Yea… I am writing again >.<

I promise myself to update why postwhore about pairing a lot lol

This post will be one of it nyahaha



Its about SayuMai





Do you know SayuMai??


gif credit

YUP The baka couple :3 fufufufufu


How can it be baka??



Because they are baka! If you see the Nogi on M-ON (the gif above is part of it) and you can find where they started acting like husband & wife or lover XD Its silly, hilarious, and baka enough.

130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp44

The Baka Couple. It even made into no. 1



130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp42

130827 NOGIBINGO! ep09.mp43



Still… okay .__. ❀




Gif credit

They’re so cute together!



and….one more thing about them is….they are married already!!! XD

waifu looks so happy πŸ˜€

Yep2… big portion for the hardwork daddy πŸ˜€

Gif credit





Ng? do you want more?? YEAH LETS GO FOR SOME MOAR!!!



Oh………god……bless ppl who did this!



gif by maiichigo

I hope they dont mind I post their gifs here ;a;



I always find Maiyan cling onto Ringo’s arm (like above) but I am too lazy to find the video and end up using other people’s work ;_; buuut I give you credit, so pls dont be mad! I love you all for making these beautiful gifs <3<3









Have you checked Nogi’s 1st PB?



Its abunai, you know. It has a lot of SayuMai inside and other members’ gayness. You shud check!

I did upload some of it on my old postwhore, maybe you could go and check yourself lol





EMERGGGEHHHHDDD ;a; this pic is killing meh! oh lord forgive me!


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