[AtsuMina] Your Girlfriend is Your Sister?

“Mom, I’m off to school…” I took my bag beside me and ready to take my leave, and I just finished having my breakfast.


“Take care, Takamina….. Ah,” Mom suddenly hung her sentences and it made me stopped and turning around. I’m waiting her to finish her words.


“Do you remember tonight right? Don’t be late, okay?”


“Hmm…Yeah, I will be at home on time mom. Don’t worry. Jaa…ittekimasu.”


“Itterasshai~ Tonight is important night for mom, Takamina~~”


I have disappeared from mom’s sight but I was still able to give her response, “Wakatta…” I said from outside.


Right my mom has been waiting for tonight, why? Because it’s the time when she will meet her future husband and of course my future dad. Since a week ago, she always repeats the same sentences, “Takamina, on Saturday mom will meet someone special. Make sure you don’t have plan on that time, ok? I want to introduce you to him.”


Okay, okay she should just say it once, I understood.


Maybe mom was just too excited about tonight.


So far I don’t have any plan tonight, but…..I was not sure though because….



“…cho…chotto…you know, everybody will see us…” I tried to save myself from this girl.


She licked my ear up and continued kissing my cheek tenderly. I tried pushing her body, but she was too strong. Okay, I wasn’t actually trying to push her. Honestly, I like what she is doing right now. She just needed to do it at other place, not here, in the school hall.


“…I said….st…stop… Don’t do it here….” My right hand tried to stop her from kissing me, but she was too quick and she grabbed my hand.


“Can you be calm a bit? I’m busy here…” she said.


What? How can she be this chill? How if everybody sees us? You idiot girl!


“…This is school hall! Stu…” her right hand covered my mouth right away.


“Ssshhh…. Minami, you are good senpai. You’re also top student here, so… could you please be silent for a while? I will really appreciate your cooperation…” she smirked.


God… How can I have a girlfriend like her?? Mou….


“Ohh my… your eyes really attract me…” her right hand slowly moved from my mouth and started caressing my eyes, slowly it touched my nose, then finally it came to my lips for the second time. “…but the one I really like the most is……this…” she said as she caressed my lips.


My heart started beating by her action. My eyes randomly saw part of her face. Her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, lips, everything. They are really beautiful. Well, I also like her lips the most. Because her smile always drives me crazy.


She moved closer and this time I didn’t push her. Actually I never say no to her. I always let her do everything to me. From very first time I saw her, I really wanted to make her happy so that she would always show it. Show her pretty smile and to me only.


Our noses touched each other and I could feel her breathe right before my face. Before she could capture my lips, she caressed my cheek as usual, then she would show her smile. Her smile is the best thing ever.


I closed both of my eyes and I felt her soft lips already on my lips. So tender and so gentle. She kept her body close to me even it pushed me backward, I felt my back got attached to the wall. She then continued entering her tongue and exploring inside my mouth. I really wanted to stop her right now because the more she did it, I always enjoy it and even worse I want her not to stop. If that happens, I am afraid our teachers or our friends passed this way and saw us in this situation. Uwaah that must be super embarrassing! So I must end this as soon as possible.


Surprisingly, she ended it as her own. She looked onto my eyes and smiled. My god, her smile really made me melted and couldn’t say a word. Just too perfect.


“Minami senpai is so nice this morning…” she said while playing with my hair.


“What nice… You know what you did? This is school hall!”


“But everyone is not here…”


“Baka!! What if someone passed and saw us?!”


“Hmm… I think they will be just fine. Everybody knows that I like you so do you.”


“Don’t speak again!” I slapped her head in slow, not that hard. “…because we attend all girls school, everybody will see it weird!”


“Itaaai~~ Senpai so mean…” she pouted. Damn her pouting looked kira-kira shiteru.


“You deserve it and since when I say I like you?!!!”


“You don’t refuse when I kiss you…” she pulled the tongue out.


“It doesn’t mean anything…” I rolled my eyes, “…because you…you look lonely, I…I can’t help it but to accept your kiss…” I lied.


“Hee…..honto ka?” she came closer to my face. Smirked.


*Blush* her face is too close.


“Ye…Yeah of course!!” I said as I pushed her body away. “…ok enough. I got class after this.”


