Ship is sailing wooo

When I got random links, found this on natalie…




So the link is about an interview Reika and Wakasama did before (you could check on their recent blog posts)

I spent my whole afternoon to read those interviews which is I completely dont understand, but all I could get was they were good buddies, even other members said so.

I just knew they were good buddies o_o


Even the theme of the interview is….DATE. omfg… date ;-;


Ngghh….. ;-;


So the place was taken at somewhere known as…hmmm basically a place where you go for a date.


BUT WHY THEY ;A; is their friendship that deep?? I am not sure myself… I want to knoooooow~~


But hey…I remembered some lines on the interview, so each person was asked about their opinions one another.

When they both were asked, “How is Sakurai/Wakatsuki’s existence for you?”

According to my understanding (my poor japanese) ; Reika about Wakasama, whenever she’s around, she felt comfortable. She could be friend, family, or even more (?) Thats what she likes from Wakasama. Someone fix it for me please?? ;-;

And to Wakasama, Reika is like a very good captain, although most members said she isnt like one. She can’t describe it by words but all she could say that her presence is mysterious lol

OMG Wakasama! That kao! why so cool! sasuga ikemen ;-;


Hmm… few lines that attracted me is…when Wakasama said that Reika is like spoiled kid (?) Maybe she said that I am not sure LOL… and because of her ‘otoko ppoi’ Reika is one of her type of girl (OwO) <3<3 love love ❤


Ugh someone need to translate the whole interview for me ;-; or US! Yea US!! ;—;

These are from Reika’s blog update


Someone help me ;—;



2 thoughts on “Ship is sailing wooo

  1. wakasama is soooo cool,,, i want to go date with her too (///v///)..
    i really enjoy your post because they’re me otp too (>_<)

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