[AtsuMina] Intertwined Star

“Huee….hueee…” there was a girl who cried not long from my house. I stopped right behind her  and I squatted next to her.

“Hi, cutie. What’s wrong?” I asked as my hand stroked her long hair. She turned to look at me then her right hand pointed to a high tree not long from we stood. There was a red balloon stuck on top of it. Looked like this girl cried over her balloon.

“I will try to take it for you.” I said as I smile.

“Neechan, can you do it? That is quite high for you to climb.” In sob, that girl was asking.

I couldn’t help but smile back to her, I poked her soft cheek and she blushed.

“Please close your eyes.”

She tilted her head as she showed a confusion.

“Close your eyes and do not peek before I ask you to open them.” The girl finally nodded and immediately closed her small brownie eyes.

Just for some seconds, I asked her to open her eyes.

“Open them..” as the girl opened both of her eyes, she could see what on my hand was. Her balloon. She looked so happy then took it from my hand.

“That was fast!! How could you do that?!” asked the girl in curious.

“Haha…. It is a secret.” I put my point finger on my lip and winked at her. The girl kept laughing and didn’t bother to ask again since she has got what she wanted. She waved at me as she continued walking and playing with her balloon. I couldn’t help but smile to myself.

I didn’t stand there for long as my feet came to drag me to school. Usually, I prefer to walk to take bus since my school wasn’t that far, but today err yesterday also, I started to take bus. I did that only to meet her.

I got into the bus and it was still filled by few people. My eyes looked for her, but weird it was the first time she had not come, yet. Maybe she was sick? I started to think negatively as I couldn’t find her. She must be alright, that was what I tell myself.

“CHOTTO!!!” a voice came from outside as the bus started to leave. I looked out from the window and a smile formed on my face. That was her voice. The bus had stopped and she got in to the bus. In the bus, she tried to catch from some air as I could see her body was sweating. Then she rose up her head and our eyes met. DEG! I went panic because it was the first time our eyes met!

“Hi, Maeda-san…” she greeted me and I froze. Why I felt so happy when she greeted me today?

“H….Hi….” I stuttered.

“Eh? What happened? You sounded so nervous?”

“Eh? No…” I looked away, try to hide my pinky face. She walked closer to me and I couldn’t control my heart beat. She passed me and sat on the nearer seat. I didn’t know how to act and I just end up standing there. Ugh, I want to sit!

“Don’t you want to sit? Here…” she asked me to sit next to her. I looked at her and she just smiled to me. I followed what she asked me to, well I wanted to sit next to her though so it was not a big problem to me, but why my heart won’t stop beating? Arghh

Finally we arrived at school and I ended up walking together with her. It was the first time! First time!!!! We walked to the classroom and the class would start for another couple of minutes.

“Hoi, Atsuko…” I turned around as I saw she called me. She called me by my first name!! “…can I just call you like that?”

I bit my lip and tried to control my heart beat, I nodded at the same time. “Cool! So please call me by my first name as well.” She smiled.

“Al…alright. Mi…Minami..”

“That’s better.” She smiled, and I went blush.

“Ano….” She looked at me sharply and walked closer. BADDUMP, BADDUMP. I felt my heart beat so fast. “….I saw it.” She said.

I tilted my head, didn’t understand what she meant. She smiled once again and repeated what she said to me.

“This morning I saw it. You and balloon.”

Now I am dead. She saw everything! What I am gonna do now?!

“That was amazing! How could you do that? I mean, you move something eventhough you didn’t touch them! That was great!” she explained.

Looked like I couldn’t hide it anymore. She found it herself. Now I must be worried whether she would tell other people about it. I felt a bit afraid since this power was kinda weird and might be someone would take some advantages from me. First of all, I should find a way how to prevent Minami to tell people about it.

“Don’t worry, Atsuko. I won’t tell to other. It is our secret!” she winked. Should I thank god or herself. I felt relieved a bit, but still I shouldn’t keep my guard down.

~Break Time~

“Wanna have lunch together?”

“Sure.” Quick replied by me. Of course I would say yes since this was my first time having lunch together with her!

Minami led me to roof top and as usual I got my bento with me and she just brought a simple sandwich inside her lunch box.

“Are you always eating that?” I asked.

“Hum..” she nodded as she ate a piece from its bread.

“You should have to eat some healthy foods.” I advised. She came and took a look to my bento.

“Like that?” she pointed at my lunch. “No! I mean, those are a lot of my dislike foods! Vegetables! Arrgghhh!!!” I saw her sandwich and there were no any vegetables detected. I chuckled.