“Minami senpaaaai~~” she pouted,


“What again? And please….since when you call me ‘Minami senpai’ ? You always address me by my name though..”


“Hehe… Everybody calls you like that and somehow I want to call you in that way as well..”


Silly girl. But I couldn’t lie that I like her that way. Silly yet so cute.


I couldn’t help but to smile, “Silly Atsuko…” I said. She started chuckling. “Let’s have lunch together later, ok?”


“Okaaayyyy~~~” I smiled and started walking away. “..ah Minami. Gomen…” she said stopping my step. I turned around. “…yesterday I said I want to take you out tonight, but seem like I have something to do, urgent. Hehe… Hope you are not mad.”


“Ah ya about that. I forgot to say that I also have something to do tonight. Maybe we can hang out later.”


“Eee…. Don’t tell me you’re going out with some random guys, right???” she pouted.


“Of course not. Btw stop acting like a kid!!”


“Buh…okay. You will be late if you are not hurry…” I looked at my watch,


“Yabee!! See you later, Atsuko!” I ran to my class on the third floor.


That is Atsuko, everybody calls her Acchan, but I am used to call her Atsuko. She is my kouhai, a year below me. She is an active girl and everybody likes her because she is funny and cute. Honestly I always look at her since the first time I saw her. At that time was when I was called by teacher to his room, I saw her acting in the hall alone. Well Atsuko joined drama club after all. At that time I didn’t know what role she played, but looked like it was a princess. All her expressions, her body language, all looked great to me. I froze for some seconds, hypnotized by her acting. Her smile was the most attractive one, I couldn’t stop seeing it. She suddenly realized that I was standing there. Again, she smiled. Since that time we were so close and until 3 months ago she said that she liked me. I didn’t know what was inside me and I accepted her to be my girlfriend. Until now we are still together.


Atsuko always does what she likes and she sometimes doesn’t listen to what I order her. Just like what happened earlier this morning. I dislike it, because she made me want more from her. And I dislike myself when I felt like that. Atsuko always drives me crazy………


“I’m sorry we are late…” mom said to a person who sat in front of us. A big guy with beard but looked generous. He stood up and smiled.


“Ah, no. I just came as well… Have a seat…” Three of us sat across each other. “Is that Minami?” he asked.


“Ah…yes. Hehe this is my only daughter.”


“I’m Minami Takahashi, nice to meet you, sir.”


“Wahahaha don’t call me sir. So awkward. Call me papa..”




“Ah~Take-kun don’t tease her…”


“Ahaha your daughter is funny!”


I let out a plain laugh. What a weird guy… But this person will be my future dad after all. Somehow he reminded me of someone.


“Dad gomen I’m late!!” a girl’s voice coming from my back. I didn’t bother to look back. Hmm….I guess I know whose voice it was.


“Don’t worry… We just met though.”


“Wah…what a pretty daughter you have Take-kun…” my mom said.


“Thanks auntie.” She replied. What?? Her voice…..it became obvious. I know whose voice it was!


“You both can be good sisters, right?”  my mom added.


“Of course, auntie. Yoroshiku ne, big sis…” she stood in front of me and at the same time I looked up.




“Eeee????” she was shocked, and so was I.






We both shouted each other name at the same time.




Today Uncle Take and my mom were officially married. He became my new dad and of course I got new younger sister. I still can’t believe that Atsuko would become my sister. She looked really happy becoming one.


“Ooo yeaahh…. Being able to meet Minami everyday, I am so happy! I am the happiest girl in the world. Woooo…” she said that. I don’t know how my life would be in the future.


“Oneechaaaan~” she came to my room.


“Atsuko…for how many times I told you to knock the door before entering my room?” I asked without looking at her. I am busy with books, tasks, everything on my table right now.


“Hmm….more than a hundred I think.”


“…and why you didn’t do it then?”


“Mou~ It doesn’t matter though… we are sisters and girlfriends at the same time.” She laughed.


I didn’t give her a response. I could feel she walked closer. “You are always studying whenever I come to your room. Sasuga from a top student…”


“Please don’t disturb me. I am kinda busy here…”


“Nee…” now she is beside me, “…I also just knew that you wore glasses when you were studying. So cuteeeee.” She said.


“Atsuko….” I warned her.


