AtsuMina SP Acchan’s Birthday

I am sorry this is super late fic from me hehe Do enjoy!

The Present is You

“Have you prepared something for Acchan’s birthday tomorrow?” asked Miichan who just came from bathroom and now she sat beside me.


“Hem… Yeah…” I answered as I rubbed my head.


“Hmm….I bet this becomes very special moment for both of you.” Miichan smirked. “…even it would be very romantic and ‘dirty’ one.” Her smirk became bigger.


“Na-Nani sore!” I looked away as my cheek got redden.


“Aha! You can’t fool me, captain Takahashi! You just blushed! You must think about something……” Miichan’s eyes got widened and smirked again.


“Stop teasing me, Miichan! I didn’t plan to sleep with her on her birth-” Kuso! Got spoiled! I hurriedly cover my mouth with both of my hands as I saw Miichan was laughing so hard seeing my reaction.


“Don’t mind captain! Finally you will give your virginity to our ace! Huh, I mean your heart’s ace!” Miichan tapped on my shoulder.


I blinked as I couldn’t believe I said that thing in front of her. I thought about it for whole day since yesterday, it is always on my mind, and Miichan always teases me so that I ended up saying what I think out. Damn it.


“Miichan, it’s not like what you think! You mistook my statement!”


“Stttt!!!” Miichan put her finger on her lip and winked at me, “…no worries. I won’t tell anybody. By the way, I need to go. See you the day after tomorrow and you must tell me what you do with Acchan! If you need my advice, just give me a call. My pleasure to give you some advices. Haha…” then she’s gone.


Ohhhhh my… My image as a firm captain, as a nice girl will be vanished soon.


Well it is not like I don’t want to do it with Atsuko, but I am just not ready yet. We both are already 21, yes I knew that, but it doesn’t mean that I am ready to reach that stage though. I started thinking about it since some days ago, Atsuko came and talked to me.


[i] “Minami….”


“Yes, Atsuko?”


“Nee, you know right my birthday will come closer…” she said as she held my hand and intertwined her fingers in.


“Yes? Then?”


Atsuko began to pout in the cute way, “…present, Minami. I want a present.”


“Ah! Sure. I have been thinking what present I should give you. No worries!”


“Hmm….” She attached her forehead on mine and smiled, “…I wonder what it is.”


“You will love it, Atsuko.”


She moved her index finger to my neck in seducing way, “…well, do you mind if I tell you what I really want to have as my present, Minami?”




Atsuko leaned down to my ear and whispered her wish, “I want you…”[/i]


I facepalmed. Since that day I always think about me as her present. We met this morning and Atsuko suddenly pulled me for a deep kiss in the locker room. She said she couldn’t wait her birthday to come this 10th, and mentioned that she really wanted me. What should I do? I didn’t want to make her disappoint on her birthday, but I don’t think I can do that with her. Why this option was confusing me. Somehow I wanted Atsuko to understand me.


~On Atsuko’s birthday~


Strawberry cake, CHECK

Present, CHECK eh I mean the present, the real present, not ‘that present’ *facepalmed


Finally the day has come. I was glad that Atsuko would turn into 21, she became an adult woman, and more beautiful. I hoped that she could act more mature, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t like her childish part, I loved everything about Atsuko already.


Today, I was still not sure about doing that with her. Last night I didn’t have enough sleep, I thought about that present whole night.


Right now we all were out for a small afternoon tea, to celebrate Atsuko’s birthday with some members. There were Mariko, Miichan, Yuko, Haruna, Tomochin, Atsuko and me. Miichan didn’t stop smirking at me and seducing Atsuko in front of me. What’s the point she did that?!


“Acchan~ Let’s go to my house~ I have prepared everything for your birthday.” Miichan leaned her head on Atsuko’s shoulder. Her hand naughtily hugged my Atsuko, and Atsuko wrapped her hands around Miichan’s waist as a reply. What was Miichan doing? Atsuko and I were dating, Miichan even knew it, but why she did that in front of me? I admitted that I felt jealous. Atsuko is mine! Put your hands off her!!


But I ended up saying nothing.


They sat across me, and I was beside Haruna and Yuko, Tomochin and Mariko were busy talking about fashion. Yet, in front of there was a scene I didn’t want to see.


Finally the tea time was over. I didn’t even have chance to talk to Atsuko. Miichan clung to her whole time and once she smirked at me. They left me behind, Miichan dragged Atsuko with her as she still clung on her arm.


“Ah our captain is forgotten.” I turned to the left as I saw Yuko and Haruna. They just chuckled.


“What? No way.” I folded my hands in front of my chest.


“We could see it, midget. Even on the Acchan’s precious day, you are forgotten.”


I didn’t give a damn response, “Miichan and Acchan look good together.” Yuko added.


Hearing Yuko said that, the edge of my eyes were looking at them both. They kept walking and laughing together, Atsuko didn’t even turn back. Did she forget what she told me some days ago about today? Didn’t she know I always think about that? I even made myself ready for it, well half ready, but at least I am ready.