“I like eating vegetables, of course my favorite is tomato.” I said as I showed her a quiet big shaped of tomato from my bento and she went like, ‘Geezzz’

“You like it that much? That is tasteless.”

“No….It’s good. You’ve got to try it.”

Surprisingly she quickly ate the tomato I showed her before. She coughed after giving some bites but she didn’t throw it out.

“Mou~ Taste so bad~” she commented.

“You ate my tomato~ moreover that is the bigger one and I actually saved it for later…”

“EH? Gomen Atsuko! Gomen!”

“Haha no worries…”

“I think should try to eat some more.” She said.

“You want some? Come here, I will feed you~”

“Okaaay~” she came closer and our arms touched each other. My heart when thump thump crazily as my face turned red. I took one of beans and gave it to her. Minami ate everything I gave her, though she said she dislike vegetables therefore she could eat it all. She kept staying closer and waiting for me to give her another vegetable, it was totally weird as she kept coming closer. Once she glanced at me with serious look, and I avoided her eyes and took some vegetables, suddenly Minami pressed her soft lips on mine. I was quiet shocked with her sudden action but can’t resist as I wanted to kiss her as well. She put her right hand behind my head and kept pulling me and looking for another deep kiss. My heart went crazier as she licked my lip up. There was the time when I came to reply her kiss and we both kissed in passion.

After what happened between us, our bond kept increasing. We went to have lunch together, went home together, whatever we did always together. Somehow I felt so happy.

“Atsuko, about your power…” she started speaking. “…how could you get that kind of power?”

“I am not sure.” I played with her hair as she slept on my lap. “…when I was kid, I used to play around lake near my house. Suddenly a light appeared on the sky and it went toward me so fast. After that I woke up and I was in my room, my parents were there. I found my power when I tried to reach my shoes on the locker.”

“Hah? Why did you put your shoes on the place which was out of your reach?”

“It was not me. I was used to get bullied you know. They put it there so that I couldn’t take it.”

“What? If I have become your friend at that time, I would definitely protect you and teach them some lessons.”

I just smiled. “Can you see future?” she asked.

“I guess not. I only can move thing.”

“Oh I see…” there was a pause between us. “Atsuko….come here…” she put her left hand behind my head and pulled it closer. Then our lips press each other for many times.

She asked me to come to her house today.

“Ojama shimasu~” I got inside and put my shoes off. She held my hand, we passed her living room as I saw there was a piano. Wow Minami played piano. That was awesome. Now we were in her room.

“This is my room!” she smiled to me. I walked to the nearest table as I saw her photo with someone. I grabbed it and looked at the guy who stood next to her.

“That is my big bro. We don’t live together, but he lives nearby. Sometime he comes here and gives me some money and foods.”

“Oh I see… ah btw you play piano? I saw one in your living room.”

“It’s my bro. I don’t play piano. It’s a bit hard.”

“How romantic your brother is.”

“Eee? What?” she showed her smirk and then pushed me to the bed. She came closer and pinned both of my hands, she was at top. “You like my brother huh Atsuko?” she smirked.

“Hee….Why did you ask? Jealous?” I chuckled.

“Jealous? Me? Nah~”

“Ow really? Don’t you think I will fall for your brother later maybe?”

“I don’t think so…”

“How could you be so sure about it? We can’t guess human’s feeling.” I started teasing her.

“Of course I am sure coz…You will always love me, right?”

“Hm…. I can’t guarantee…”

“What did you say?” she tickled me and I burst out some laughs.

“Minami! Stop! Stop!!”

“I wont~” then she kept tickling me.

“Alright! Alright! Haha….”

“The answer?”

“I always love you~ Happy now?” I felt Minami’s hands stopped moving. Her hand moved to my chin and rose my face up to look at her. She showed her smirk again and she kissed me gently. She pinned both of my hands with one of her hands. As still kissing, she unbuttoned my uniform and her hand travelled around inside.

“Mou~ let my hands off ~”

“Yada…” she said as she sealed my lip off with her soft one. It is right on my chest and at the same time my heart was pounding. It must be so embarrassing when she found out about it. She started squeezing my breast smoothly as I let out a small moan inside her mouth as we were still kissing.

“Mi…Minami~ Don’t…”

“I want to know how my girlfriend sounds like…” she smirked.


As I said that, she immediately licked my chin and again she squeezed my breast for the second time. I tried so hard to not let any single sound out from my mouth by biting my lip as I thought that was so embarrassing. But Minami thought the other way as if she wanted to hear the sound of satisfaction of mine as she started rubbing my thigh up and down, then moved her hand to my stomach and licked up my collarbone.