“Wow~~~ are you reading 3 books at the same time?! Sugoii!! I don’t remember the last time I read my books.”




“Ssshhhh~~” she quickly put her index finger on my lips. “…don’t speak.” She said.




“Sshhh!!!!” I frowned. “I said…don’t speak.” Geezz… I guess I have to follow her. She withdrew from my sight and she moved to my back. She put her hands around my neck..


I wanted to get up from my chair and she held me down. “Stay sit.” She said. I sighed.


She started moving her head closer to mine, her lips caressed my shoulder and kissed it so tenderly. She did it repeatedly and it felt so good. Once she sucked my neck and licked it up. Her hands also moved around rubbing my shoulder as her lips didn’t stop kissing it.


“Atsu…ko…I need to study..” I said.


She didn’t give any response. She kept doing that even more aggressive.


“Don’t you understand?? I need to study.”


“I do..” finally she spoke. “I understand…” she kept kissing me and caressing my cheeks with her hand.


“Then why you still continue?”


After few seconds she stopped. A gentle warm hug came after. She gave me an embracement from back.


“I miss you…” she said as she buried her head on my neck. Suddenly I felt sad. Suddenly I realized that these times I was busy, didn’t even have time for her. “…I understand that you are now on the last year and will be facing final exam. You are also preparing yourself to look for university. I really understand that but….I cant lie I really miss you…” her voice felt sad. I never see Atsuko like this before. She always does what she likes before and seeing her like this made my heart ache. I felt sinful.


I felt her hands slowly withdrew from me, “…Minami I’m sorry I disturb you. You may continue your study and I won’t disturb you anymore…” when she could go, I held her hand. She stopped.


“Come here…” I said as I pulled her closer slowly. Now she is standing in front of me, pouting. “What is that face?”


She shook her head. I chuckled. “I’m sorry I was too busy…” I held her hand tighter. “I miss you too…” I kissed her hand. Finally I could see Atsuko’s smile. She is more perfect with her saiko smile. Slowly I pulled her closer to me and she sat on my thigh. I ended up cuddling her. She extended her hands and wrapped it around my neck. We looked at each other eyes for few seconds. After that she put my glasses off and put it on table. Without hesitation she gave a gentle kiss on my lips and I replied it. We kissed in passion for payback these times we missed. She sucked my lips for many times and I realized that how much she missed me. Her feeling has been this much but these times I didn’t realize it. She came to kiss my neck again as her hand went under my shirt. I am cuddling her right now and this position is really awkward to me. Well we never do this before though. I don’t want to admit it, but yeah…I guess I can give it a try?


She kept sucking my neck and her hand now is on my chest. She licked my neck as her hand squeezed my breast. I moaned a bit and this was really embarrassing. But felt great. For today I will let her to do everything she wanted. I kept moaning as her hand kept squeezing my breast, then she kissed my lips and I let it out inside her mouth so that we didn’t make some noises.


“Minami….I can’t hold it anymore. I want you right now.” She said as she kissed my cheeks and ended at my ear.




“I can’t hold it anymore. I want you tonight. I want to make you mine…” she said as she kissed my shoulder and her hands already there to put my bra off.


I stopped her hand, “…I…I am not ready yet.”


She attached her forehead at mine, “…I am also not ready for this, but I really want to make you mine. Only mine.”


I caressed her cheek, “…I’m already yours right? I won’t leave you.”


“I know…but…it’s different. I want to show you how much I like you.”


“I understand though… Atsuko….I will give you everything. My heart, my body, I will give it all only for you. But…would you mind to wait? I’m just not ready…It’s too sudden.”


“Okay. I will wait until you’re ready. I do it because I really like you so much.” Then we continued kissing each other.


Suddenly I pushed her away, “Chotto….” I said,


“What?” she frowned.


*door opens* “Atsuko, Takamina dinner is ready!!!”


“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” I pushed Atsuko away so hard and she felt on the floor and I got up from my chair.




“Ah! Takamina what are you doing!” mom shouted at me.


“WE ARE DOING NOTHING MOM, TRUST ME!!!” I tried to explain.



“Doing nothing?! You pushed Atsuko that hard!” mom walked closer to Atsuko and helped her to stand up. “Apologize to her now..”


“Eh?? But…but…”




“Atsuko, I am sorry for my rudeness…” Atsuko nodded in awkward.