Okay, I would leave them both. Maybe Atsuko wanted to spend her birthday with Miichan instead of me. Do what you like, Atsuko since you were the one who ended up deciding everything.


I separated myself from the group as I walked home. Not to my house, but Atsuko’s apartment. I got key with me and I could easily get inside. I’ve already brought the cake and the present with me, I put it on the table and I sat on the couch waiting for Atsuko. Ah, she might be not coming home? Maybe she would sleep over Miichan’s house? Well, let’s make myself waiting for her here.


After some hours waiting for her, I felt half asleep on the couch and I woke up as I heard the door was open. I saw Atsuko stood there and shocked seeing me on the couch.


“Welcome home.” I said.


“You’re here?” she walked to the couch and sat beside me.


How come she asked if I am here right now? Did she totally forget what she asked me before???


“Of course I am here. What? You don’t like me being here? Alright I can leave now.” I stood up and she did too.


“Minami what’s wrong with you? You’re mad at me?” she asked.


“Mad? Do you even have to ask that to me?”


“Minami, what’s wrong with you?” Atsuko frowned.


“Ah, did you just notice that I am not okay?”


“Hey…” Atsuko held my right hand, “…tell me what’s wrong?” she sounded so worry.


I just kept staring at her eyes. Why she just noticed that I am not feeling okay? Why she asked if I am here right now? And what did you do with Miichan at café? You even forgot me.


“Okay, okay I guess we are too tired right now.” I pulled my hand from her, “…you need to take some rest, here I have brought you cake. If you don’t like it, you can throw it away. And…” I took something out from my bag, “…this is a photo album. I put our photos here, I designed it so that it looked cute. Yeah a present for you, but if you don’t like it you can throw it away.”


Atsuko stayed quiet and looked at me pouting.


“Okay, I will assume that as a NO from you.” I threw away the album on the bin, but it got missed so that it fell near the bin. Atsuko looked shocked with what I just did.


“Minami why did you throw it?!”


“You don’t like it right? That thing which has no value, deserve to be ended at a place called bin.”


“Minami, come on. What’s wrong with you? Are you mad? Did I do something so that you become like this to me? Say something. I can’t see you like this. Really…”


I shut my mouth up.


If I can say that…….I am jealous right now, but I am not sure to say it out.


“Please are you mad? Today is my birthday right? Why you act like this on my birthday, Minami? You make me worry.”


“Yeah today is your birthday, I know.”


“You haven’t said happy birthday to me yet.”


“I want to say it… the right time, because I know today is so special for both of us.”


“Then why you act like this? Tell me…”


“Don’t you realize it? You ignored me at café remember? You even let Miichan to hug you, don’t you think about my feeling?”


“Eh? It’s only because of that?” Atsuko widened her eyes.


“What? Am I wrong?”


“Are you….jealous?”


“Yes I am. Am I wrong feeling jealous?”


“Ehm…no.” Atsuko smiled. Just what the hell she smiled right now. I was supposed to be mad at her and she just gave me a very cute smile, stay firm Minami, stay firm!


I looked away, hiding my blushing face and my heart beat.


“Gomen ne, Minami….” Finally she apologized. “…Did I give you much pressure?” she asked.




“About….present I asked you before.”


DEG. Here it comes the topic.




“I just thought that I left a burden on you by asking that…” she paused as she pouted and it even made her cuter. Arghhh!!


“It’s…it’s not a burden to me.”


“I want you… be more honest to me. I want you to say what you really want, if you dislike it, just say it. I don’t want you to follow what I said if it left a burden on you.”


Atsuko extended her hand and reached my free hand and I came to look at her. Then she looked at me and smiled. She walked closer and placed my hand on her chest.


“Minami… can you feel my heart is pounding? This is what I always feel whenever I am with you.” She smiled and it made me blushed.


“And….I will wait until you’re ready. I am sorry I was asking you a weird stuff like that. Hehe…” she let a small laughter.


“Sorry Atsuko…I acted so rude.”


“It’s okay. Really I’m sorry I ignored you.”


DEG DEG DEG My heart raced so fast as our distance was really close. I could feel her beat on my fingers, it was fast. So it wasn’t only me who felt nervous, so did she.




“Mi-Minami, what are…”


“Eh!! So-sorry Atsuko! It-it wasn’t me! It was out of control! Sorry!!” I pulled my hand off her. Damn. My fingers moved by its own and it squeezed her breast. Stupid fingers!!!


Both of us blushed and our faces were red as tomato.


“Minami…” she called me,




“Don’t you want to…..give me a kiss?” she asked with cute gesture. Oh my heart went doki-doki even harder!




“Today is my birthday.” She pouted.


I couldn’t help but smile at her pout. It was so cute and it made her look childish though she was already 21 years now.


