


“Wow…wow… you are talking like you know a lot about us.”


“I might not know everything, but all I know that you are a terrorist and I need to stop you.”


“You better shut up because you don’t know anything. I was here to ask for a help, but… you are such a mood killer and I am leaving now.”


“I won’t let you leave!” Sayaka pointed her gun she hid inside her cloth at Minami.

“Please don’t. I can’t kill you though I want to, but If I did that, Atsuko would hate me.”


“Just do it or I am going to kill you first.” Sayaka firmly pointed her gun at Minami without fear.


“Kid.” Minami smirked and with a fast move, she kicked Sayaka’s gun and pushed her body toward a wall. She managed to catch the gun in the air and threw out its ammo.


“Don’t mess with me kid.” Minami left after that.


“Good morning…”


“Good morning!” everyone greeted Sayaka who was just able to go on duty again.


“Sayaka, good morning…” I walked close to Sayaka. “…how do you feel?”


“Ah, Maeda-san! Good morning! I never feel this better~”


“Ahaha good.”


My phone is ringing.. A message for unknown number was coming.


After reading the message, my reaction changed. Sayaka saw my shocked reaction and felt curious.

“What happened??”


“I must go!” when I was about to go, Sayaka held my arm.


“Maeda-san!” Then I quickly swung away her hand.


“Please, Sayaka.. For once, can you let me settle this with myself?”


“Its dangerous!”


“I know so that’s why I don’t want you to get involved!!” Sayaka stayed silent. “…if something happen to me, make sure you are going to catch them no matter what. You are strong I know that, but I really want to settle this with my own. Don’t tell anyone about this. I am going to be okay.” I smiled at her and then rushed to somewhere the person told me.

“Maeda-san…” all Sayaka could do was seeing at my back which was slowly disappearing from her sight.


“Ta~~da~~~” Mariko suddenly appeared on Sayaka’s side.


“Waoo~ O-officer Shinoda, I am surprised.”


“Fufufu… well, I hope Acchan will be fine.”


“She is not allowed me to go help her. If I go…I might be being a disturbance like before and it must be annoying for Maeda-san. I don’t want her to feel like that toward me.”


“So…can you sit without doing anything while Acchan is almost killed?”




“Then, what are you waiting for??”


“But…Maeda-san told me to…”


“Which one do you prefer, Acchan is killed or you help her doing her job and then got scolded after? Well at least Acchan is not dead when she scolded you.”


“But I don’t know where she is going! I want to help her!!!!”


“That’s why I am here…” Mariko smirked.


I could not even go inside my father’s company with a normal way. I have to sneak in because there were guards everywhere! I found out my own path to go to see my father as he was being captured by those thieves.


“Father!!” I opened the door and I arrived in my father’s work office. So huge. There I saw 2 persons stood in front of me. One of them was Minami.


“Ah, Officer Maeda…” the guy who stood next to Minami clapped his hands. “…she came for her lovely father.”


“Where is my father?”


“Hmm where is he?? Should I tell you??”


“I don’t want to play around with you. Where is my father?”


“Uuuhh so fierce… He is somewhere in this building but I start to forget where..ah and by the way my name is Onoe Matsuya. The most wanted one.” He laughed.


“If something happens to him…”


“What?? Are you going to kill me?? Not that easy, officer.” He walked to me and made his way to the door. “…by the way, I heard you and Minami were childhood friends.”


Both of us didn’t say anything.


“Isnt that sweet to be reunited in this situation?? What do you feel, Officer??”


I looked at Minami and there she also looked at me with her mysterious look. I didn’t know what she was thinking this whole time but I had been trusting her, she was still Minami I knew and always be.


“You must be hurt right, Officer Maeda. The one you loved is now your enemy.” He turned back.


Minami saw something is not right and there she saw Onoe was about to draw a weapon in his coat.


“Atsuko! No!!” she ran toward where I stood clueless.


“Then you may rest in peace!” Onoe drew a gun and shot right to where I stood. I was wrong, I was cheated, I didn’t even realize that I left myself defenseless.


So defenseless and yet Minami was once again saving my life. She hugged me and made her right shoulder shot. After that happens, I quickly drew my gun and shot at Onoe. His right hand was shot and he could not even take his gun anymore.


“Minami! Minami!” I shouted at Minami who fell on my lap.


“You traitor! I know you are traitor! I should have just killed you!!” Onoe shouted to Minami. “I am so pissed right now!” with his left hand, he pulled out a remote control. “…this place is going to explode in 15 mins! Be safe!” after pushing the button on it, he left.


“That bastard… he didn’t say anything about bomb.” Minami looked hurt so much and struggled not to feel hurt.


“Minami are you okay??”


“You sound so worry. I am okay.”


“Of course I worry about you! You almost killed, again!” I started crying.


“Don’t cry, Atsuko I am fine.”


“How can I be calm?? How if you die?? What should I do without you again?”


Minami caressed my cheek and gently kissed me on lips. “Hope it will help you to feel calm.”


Damn it, at this time she kissed me. Now I didn’t have any idea what to do with my pounding heart.


“H-how can I feel calm! You even made me feel worst!” Without thinking again I leaned down and kissed Minami on her lips for the second time.


“Maeda-san!! Oopss…” Sayaka arrived in the office in rush and she saw the sweet moment which just happened.


“Sa-Sayaka!” I of course felt shocked. I told her not to come though.


