[AtsuMina] Your Girlfriend is Your Sister? The Uncertainty

            Walking to the nearest bench and I got my stuff. Don’t even bother the sweat I produced I just wiped it off. I walked alone inside a big hall and I was actually lead by my feet to the exit. Another night I spent with myself, no matter how many times I had been told to continue practicing tomorrow, I kept practicing today. Just like previous day, I didn’t go home all by myself as this person always waited for me in front of building.


            “Always end at this time…” he said. He approached me, put his jacket off and put it on me. “…tonight is really cold. I don’t want you to freeze to death.” He let out a small chuckle.


            “It doesn’t change anything.” Without further thinking, I put his jacket off and returned it to him. “Thank you and please don’t do this stupid thing ever again.” I walked away. I heard his foot step, he kept following me.


            “I am really not in a good mood now.” I turned around and made him stop.

            “Come on Acchan, I just want to make sure you will be alright until you reach home. That’s it.”


            “Why should I believe you? You are famous…” I paused. He started acting like popular guy and smile at me. “…famous coz of doing negative stuff.” I turned back and started walking away.

            “Ee? W-what? Negative stuff? Wait, Acchan! Wait!!”


            Minegishi Kuu, he was known as super playboy in the acting club. He could have more than 5 girls in a day and his girlfriends didn’t even mind having such a playboy boyfriend like him. I admitted he was good looking, attractive, good in acting and it made me really respect him. Until one day he confessed his feeling to me, as if I would accept him, he thought that I liked him as well. For how many times I had rejected him, he kept following me. Kinda annoying though but I couldn’t do much about it. I think I would just let him be what he wanted. And also I didn’t even bother about his feeling to me as we all knew he was never being serious.

            Tomorrow I should wake up early for the preparation for farewell stage. These 6 months I spent here in New York was really precious. I learnt many things, I made new friends, I felt confident with my acting skills. The 6 months I spent here really valuable, but it also somehow made me losing you. When I was seeing my computer, the urge of contacting you felt so strong. But knowing that you slowly be away, I was really afraid. The first one month of me in New York we were alright, but didn’t know after that you changed. You didn’t reply my email, you were not there when I called you, it felt so hard to just contact you. I always thought, did I make some mistakes? Why she didn’t tell me what’s going on? The last email that I got was saying,

I’m getting much busier this time at university.

I’m sorry if I can’t reply your email sooner.

Be good there, Atsuko 


That’s it, only that. I had not heard about her since. I felt uneasy, I thought something bad happened to her but according to papa who always contacted me, he said Minami was doing fine. Alright maybe she didn’t want me to bother her at her first semester at university, I couldn’t agree at first but this long distance slowly taught me and I understood. Probably being away like this could help Minami to achieve what she wanted, to be more successful in the future and yeah without me. I knew I was such a barrier for her to step forward, I felt sad if my presence was bothering her. I love Minami so much, if she wanted me to disappear alright I would do what she wished. This feeling was really frustrating so that I made myself busy and didn’t have time to think about her by keep practicing until late.


            Finally the farewell stage would start today. Tomorrow I would head back to Japan and this would be my last stage in New York. Somehow I felt lonely, didn’t want to leave New York. I wish I could make my come back here one day.


            “Nice performance…” Kuu approached me and gave me a bouquet. “…let’s meet again one day.”

            I accepted his bouquet and smiled, “Thank you. I would treasure today’s stage. It was really amazing. You guys are so kind and nice to me. Come to Japan one day and I would be your nice guide for sure.”

            “They need guide,” Kuu pointed to other club members who are American. “…I am used to live in Japan.” He chuckled.

            “Ahaha, okay I see..”

            “Btw… you still can’t accept me?” he asked.

            “No… gomen ne…

            “Wow… what a direct answer.”

            “Because I know exactly what I felt. I will tell you, I have someone I love in Japan.”

            “Oh… I should have just known that..” he formed a plain smile on his face. The first time I saw Kuu had such an expression.

            “I’m really sorry, there are a lot of girls around here and I know you’ve got many already. I’m just nothing compared to them right?”

            “No. You’re wrong. The first time I feel serious to be in relationship is you, Acchan. I don’t need you to believe me, but hmm…it really hurt, right on my chest. Hmpfh…. So embarrassing.” He laughed.

            The first time I saw an honest Kuu. I gave him a hug just to cheer him up. I just don’t want my last day here I caused some troubles, everyone must be happy after I leave.




            “Acchan, one day I will come for you. I hope at that time you will have some space in your heart for me even 1%. Because from 1%, I would make it raise until I own your whole heart.” 

