3JSB 3rd Anniversary~~

Yaaay~ 11th Nov 2013, Its the 3rd year of Sandaime J Soul Brothers!! Yatta!!


They are too kakkoi!!

Btw, It is also NAOKI’s Bday!! Happy bday NAOKI!

RIIDAA~~!! \(^^)/

Well… I really love 3JSB’s ballad songs… Like I am addicted! Ya know if you are not a fan or you dont know them, I could suggest you to listen to Hanabi. Its sad love song and yes it is ballad. The dance, the song, all sound/look sad to me /plak LOL

I am not sure when I am being a fan, but it doesn;t matter at all though. ALL the matter is I could enjoy their songs, enjoy their coolness and perfection! Nyahaha…

One thing I really really like from 3JSB is they really sound better when they sing live! Much better than recorded lol

Their latest single is Fuyumonogatari, a sad ballad song (again) I think ballad sounds good when its 3JSB who sings it? lol nvm me

It suits them 🙂

Oh yeaaaah~ Ryujiii~~~~~~~~~~~ xD

SHOKICHI priceless expression lmao

Oh.. ok another thing that I like from them (EXILE Family in general) is ABS. ABS everywhere ;A;

gif credit : http://ssong-melody.tumblr.com/post/66333166433


but NAOTO is not my hubby~



and I also like Gun

He has Cute face 😀

Well Gun, thats cute!

gif credit : http://tumblr.straycat.me/post/51297579547

Gun with GENERATION’s Alan

gif credit : http://sabrinaduric.tumblr.com/post/58104442284/exile-tribe-24karats-tribe-of-gold-mtv-vmaj-2013

Well, I always like 24karats tribe of gold. Coolest song ever!

Wah and also it has been announced that 3JSB will release new single titled : So Right








I look forward to it, Nyan!


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