“Don’t ever try to hold it. I want to hear you~ Just say it out, Atsuko, so that I know whether my touching can satisfy you or not.”

“What are you saying, baka!!!”

“You heard it clearly babe. Nee, let me hear you…” she licked my lower lip as her hand was touching my breast. Alright, I still can hold myself. I smelled something as she smirked and continued kissing my collarbone. Now both of her hands were on my breast and she started squeezing it slowly as she sucked my neck. I really hated it when I enjoyed her touch, couldn’t hold it anymore and I ended up moaning in joy. She kept groping it and licking it up as she wanted to hear me so bad.


“No…not yet.” She kept doing the same even harder followed by my unstoppable moan.

“Atsuko…..Your voice is seducing me~ I want to taste you more.” She put my uniform off as she finished unbuttoning it all and threw it away. “Let’s make memorable night.”

Even in a very embarrassing situation like this, I smiled at her. I pulled her down and we shared for another kiss.


Here is for you, Atsuko

Ah! What is it?

It is intertwined star. Nobody can separate them unless the owner got separated from his/her lover

Eh? Really? Where did you get it?

Stranger on the street.

I felt my head a bit hurt. What was that I just saw? Was it a dream? Itai~

“Oh, you’re awake. Did I wake you up?” I looked at the person next to me. She smiled at me and gave me a morning kiss on forehead.

“I think I just had a dream and my head hurt.”

“Oh really? What dream?”

“I am not sure. I can’t recall it.”

“You look like sleeping beauty Atsuko. I kept looking at you during your sleep.” She smiled.

“Did you do something to me while sleeping?”

“I really wanted to but you sleep in sound, I am afraid I would wake you up.” She chuckled.

Then she moved closer to me. She moved her body slowly under the bed cover which covered both of our naked bodies. She stopped when our body was touching each other. She rested her head on my shoulder, and we got our hands intertwined each other.

“You’re going home soon?”

“Ehm, yeah. My mother must be worried although I informed her yesterday I stayed at your house.”

“Okay. I understand. Will you come again?”

“Of course I will.” I smiled. She extended her hand and placed it on my chin. She made me to turn to look at her.

“I love you, Atsuko..”

“I do too…”

We then shared passion kiss in the morning, covered by bed cover and naked. It looked like recalling what we did last night.

“Let me accompany you until station.” She said. As I finish putting my uniform on, I walked to living room followed by her.

“Don’t worry, Minami. I will be fine.”

“Ah wait!” Minami ran to her room and back with something on her hand.

“Here is for you, Atsuko”

“Ah! What is it?”

“It is intertwined star. Nobody can separate them unless the owner got separated from his/her lover”

“Eh? Really? Where did you get it?” I asked as I took it from her.

“I met stranger on the street and he gave me this.”

DEG. Why did I think I have experienced this conversation before?

“Tadaima..” I looked at the door and I saw a figure, a tall man with formal suit and looked….a bit exhausted and pale.

“Okaeri, oniisan.” Greeted Minami.

“Ah, I am home, Minami-chan. Aaree?” he then looked at me.

“H-hi, I am Maeda Atsuko. Nice to meet you.”

“She is my friend. Yesterday we had task from teacher so that she slept over.”

“Oh I see. Hi, I am Takahashi Yamato. Minami’s brother. Nice to meet you too, Atsuko-chan.” He smiled. I didn’t understand but got blushed. Minami’s brother was really an ikemen.

“Alright….alright….stop right there.” Minami clapped her hands. “… Atsuko let me accompany you until front gate.” I nodded.

“Don’t fall for my brother.” She pouted.

“Eh? No of course.” I chuckled. “But you’re bro is quite handsome.”


“Haha….He is handsome, but that is not the reason I might fall for him though. Only you I love, Minami.” I smiled.

“Hai, go home go home. You make me wanna kiss you right now. Its dangerous if someone spot us.” She pushed me off.

“Okay. Bye~”

On the way to the bus station, I grabbed my bag and looked for my phone. I wanted to call my mother to help her buy something at market since I would pass it on the way home, but I couldn’t find it.

“It must be at Minami’s house.” I decided to go back and headed to Minami’s house. In front of her house, I tried to ring the door bell but nobody came out. The gate wasn’t locked though. She was out to combini I think so that she didn’t lock it. I stuck in the main door as it was locked.

“I think it’s okay I use it here.” I just needed to stare at the door and, ‘KLIK’ it was unlocked. I opened the door and headed to Minami’s house.