            “Kuu… thank you so much for your affection to me, but I don’t think this heart will be owned by you or anyone else because from the very first, this is already owned by that person. It was made only for that person.”

            “Interesting. I won’t give up.” He smiled. “…okay, it’s time already. Contact me when you have landed in Japan. Keep in touch.”

            “I will. See you next time. Bye…”  


            “Welcome home, my pretty daughter!!”

            “Dad!!” I hugged him so tight.

            “You lost some weight?!” he said as he looked at me poorly.

            “I was doing my best there. I would eat much here!!!”


            “Bwahahaha!! That is my daughter! Come come, we already prepared some foods for you my dear!”


            “FOOD yeay~”


            “I have cooked your favorite menu, Atsuko. Eat it as much as your stomach pleases!”


            “Thank s a lot! I don’t care if I gain some weight!”


            “She sure is starving…”


            “Ah, Atsuko… I’m sorry Takamina can’t come today. She’s really busy now. She said she would come sometime when she’s not busy.”


            “I know. Mom, just tell her not to think about me too much. I’m okay here, just tell her to concentrate on her subject there.”


            “Don’t you miss your sister?” Dad asked.


            “I do. I really miss her but… I just don’t want to disturb her now hehe…”


            “Nice kid.. alright, finish your meal! You’ve got many things to tell, right?”


            “Sure. You will be amazed by my story, dad. Let me finish this meal first…”


            I lied on my bed, alone. Usually at this time, I would come to Minami’s room and started disturbing her until she let me sleep with her. Although I was always allowed to sleep with her but disturbing her kinda fun. I pulled the blanket to cover my body, I pulled another pillow and I hugged it tightly. Imagining the one I hug was you, I really miss your presence and I wonder if you feel the same. It was really frustrating until tears on my eyes rolled over my cheeks.


            The school started few weeks ago. I was on my second year now and felt really different without Minami here. Everyday felt plain, so white, I need something to make it colorful but nothing was able to make it like one. Boring, class, club, everything felt so boring. My phone rarely rang and I really wonder if Minami miss me? She didn’t even say anything since I’ve arrived here only the message from Mommy I got. Like, come on…was I even considered as someone special for you? Or maybe not anymore? This uncertainty killed me slowly.


            “Acchan!!” the me who thought about everything seriously on the bench near entrance, got surprised by a boy voice. It was coming from school’s entrance.


            “Kuu?!” I stood up and made my sight clearly open. Ah, it’s the real Kuu.


            “Ohoho, it’s really you!” Kuu ran to me.


            “Oh my god. You really run after me?!”


            “Told ya~ You never know how serious I can be.”


            “You’re really serious with your words. Hehe…”


            “Hehe… I moved to new school just few blocks from here. I found your school info in Japan, so I decided to move to the closest school to yours so that we can meet up everytime, everyday.”


            “How about your girlfriends?”


            “Hmm… I broke up with them. I will fight for the girl I love.”


            “You sacrifice everything because of me? Are you stupid?”


            “Well, I didn’t say it is you…”


            “What?!” felt a bit embarrassed, I started to walk away.


            “Acchan! Sorry, I was just joking, kay? It’s you. It’s always being you…” he grabbed my hand and made me look at him. The truth which was told by his eyes, I was drowned in it. The look of his eyes were really sharp. Kuu I don’t know when he’s serious, he looked this cool.


            “You like me now?” asked  Kuu.


            “No…” I walked away.


            “Acchaaaaaaan wait~ lets watch movie together, will you?”





            “So… I want to know about the person you love if you don’t mind telling me.” I agreed when he asked me to go to café to have some drinks and cakes. So here we are.


            “Why do you really want to know about that person?”


            “Yea I just…just want to know the person who can make you fall in love with him. I couldn’t make you mine as it’s very easy for me to make girlfriends. I am handsome, I have money, girls will absolutely like me.”


            “Stupid girls because they only see your money then. I don’t need money.”


            “Alright, I am wrong. So.. how is that person?”


            “Nice, kind, smart, funny, serious, and…. midget.”


            “Pfftt, a midget?!”


            “What’s funny?”


            “Do you think a midget can protect you?”


            “I don’t need any protection…As long as we are there for each other, that’s enough.”


            “What makes you love him that much. I want to meet him one day.”


            “I don’t think you would like to meet that person.”


            “Hey Acchan, I won’t pick for any fight with him. I just want to know him and start to make a challenge.”


            “I am not a thing!”