“A-a-a…we-well… did I disturb you?” Sayaka felt guilty, even guiltier because this time I probably would feel so angry at her.


“What did you say? Of course not… Ah! My father! We have to save my father!” I said as I helped Minami to stand up.


“Minami, where is he??” I asked her.


“I don’t know.”


“Damn! We only have 10 mins before this place explodes!”


“Ex-what??” Sayaka looked shocked.


“He planned a bomb somewhere around and I don’t have any idea where. Yet we need to find your father too..” Minami added.


“We need to hurry! Lets split up!” Sayaka and we split up. I hated to admit but Minami slow me down. Well, in this condition after all.


“Sorry, Atsuko.”


“Don’t need to…”


“Damn it, father where are you! Hm?” Sayaka stopped as she heard something in the elevator. She walked in and she found the bomb inside. “Whooa! I found it!” she then decided to stop the bomb as she ever got lesson how to moderate this small thing. “….yes, it will be much easier than I thought!” she looked happy.



“Hello?! Father!” I picked up a phone call from my father.

“Atsuko, I heard you are inside the company now! I am safe someone helps me out of there.”


“Really?! Wah glad to hear that! Dad go far far away as this place is going to explode! We meet outside!” we ended up our conversation.


“Lets go, Minami!”




Then she continued running until there was no time left.


“Damn it! I cant even imagine it is going to be this complicated! What wires should I cut!” Sayaka thought so hard. There were a lot of wires with colors and she didn’t have any idea which one she should cut first. “…omg what to do…” the time on the bomb would reach 3 minutes soon.




“Father!” they hugged each other, somewhere outside company.


Reinforcements came to pick me up.


“Lets go!” Minami rode on the car first, followed by my father.


“Wait a minute… where is Sayaka??” I realized that SAyaka had not come out.


“Don’t tell me she is still inside!” Minami said.


“Damn it!” I was about to go inside the building to find Sayaka but Minami held me.


“No time! That place is going to explode!”


“But Sayaka is there! I can’t leave her alone!”


“I cant let you go, I love you, Atsuko! I don’t want you to leave!”


I looked at Minami… I love her too but my colleague is still inside the building. What should I do.. I could not hold my tears as it rolled down on my cheeks.


“I have told her not to come… I have told her but she kept coming. That stupid, Sayaka.” I cried there and Minami walked out from the car and hugged me.


“…san…Maeda-san…did you copy?” suddenly a voice came out from my radio.


“Sayaka! Where are you!”


“Inside an elevator and I found the bomb.”


“Ignore it! I found  my father and get out from there now!”


“Hmm… I can’t. The time will soon reach 0 as now it is 1.59. I only have 1 minutes left haha..”


“Sayaka! Get out from there! I order you!”


“At least its going to be my last time I am being scolded. By the way, if you see Milky, please say to her that I am really sorry. I cant keep my promise to her.”


“What are you talking about! You are going to be alright!” I cried like baby.


“Hmm… bye Maeda-san…”


“Sayaka..?? Sayaka!!”


“What to do… a lot of wires here. I think it’s the time to end my journey. Well, I wish I could show myself stronger than before in front of Maeda-san. I really want her to recognize me as her strong partner but I knew it wont happen. I really wish to be like Maeda-san…” Sayaka was about to cut the white wire and it reminded her about her girlfriend.


“Milky…. I am sorry. I could not fulfill my promise to you. I wish you will meet someone who loves pink like you do…Haha yea because I prefer white.”


Then the time was about to reach 0 in another 3 seconds.












Nothing happened.


“Maeda-san…” voice came from radio again.


“Sayaka! Sayaka!! Are you alright?? I think it’s the time for the bomb to explode, what did you do???”


“I….somehow stopped the bomb, well I don’t know.”


“Oh god!! You made me worry!” I could hear the police team cheered around me. “Okay you go out now…”


“Are you….going to scold me?”


“Of course I am! Prepare yourself and don’t run away!” I finally could let a small laugh out.




“Bastards… I am going to take revenge! Maeda and Minami… you wait!” Onoe was in his worst condition after being shot and someone appeared in front of him.


“Oh…my beloved wife~ I was almost killed… now take me home. I need to think about other plans.”


“Hmm…” someone whom he said wife drew a gun out.


“Ma-Mariko… what will you do with the gun?”


“To kill you of course.”




DOR. Onoe is dead in her own wife’s hand or should we say, Officer Shinoda??



“Its been 2 weeks since Onoe was declared to be found dead in a small alley.” Minami said.


“I wonder who killed him.” I added.


“At least that someone is on our side.” Sayaka added.


“Sayaka, I am still mad!” Milky joined the conversation.


“Come on, Milky don’t act like a child! It was coincidence, okay??”


“I know it saved you but I am really really pissed off!”


“Come on, we are on double date with Maeda-san, don’t you feel embarrassed a bit?!”


“I don’t!”


“What happened?” Minami whispered to me.


“Sayaka cut pink wire instead of white because she hates pink. And it seems Milky is angry as she loves pink.” Both of them chuckled.


By the time, I and Sayaka were nominated to be the best officer of the year and the best partner on history. Now the city is safe and no more terror haunted it again.


“And we live happily ever after?” I asked Minami.


“Yes sweetie, we will.” Then Minami pulled me closer for a deep kiss.




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  1. This story is very nice 🙂 I love that it has Atsumina and SayaMiyuki!
    and Mariko’s role is perfect for her, just funny hahaha. I love it 🙂

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