“Hm?” I stopped as I saw the door was almost close. I heard a voice coming from there and my heart raced. I stepped slowly and took a peek from where I stood. I was surprised as what I saw. Minami….there….with her brother. Naked. Hugging each other, kissing each other.

What the fuck?! What was she doing there? With….her brother?! I needed to go but my feet didn’t move. They were stuck. Damn it. When I stepped backward, my bag fall and it made a sound. The edge of Minami’s eyes were looking at me and she looked shocked seeing me standing there.

“Atsuko?” she said as I looked away and ran. “Atsuko!! Wait!!” I could hear she called my name but I didn’t bother to stop and I just kept running. I ran and ran, I didn’t care other saw me strangely since I was running while crying a lot.

“Minami….how could you do that to me? How could you…” I kept saying that while running. “Hidoi yo…” I kept running and running until I couldn’t continue and stopped at somewhere. I caught some breathes and looked up to the sky. My tears kept rolling down and it won’t stop. “Hik…Minami, you’re so cruel…hik…” I said in sob. I noticed that something fell from my pocket and I took a look at it. That was the intertwined start she gave me before. I took it and examined it. Something different. Yeah, it was separated. I bit my lower lip so that my tears will stop rolling down.

It is intertwined star. Nobody can separate them unless the owner got separated from his/her lover

“Minami…..” Couldn’t help but cry as I held that star tighter.

I skipped school, my phone was at Minami’s house so of course she couldn’t reach me. I felt relieved since she couldn’t look for me as she didn’t know where my house was. I told my mother to not tell anybody about me. I knew she was worried but I couldn’t tell her what’s wrong.  Glad that she understood.

Some days passed and I decided to go to school. Well, I left my bag at Minami’s house so I came to school without bringing anything. Who cares? I just only needed to sit in the class, listen to teacher, I could borrow some pens and papers to my classmates though.

I found out a piece of paper on my table and it said, “Meet me at laboratory.” I took it from my table and threw it to the bin. I knew that must be Minami. I looked around class but no signal of her. I bet she skipped class today.

Already 4 pm and I didn’t bother to meet her at lab as I kept going to the shoes locker. There, I saw my bag in front of my locker. I took it and looked inside, my phone was there, it was complete nothing lost. My heart was racing as I could feel her presence there. I immediately changed my shoes and headed back to avoid Minami once she showed up. I was late. She was there, blocking my way.

“I need to explain.”

“What can you explain?” I was pretty shocked I sounded so cold. “Nothing you can explain. Get off my way.”

“Atsuko please listen to me.” She held my hand so tight and I quickly swept it away. “Atsuko….I beg you.”

“Wrong. It is all wrong. I am such a fool. It is all wrong!! Get off!!” I tried to get away from her, but she stood there and blocked my way. After that she grabbed both of my hands and forcibly kissed me. I tried to fight her, to push her back but I failed. Minami was too strong. She pinned both of my hands and attached our body to the locker. She kept kissing me, pushing me so hard. I couldn’t move anymore since behind me was locker. I let out some tears and it made her to stop her kiss.

“I am sorry.” She said as looking down.

“What did you do with your brother last time? Why did you do that to me, Minami?” I said as I cried. She wiped my tears so gently but her mouth was locked, she couldn’t give any answer.

“I don’t know if I can explain it well to you, but something you need to know….I love you.”

“Don’t say a word ‘love’ that easy!” I shouted at her. “A person like you, don’t even know what love is! You are playing with it instead! You’re making joke of my feeling!”

“No. I am serious, I love you. Nobody else, but you. Trust me…”

“How could I trust you after what you have done to me? Let me go, please…” I begged her to let my hands free. She looked so sad though. Why she was the one who felt sad? It should be me, not her. She moved closer again and kissed me softly, no force, no rough, it was so smooth and so gentle. The kiss that I liked from her. The kiss that I really missed. I didn’t even have power to resist, to push her back, all I could do just to feel her kiss. I kissed her back after that and she tilted her head a bit and tried to have good spot to kiss me. I felt her hands on mine had loosen a bit, then slowly they moved around my waist and got wrapped around it. I also extended my arms and wrapped it around her neck. We continued kissing each other in passion, with love, and my heart couldn’t stop beating. Our kiss turned into deep one as she slip her tongue in and started a battle inside.

Some scenes passed in my mind, where Minami kissed her brother in passion. I realized it then I quickly pushed her.

“It couldn’t be happening.” I said.

“We love each other.” She added.

“You betrayed me. I couldn’t forgive you.”

She sighed, “Okay…” she pulled my hand and force me to follow her.

“What are you doing?! Let me off!”

“I won’t. This is for the last time.”