            “I know, but I hate it when I can’t have you. At least allow me to fight for you. If I really can not make you mine, I will quit and won’t bother you anymore. I promise.”




            How if Kuu knew the one I love was my own sister? He would probably hate me, too much. I didn’t think I could explain everything to him. Moreover right now I should be worried as my relationship with Minami seemed like in serious matter. What to do? I don’t have any courage to make a phone call. I’m afraid she would not pick my phone up. What to do?


            The touch felt so tender and real, the kiss on cheeks and forehead felt real, the sound of heart beat I could hear clearly. It’s weird even in dream I could feel my own beat?

            “….ko… Atsuko?”


            I slowly opened both of my eyes… oh yea so those were real, the kiss, the touch all were real… but who was doing that to me? The softness, the tenderness, I knew it so well, could it be? I don’t think Minami is here right now..


            “I’m really sorry I awake you…” the voice, those familiar voice which I really missed so much. Could it be possible?


            “Mi…..nami?” I called half sleepy.




            When I got my full sight of her, clearly, I couldn’t stop the tears on my eyes. My heart was beating so fast, my chest felt like burning. Am I dreaming? Yes I must be dreaming. Can not be possible Minami’s coming.


            “Minami? Really Minami?” I repeated just to make sure that I am not dreaming.


            “Yes, Atsuko. It’s me…” she hugged me who still confused on the bed.


            “You….so cruel. Where have you been?”


            “I’m sorry, Atsuko. I’m here right now..” she kissed my forehead.


            “I’m seriously mad at you.” I said.


            “Even in this situation you still can act cool? I know you’re happy we can meet…”


I rolled over and she was under me.


            “Baka… of course I’m happy. Can’t you tell by seeing my tears?”


            “You call your sister ‘baka’?” she chuckled.


            “Yes. You didn’t even contact me for long. Do you know what I’m feeling this time? I thought you didn’t love me anymore..”

            Her hands wiped my tears and pinched my cheeks.


            “Sorry…” she smiled. “…so, can I kiss you now?”


            “Come on, you don’t need to ask…” Minami pulled my head down and we kissed for the very first time. We had not kissed for half more years and it felt sick. To be able to feel her soft lips really make me happy. I relieved there was nothing to be worried about. We were fine, it was just Minami is too busy. I should have understood that.




            “Ohayou~” we both sat on the chairs and ready to have our breakfast.


            “Araa… good morning~” mom served two plates of our breakfast. “What is your plan today, Takamina?”


            “Hmm… I think I would love to take my sister to go to school.”


            “Heeee… I am not a kid. You just stay at home..” I ate my pan.


            “Its been long time since last time I walked on the street. I’m going to feel the air… So we are going together nee, Atsuko..”


            “Okay whatever…” deep in my heart, I was happy we could spend time together this morning.


            “How’s your school?” asked her after we found seat in the train.


            “Great. But kinda lonely you’re not there…”


            “You must get used to it. You had fun in America?”


            “Uhm… I did my best there. I spent everyday to practice, I’ll do whatever that can make me away from home. So painful being at home whole day.”


            Minami grabbed my hand and held it tightly. I looked at her and I caught her looking at me as well. She leaned down and it surprised me.


            “Are you crazy?! We are in public now!” I whispered.


            “Don’t worry. Nobody is watching us.”


            “Stop!” I covered her mouth with another hand of mine. “Seriously Minami are you crazy?!”


            “Why did you stop me? You were quiet aggressive before though, somehow you become tame now.” She chuckled.


            “What?! I am not! I just…learn the situation. We are in public!”


            “Well, okay…” she released her hand on mine. Was she mad? She must know right I do want the kiss, but we are in public and we definitely can not do that. What’s wrong with her?


            “Ah, Atsuko…” I turned my head to look at her,


            “Yea….” A newspaper cover both of our faces and her lips already on mine.


            WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING?! I was about to pull my head but she didn’t allow me to do so. She kept kissing me passionately and I was beaten. I replied her kiss without any worry. I really wanted to do it for long time since I really miss her a lot.


           At School,
“I will come to pick you up later. Be good at school.”


            “Where are you going now?”


            “Going around and get something to eat.”


            “Again? Haven’t you just had your breakfast?”


            “I’m starving. Hehe.. alright, see you later..”


            “Alright… bye…” I walked away but stop by her. “What is it now?”


            “You forgot something…” she placed her finger on her lips.


            “W-what?!” my face redden. “Are you crazy, Minami?!”


            “Why? You did the same before right? We were even at school hall but you kept forcing me to kiss you… There’s no difference.”


