Announcement from the author

Good evening!

Tonight, I am officially announcing that I will be in hiatus. Don’t know for how long and I don’t know if I can write again one day. I am hoping there is still part of me which is wanting to write AtsuMina. Many things happened these days… so


To all my fic readers ( if I have one o_O ) I am really sorry… m(_ _)m

Thanks for reading my fics, and thanks for all your supports and warm comments on my fic, both in here and in jphip. I know recently there are a lot of new great AtsuMina fic writers so I hope AtsuMina pairing won’t die! ( NO JUST DONT DIE, KEEP RAISING SHIPPERS!!! )

you can contact me anytime you want πŸ™‚

okay, that’s all! See you minna!






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