“Good. Now I am waiting for you two to be in dining room. Be quick ya,” mom left.


“Geezz I think we’ve been discovered!” I sit back on my chair. Feeling relieved.


“Hahaha well, next time I will make sure the door is locked.” She smirked.


“Your fault!” Atsuko pulled her tongue out.




“Ah good morning…” mom and dad were already in the living room.


“Good luck on your exam today.” Dad said.


“Thanks… I am leaving.”


“Eh, Takamina you don’t eat your breakfast?” mom asked.


“No time for that. I will skip breakfast until lunch time.”


“Okay then. I will cook some foods for you and Atsuko will hand it to you during lunch break.”


“Sure. Ok, bye..”


“Be carefull~”


~~Lunch Time~~


“Yosh…Last day of my exam and it ran smoothly. I am confident with my result. Yoshhh…”


Now I am waiting for Atsuko to have lunch together. She is already late for 20 minutes. What happened? Did she make some troubles and teachers gave her some punishments? I can’t chill down. I decided to go to teacher’s room and looked for her.


“Oneechaaan~” she suddenly appeared near door.


“Ah, you’re here. Where have you been? I have been waiting for you. I think you troubled your friends and teachers have to give you punishment.”


“Eh?? I didn’t. So mean you think of me like that.” She pouted. Gyaaa so sparkling!!


“We…well…forget it. Let’s have lunch.” I dragged her to somewhere that we could enjoy our lunch alone. Backyard.


I opened both of our lunch boxes. “Here for you…” I gave her one box and I took another one.

I didn’t bother to ask her about earlier why she came late. I just wanted to enjoy my lunch that’s all.


“Minami…” she spoke up.




“Have you decided where you’re going to continue your study?”


“Hm… yeah kinda of. Why?”




“Tokyo University or Hokkaido…”


“Hokkaido?!!!! Are you sure?!!” she looked really shocked.


“Wow…slow down!! Whats wrong with that?!”

“I…I don’t want you to go to Hokkaido! We will be apart!”


“I will come home in the weekend! We can see each other!”


“Just choose Tokyo one!! It’s still close!”


“I got recommendation to attend that university. The opportunity is big.”


“Yadaaa~~” she pouted.


“You like me right? Don’t you understand me?”


A silence between us. She kept looking down and don’t want to see my face. Whats wrong with this little girl. Hokkaido is still in Japan. I don’t mind if I have to take plane round trip everyday just to meet you though. I got recommendation to go abroad actually, but I rejected it.


“Gomen…” finally she spoke up. She looked at me. “…sorry I acted like a kid. You know what the best for you. I just…don’t want to be apart from you even for a day.”


I held her hand, “…me too. I will come home more often to meet you. Okay?” she nodded. What a cute sister.




“I’m home…”


“Welcome home, Takamina…” my dad greeted me.


“Where’s mom?”


“Going to supermarket buying some foods for our dinner.”


“Oh I see… Well, I’m going to my room…”


“Wait, Takamina…”


“Yes?” I came back to him, and stood near him.


“Hmm…I want to talk.” He said. I nodded and sat on the sofa, “…you know right Atsuko loved acting?”


“I do. She joins club drama at school.”


“Yes….well, actually I have a favor for you.”


“What is it dad?”


“It’s regarding her scholarship.”


“Hm? Scholarship?”


“Eh? You don’t know?”


“I don’t. Atsuko hasn’t told me yet.”


“Really?? I think she has told you this. You both are so close after all.”


“She didn’t. So what is it, dad? Tell me…”


“Hmm… well… she got scholarship to learn more about acting.”


“Wow that’s great!! That little girl…why she didn’t tell me this. I will smack her right when she’s at home. Haha…”


“But…seems like she doubted about it. I don’t know why she felt doubtful. She is my daughter, I know her so well. I know she loves acting so much. She has a dream to become a very famous actress and now she got the chance but she feels doubt about it. Will you help me to persuade her? I want to make her happy. This opportunity is probably only once in her life.”


“My pleasure to help.” I smile.


“Thanks! Well although it means that we won’t meet her for long time…”


“Hm? What do you mean?”


“Oh forgot to tell. She will learn acting for about 6 months in New York.”


“What??? New York?????”