            “Y-yes I know, but…” she walked closer and CHUUED. She got my lips again. That was pretty short.



            “Minami~ mou ////”


            “Alright, no more teasing. See you later.” then Minami walked away.


            Is that really Minami? I mean, she changed. She never became this aggressive before, or something happened during her first semester? It was weird, because I did miss her and wanted to kiss her, but somehow it was really embarrassing doing this in the public. The me at past, I didn’t even feel shy a bit, it was always Minami who seemed to reject my kiss and hug. What happened to me and what happened to her? We both changed? I guess it was because I wasn’t around her for long time and I felt awkward to her. Alright it is okay being like that. I enjoyed the aggressive Minami, just keep it like that.




            “Hi..” as always Kuu has already waited for me in front of school.


            “Oh, hello…”


            “Wanna go out for a while? Let’s get some tea…”


            “Hm…well, since I have nothing do, let’s go!” we both walked away from school. On the way to the café,


            “Acchan… I really want to meet him.” His sudden question attracted my attention.


            “Hmm…who?” pretending I don’t know.


            “The person whom you love.”


            “Hmm… it’s difficult. That person is not around and at very far place.”


            “Oh really?” his face line showed doubt, like he didn’t even believe me a bit.


            “Yea of course. Why are you so annoying?”


            “Hehe… sorry..” he let out a chuckle.


Not long, “Atsuko!” I surprised Minami was there and running toward me.


            “Eh?! Minami, what are you doing here?”


            “Just want to pick you up at school, seemed like I am late?” she stared at the person who stood next to me.


            “Hmm… your friend?” she asked.


            “He is. His name is Kuu… Kuu this is…” I paused a bit, looking at Minami for a moment then, “…this is my sister, Minami.”


            “Oh, hi nice to meet you. I’m soon to be Acchan’s boyfriend.” He said as he shook Minami’s hand.


            “What are you saying? No, Minami he’s joking.”


            “Why? I am good enough to be one, right? I don’t give up until you say yes.” He explained.


            “Haha cool.” Minami said. “…so both of you are…having an appointment?”




            “No…” said both us at the same time.


            “What? Acchan, I think we…”


            “What? We just met on the way home , that’s it. So Minami, let’s go home..” I clung into Minami’s arm and left Kuu behind.


            “Are you okay leaving him like that? If you two have appointments, I am alright. You can go with him..”


            “No…” I tighten my arms on Minami’s.  “I want to go with you…” she stroked my hair.


            “He is really in love with you. I can tell by seeing his eyes.”


            “We met in America and he was my friend in club. He was known as playboy and knowing that he fell for me is kinda surprising.”


            “So he came here so far just to go after you? Isnt that cool?”


            “That’s crazy. I don’t even give any hope though. He’s just stubborn.”


            “Well, I’m okay if you go out with him. He’s cool, handsome, really serious person….”


            “What do you mean?”


            “Listen Atsuko. I don’t want to be your barrier. If you like him, yes you can go out with him. I am okay. I am happy if you are happy.”


            “What….the… what did I just hear? I heard that from my own girlfriend, telling me to go date with another guy? Can’t you understand my feeling? You don’t understand it, do you?” I felt really upset and unhappy. I walked away and left Minami behind. She kept calling my name and following me as I didn’t give any damn response to her.



            Knock…knock… “Atsuko, you mad?” no response. “Can I come in?” no response. Minami get inside my room and approached me who lied on the bed.

            “You mad?” she stroked my hair.


            “Don’t touch me. Leave me alone.”


            “Hmm… I can not leave you when you feel mad like this.”


            “You made me to.”


            “Alright, see I am sorry, okay? I…didn’t mean that. You know right I love you… Of course I don’t want you to be with another guy.” I got up and sat in front of her.


            “You hurt me, you know? I think… you don’t love me anymore. You didn’t reply me when I was in America. You only said that you’re busy, okay I understand that. I want you to focus and I did my best too there. But that uneasy feeling haunted me, I started thinking that you don’t love me anymore. What to do if that happened, I felt so sad. Do you understand that?”


            “I am really sorry, Atsuko…” Minami hugged me so tight. “…I should have just called you. I am really sorry…” she kissed my cheek. “You forgive me?” I shook my head.

            Suddenly I leaned down and kissed her on lips. I pushed her down until I was on top of her. I started travelling my lips around her cheek and back to capture small lips of her. I could feel her hands on my shoulder and it kept pulling me down. I kissed her passionately as her hands started getting inside my uniform. We rolled over and now Minami was on top. She kept unbuttoning my uniform and caressed my cheeks.