I put both of my hands on her shoulders and I slowly pulled myself closer. Atsuko closed her eyes since our nose has touched each other, and finally I could manage to press my lips on hers.


I moved my hands to her waist and pulled her closer as I looked for another kiss. Atsuko seemed enjoy my kiss, of course she would. She said that she wanted me as her present. Although she said sorry for saying such a thing, but I realized that I wanted to give it to her and I didn’t know how. Well, I guessed I would only depend on my instinct.


I started pushing her and she struggled to step forward. It made our kiss became wilder and hotter. I rotated to the left, changed position without breaking the kiss and pushed her even more. As behind us was a couch, Atsuko’s legs got stuck and since I kept pushing her, automatically we both fell on the couch with me on the top. Our kiss got broken and we took some breathes as we faced each other. My Atsuko looked so hot today and I really wanted to kiss her so bad and didn’t want to stop.


“Minami that was great.” She said as she chuckled.


“Thanks. I just let my body did what it wanted to. I hope I didn’t hurt you.” I caressed her cheeks and stroked her hair and soon after she shook her head like saying I didn’t hurt her.


I leaned down again and reached her lips which were a cm away. I pressed my lips on hers so gently and started sucking her lips. My hand moved to her hair and it messed her hair up, another hand went to her cheek and caressed it gently. My lips moved from her lips to her chin and sucked it up. Slowly it moved down to her neck, I licked it up. Then it moved again to her exposed collarbone and I kissed it tenderly. I wanted to feel and learn Atsuko’s body. Atsuko extended her hands and they pulled my shirt down. Since it wore a loose shirt and it got loosed so easily. I rose my head to look at her, we smiled to each other and we started for another kiss. Atsuko’s tongue asked for an access to go inside my mouth and soon I parted it and gave it an access. We have tongue battle but it was for satisfaction. We breathed heavily and I could feel her warm breathe on my face since we didn’t even let any space for breathing. Atsuko turned the kiss into wilder one as she kept pulling me down by wrapping her hands around my neck.


I never experienced this kind of kissing. This felt so great. Moreover somehow Atsuko looked so hot today and it drove me crazy as I couldn’t stand for her beauty and sexiness. It was really dangerous to have hot and sexy girlfriend like her.


Finally I broke our kiss and we stared at each other. Breathing heavily and panting.


“Hey don’t you want to eat the cake I brought for you?” suddenly I get up from her and sat on the couch. She did the same.


I opened the box on the table in front of me and the cake looked so delicious. I could see Atsuko’s eyes were kira-kira shiteru. I knew that she’d like it.


Atsuko lightly touched with her fingertips on top of the cake and it got a bit cream on her finger and she licked it up.


“Amai!!” she said and kept doing the same. “Wanna try some?” she showed me her index fingers filled with the cake’s cream. I licked it and sucked it up, yeah it was sweet.


“Minami! You sucked my finger with hentai look!” Atsuko said.


“Eh? Me not.”


“You are just becoming tsundere Minami. Keeping saying you don’t want but actually you want it.” Atsuko smirked.


“Nanda sore!” I did the same to cake like she did before and I poked her cheek with my index fingers which filled by the cream.


“Ah! My face!”


“AHahaha sexy~” I laughed.


Atsuko pouted and immediately did the same to me. “Ah! Atsu…!!” she just pulled her tongue out at me. We started the cake war instead of eating it.


Now our face looked like having a white beard. It was full by cream as well as our hands.


“Atsuko, look at your face!” I said.


“Yours too! You look ugly!” Atsuko stated.


“You even look uglier than me.”


“Nah, I still look pretty in anything. You look like obasan!” Atsuko laughed and I could see her nose wrinkle and it made me smile. I moved toward her and licked the cream which covered her mouth area. The cream which covered her mouth was quite thick, and it made me took some minutes to clean it up and I did it gently. Atsuko also did the same as she licked my white beard and it wasn’t that thick as once she could manage to lick my mouth up. Finally I could clean it and my lip was right on the edge of hers. I moved my lips to the center of hers and sucking it gently. There were left some creams on it and it tasted so sweet. We shared another passion kiss with full cream flavor, and later it turned to more than what we called french kiss, very very passionate kiss.


“Atsuko….I think I am ready.” I said as I broke the kiss and our distance was quite close as our nose could touch each other.


“Ready for…”


“Ready to give it to you.”






We could feel our panting in each other face and seriously she looked so hot. Sorry but I couldn’t stop saying that my Atsuko was so hot.


Atsuko smiled at me.


“But first of all, we need to take showers.” She left a light kiss on my lips.


“Yeah, you’re right. Hm…” I paused for some seconds as Atsuko waited for me to finish my sentence. “…happy birthday, Atsuko.”


She smiled, “Thank you.”




“Hm?” she patiently waited me to finish it.


“….and I love you so much.”


“I love you too, Minami. So much.”


I gave a light kiss on her forehead, slowly moved to her nose, and the last I captured her seductive lips with mine.




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