If talking about snow white………


Snow White… beauty and white, isnt it?


Its Flower’s new single!!!!!

I’m fvcking uresshiiii~~

When the first time I heard that Flower will release its 6th single and the title is Shirayukihime (Snow White) and what on mind at that time was, “Ah! This song is for Washio Reina!”

I am biased, I know lol

Flower - Shirayukihime.mp40164

Flower - Shirayukihime.mp40118

Flower - Shirayukihime.mp42 Flower - Shirayukihime.mp43 Flower - Shirayukihime.mp45 Flower - Shirayukihime.mp47 Flower - Shirayukihime.mp48

Flower - Shirayukihime.mp410



Snow White….its soooo Reina!!

baby ;-;

My precious Nonchan!! ugh Love!


Ohhh pretty gifs ❤


And pretty Shuuka


In the MV, I think the main role is her. Opening and everything is focusing on her (except ending, its all on Reina haha)

I am still samishii since Eripon left the group ;-; she was a good leader! I will get one copy of this shit! arrgghhh!! Money~money >.<

and the covers look amazing as always


btw… it includes 3 songs (normally its only 2 songs) so the songs are Hatsu Koi and Color Me Up. If you dont know, Hatsu Koi is coupling song for e-girls’ single, Gomennasai no Kissing You and sung by Flower. But this time its with Acoustic version. I look forward to it, aaa!!!!!!!!! I am so happy >.<


And also this time it will feature 2 MVs, Shirayukihime (Snow White) and Hatsu Koi. Damn I am dying from this happiness ;A;



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