            “Atsuko, I miss you so much..”


            “I miss you too, Minami…” Minami threw my tie away and kept kissing me.


            “TAKAMINA!!!!!” I heard mom called Minami outside and we stopped what we were doing.


            “Oh moooooom….” Minami mumbled.


            “Fufufu… okay continue later.” I said. 


            “I am sorry, Atsuko we can’t continue…” she said as her hands were fixing my uniform. “… I’ll be back.” Minami went out from my room.


            Oh my heart still beat so fast. If only no one is at home now, probably we have done it.


            I felt something under my body, it was a vibration of something. I tried to get up and saw Minami’s phone under my body. I reached her phone and I read “Haruna Kojima” on the screen. Who is she?  I opened the message who just received and then…


            Have you done with your business with your sister?

            I’m lonely, Minamichan ❤


            The hell?! Who the f*ck is this person?!




            Today Minami needed to go back to Hokkaido. Something urgent happened and I accompanied her to the airport. After sending her off, I didn’t ask anything regarding who the fuck is Haruna Kojima. Did Minami have affair in Hokkaido? Was that why she never get in touch with me while we were away? Okay make sense now. I need to check whether she is only Minami’s friend or someone who are more than a friend.


            “Why did you follow me until here?” I said to Kuu. He just smirked.


            “I would go to everyplace you are. I am here coz you are here.”


            “You sound scary enough. Are you a stalker?”


            “Can be said so..” he laughed. “By the way, why are we here in Hokkaido?”


            “I want to visit my friend and you… you follow me here so that’s why we are here.”


            “But where is your friend’s house? We already spent whole day of walking on the street like lost kids. You sure know the place?”


            “Hopefully…” can’t tell him I am going to see Minami. I didn’t tell Minami I came today. Firstly, I would like to know who Haruna Kojima is. What is her relationship to Minami.


            “Can we take rest? There is restaurant over there…” said Kuu. Alright, he’s right. We didn’t have anything since morning. I nodded and he lead me to the restaurant.


            “This place is beautiful.” He said and I just smiled.


            “Minami~~ I want to go shopping~~”




            “Haruna, you just came back right? You wanna go again?”


            “It’s not enough!” wait a sec. Minami? And oh the voice of this Minami is so familiar. I turned my head to the back and found that Minami and a girl who clung into her. WHAT?!


            “Eh? Is that your sister?” Kuu asked. “…oh she is here? Let’s call her!”


            “SSSTTTT!!!” I covered his mouth at the right time. “…just be quite!” he nodded.


            When they were going out the restaurant, I decided to follow them.


            “Eh, how about our foods?”


            “You can stay…” I walked out from the restaurant. “Acchan, wait!!”


            Why Minami did  this to me? She has another girl? My heart was like being stabbed by a sword not a knife. It hurt seeing them both were that close. That Haruna girl was pretty. Tall, slim, her hair looked like a silk, so beautiful. I am nothing compared to her. Probably Minami got attracted by her appearance. They sat on the bench and I still followed them. I hid somewhere near there, I kept the distance. My heart exploded when I saw that Haruna kissed Minami! Minami didn’t even refuse and just accepted the kiss. This is unacceptable! I couldn’t agree! I ran to the far place and Kuu kept following me. When he was calling my name, I ignored him. I stopped somewhere far from Minami’s place and there I sat alone, shed tears. It really hurt seeing that all by your eyes. It was really painful.

            Suddenly I felt warm hands wrapped around my neck. It was Kuu’s.


            “You can cry as much as you want…” I kept silent. “You know…I can tell everything by just seeing you just now. Well not even now, but the other days as well. You could break our appointment only for your sister and just now she could even make you cry like this. So…the one you love is….your sister?”

            I couldn’t give him an answer. I cried much harder inside her wide arms. Kuu, I’m really sorry and you can hate me now.

            “I saw you both kissing at your school the other day. I was there you know.” He chuckled.

            “You were … there?” he nodded.


            “Well, its not a problem anymore. Whoever you like, girl or boy, sister or brother, as long as it is you, I don’t care. All I care is that I would never give up on my love to you. I would find a way where its only smile I can see on your face. You have right to love someone, even your sister. Everyone does…” he explained.

            Kuu is such nice boy. Because of it, I respect him more a bit. And probably it is going to be the end of my love story with Minami.

            I touched Kuu’s hands so tight and somehow he became someone really precious to me.



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    1. Thank you for reading! The truth is I hardly understand what you mean.. If you think it’s not connected at all, there is another one shot which was its first story. You should read that first then this one 🙂
      Good day!

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