I can’t believe it Atsuko didn’t even tell me about it. Why she didn’t tell me??? I mean…how long she kept it? She is going to go to a place far away. I remember this afternoon she told me that she didn’t want to be apart from me. Or I misheard everything?!


“Tadaimaa…” there she is. I could hear her voice from here. I am waiting in her room by the way.

*Door opens*


“I’m tired… Ah, oneechaaan~” she was smiling when she saw me sitting on her bed. With no expression. She tilted her head a bit and looked a bit confused.


“Minami…what’s wrong?” she sat beside me.


“Please be honest…” I said.


“Hm? I am always honest to you after all. Ah! Don’t worry. I am home a bit late its not because I attended group dating. I accompanied my friends to go somewhere… She is not even someone whom you should feel jealous with. Fufufu…”


I just stared at her with serious glare. She gulped. “What’s wrong?”


“Can you be serious? I don’t even say anything.” She nodded.


“Why you don’t tell me that you got scholarship to New York?” Atsuko looked shocked.


“Dad told you?”


“He did. Now answer me. I need your explanation.”


“Okay. I’m sorry I hided it from you. I don’t mean it. I just think that…”she rolled her eyes, “…as long as I rejected it, it’s okay you don’t know about it.”


“Why did you reject it?”


“Because…because…” again she rolled her eyes. Biting her lower lip. “…New York is faaaar. Why should I go there? I can practice and study here. Japan is as good as New York…Moreover, acting is not everything to me. I can work at restaurant as waitress, or at hotel, or I can…”


“Don’t lie to me!!!” I shouted at her and it made her stopped talking.


“I…I am not lying, seriously.”


“Is it because you don’t want to be apart from me? Is it??”


“Yes, it is.”


“Why? Why you sacrifice your future for me? I heard from dad that you really love acting. You want to become popular actress one day. And…because of me you want to sacrifice them all?? This opportunity might be once in your life!”


“I know! But I choose you because you are my everything! 6 months feel forever and I don’t know what to do without you by my side! I can’t live without you!!”


“Okay…fine. If you say so, I don’t want to be with you anymore. I want to break up with you.” I got up from the bed as my hand was held by Atsuko.


“What? Break up?? Only because of this?” she stood right beside me.


“Yes. I can’t be with you anymore.”


“Why you’re so selfish deciding everything yourself?! I don’t want to break up!”


“Then you choose!” I turned around, “…you choose…studying to New York or break up with me. Choose now.” I looked on to her eyes deeply. I could see hesitation on it. I know…I know that she wanted to go to New York to study. I don’t want to break up with her as well, but I don’t have any choice. The only thing that I can do to make her achieving her dream.


“Minami….I don’t want to go to New York… and I don’t want to break up with you.” She sobbed. Her hand kept holding my hand tighter. She won’t let me go. I felt my chest was in pain. Atsuko never looked this broken. Between two choices, this was so bad. I also don’t want her to go, but it’s for her brighter future.


“Atsuko… listen to me…” I walked closer to her. I wiped her tears away. “…I also don’t want you to go. New York is so far, and I am worried since you’re going to be alone there. But… when I am thinking about it many times, I know this is the best for you. I want to see you become popular actress. I will be proud of you. Don’t you want to show me that?”


“I want to…” she nodded.


“Now be honest to me…Don’t you want to go to New York? Be honest…”


She nodded again. “…but I can learn here really. Not only in New York.”


“I know… but you will be more improving when you study there.”


“I can’t meet you then…I don’t want it.”


“Hey… it doesn’t mean that you leave me forever right? We are still able to communicate though. See…when you come back, you have improved your acting skill, then who knows you will act at one drama or movie. I’m really looking forward to it.”


“I am not able to feel your body and kiss your lips then.”


“I know we can stand for it. I believe we can. Okay? You go to New York, okay?” she tighten her hand on mine. She still looked doubt. I know I should convince her to go. I want her to succeed.


“Atsuko…” I rose her chin up, so that she could see me. “Look into my eyes…” she looked at them, what a beautiful eyes she got there. “…I love you, Atsuko.”


Deg Deg Deg… The very first time I said it in front of her. My heart beat so fast. My breathe is uncontrolled.


“I really….really love you. I love you so much, so that’s why I want you to go. Go achieve your dream.” I smiled. She smiled in return.


“Minami….please until that time come, wait for me, okay?”


“Of course. I am always waiting for you. Waiting with smile.”


“You have to top again this year, and make sure you will be top as well at Hokkaido University.”


“I will. I will show you.” I kissed her forehead. “…I like it when you obey me. Hehe…” I smiled.


“Hehe…I got to tell my teacher tomorrow about it. I am scheduled to leave in one week.”


“Let’s spend those one week together!” I said.






“Tadaimaaa~~” me and Atsuko walked to the living room but no one here. I found a piece of pepper on the table. I read it and it said, mom and dad are leaving to grandma’s house and staying there one night. They will be back tomorrow morning and of course before Atsuko’s departure.


Nice. We are alone now. I just came back from cinema. These days I was busy with Atsuko. Taking her to every place she wants the most. Trying everything that she loves, everything. I promised her. It doesn’t mean I regret everything. I am happy as long as I can see her smile.


“Wanna some?” Atsuko showed me pancake she just bought on the way home. I shook my head, she continued eating it and sat beside me. I looked at clock, it pointed 10 PM. Tomorrow she would leave to New York at noon. Why time ran so fast? I felt like it was yesterday I persuaded her to go to New York. Suddenly I feel lonely.


“Oi… Why you didn’t say a word?” she put the plate on the table in front of us.


“Eh…oh…nothing.” I sighed.


“Hmm!!! Whats that for!” she pouted. “What are you thinking?”


“Nothing.” I said.


“Lie! You don’t look okay. Tell me whats wrong.”


I smiled. “I just felt that…. Time runs so fast. Tomorrow you’re leaving for New York….” Shimatta! Why I said that! She must get burdened by it. “Ah…gomen. I don’t mean to. Hehe… forget it okay..”


Suddenly Atsuko hugged me. “I will be back soon. I won’t give up on my dream, and Minami too. Do your best here while I am not around.” I felt relieved a bit when she said that. I nodded.


She pulled her self and we both were looking at each other. She stroked my hair, then caressed my cheek, so tender, her hand feels so soft on my skin. She moved closer slowly, our noses touched each other and she was about to capture my lip with hers. I could feel her warm lips on mine, she kissed it gently. Right after that, Atsuko broke the kiss between us and withdrew herself not more than 2 cm from me. I could feel her breathe on my face.


“Can we do it now?” she asked.


My heart was beating unstable. I am still not ready…but from tomorrow I wont be able to see her for 6 months. I also want her to leave with smile and feel much happier. For that sake, I will give everything to her.


“….let’s make memorable night tonight.” I replied. She smiled and started kissing my lips again. Her hands pushed me down to the couch and now she was on top. She kept kissing my lips as her hands were going under my cloth and rubbing my stomach. They went up to my chest and there again she squeezed my breast. I let a moan out inside her mouth. Her kiss turned wilder and more passionate, I never experience a kiss like this before. It felt great. Finally she could take my cloth off and she kissed me all over my body.


“Minami, I will be gentle tonight.” She said. I just nodded. I wrapped my hands around her neck and pulled her closer. I want to feel her body’s temp and it’s really comfortable.




The time has come. Today Atsuko will go to New York to study. Feel a bit lonely but I must send her with smile.


“Take care there…” dad said.


“Thank you.” She replied. She took her luggage with her and before she walked away, she looked at me. “I will be back soon. Don’t cry…”


“I am not crying! Something got into my eyes…” I wiped my tears.


“Funny…” she held my hand and moved closer to me.


“Eh?! What are you…” I think she wanted to kiss me but actually she just wanted to whisper something to my ears.


“Make sure you don’t look for a boyfriend while I am not around. I wont forgive you.”


“I wont.”


“I will be back soon. I love you so much. I wont forget last night…” she pulled herself away and she smiled to me. Baka… you made me want to cry.


“It is time. Have a safe flight.” Dad and Mom waved their hands to Atsuko so did I. I waved at her until I couldn’t see her anymore.


When she said “I love you” into my ear, it was like I recalled last night when she didn’t stop saying that she really loves me. It was embarrassing though, but I felt happy. I was happy being loved by a girl like her. I will be waiting for your return, Atsuko. I love you so much.


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