She dragged me to her house. She locked the door and she pushed me to the couch. I fell on it as she climbed on me.

“Please Atsuko. Love me for the last time.” She said as she kissed my hand.

“Last time?”

“I will move and transfer to new school. Away from you.” She added as she unbuttoned my uniform.

How could you do that? After hurting me, you go away? Leaving me with this feeling I had for you? How cruel you are! I can’t say those to her right away, why should I? I can’t clearly see that she loves me or not. She said she did, but what did she do with her brother then? That was unacceptable and unforgivable.

Now what am I doing here? For the last time? Is that okay for me? Is that really okay to let her go and leaving everything like this? Should I?

I felt something wet touched my chest. I looked up as I saw her crying. That was Minami’s tears. It was my first time seeing her crying like this, in this situation. Why did you cry? You shouldn’t be the one who felt sad, you seem not that have much burden on you, but why you cried? It was confusing.

She came closer to my ears and whispered something, “Atsuko…I love you so much.” Then she sucked my ear lobe her hand caressed my cheek. She planted some kisses on my cheek, chin, and my nose. Then it came to my lips and she sucked it.

That night we had spent before was like recalling again. I enjoyed every part of my body which was touched by her, we both enjoyed it. Moaning in pain, in joy, it just sounded so sweet, coz it loved that we made. At least this was for last time. I hoped I could manage to forget her later.

Brother, are you kidding?

No I am not. My life would end in some months. Doctors told me to stay at hospital for whole times after this.


Minami-chan…. (he hugs Minami) Can I hug you tonight?

What? Brother what are you saying? (Pushing her brother)

Ah… I am sorry Minami-chan. Please just forget about it. I should know it, you’re the only sister of mine. I shouldn’t do that…

(Minami keeps staring at her brother)

Okay. Let’s do it.


(Minami comes closer) You are brother whom I proud of. I admire you… (Minami smiles)

Minami-chan… (Her brother is crying as he hugs Minami)

I opened my eyes and woke up quickly. I felt my head hurt and I looked around. I was at Minami’s house. Seem like nobody was here. I think Minami has gone. Again, what image I got? Minami and her brother? Her brother was dying right now? What was that actually? Was that a dream? I held my head since it really hurt.

Your life wouldn’t stand long. Sorry we can’t help much (A doctor talks to Minami’s brother)

Thanks Doc for everything you did to me so that I could survive for some more times.

“Itai!” I shouted as the image disappeared. After blinking for some times, I realized that I could see past. That might be the time when her brother spoke to doctor. And the day I saw Minami and her brother. OMG, I am so stupid. Minami wasn’t wrong. She did that because he was her brother, Minami just only wanted to make her brother happy until the rest of his time. No love involved, only affection relationship between brother and sister.

I saw something on the table and I took it. It was the start which separated from mine. Minami kept it. I couldn’t help but cry whole time. Minami has gone, I didn’t even know anything where she might go. I still can’t control my power, I still don’t know how to see future and past. She also left her phone on the table. My feeling was complicated. I hated her because she didn’t tell me about it. I cried a lot to express my complicated feeling, I was angry, I was upset, I was sad, I was a fool, and I wanted to meet Minami so bad. I held the star so tight and I felt my body trembling. PATTS!

“Whoa!!” I fell on top of someone as I felt my back was in pain.

“Something wrong miss?” a driver asked from front as he couldn’t turn away coz he needed to concentrate.

“No-nothing sir. I am fine.” That figure said. “Atsuko, what are you doing here?!” she asked almost in shock, well fully shocked. Who wouldn’t be when someone suddenly fell from top? Thanks it was at night so nobody in bus except us at back.

“Minami, why you didn’t tell me earlier about your brother?”


“Your brother is dying right? Why you didn’t tell me?!”

“You know? How could you know?”

“I could see past.”

“You just did teleportation, didn’t you?”

“Maybe I did, I didn’t know. I held this…” I showed her the star.

“Ah, I brought yours…” Minami showed my star that she brought. “Btw, where is your skirt?!” she asked in shocked.

“Did you forget you put it off?”

“At least, you should put it on before doing teleportation!”

“It was all sudden. I didn’t have time for that.” She chuckled. “I can’t forgive you, Minami…”

“Well…” she looked down, “It’s okay if you can’t forgive me.”

“I can’t forgive you if you still want to go.” We were both in silent. “….take my hand, and lets go home. Together.” I smiled. She shed tears as she nodded and reached my hand. PATTS we travelled again.

We fell on top of Minami’s bed. She became my pillow this time.

“Gomen, Minami…” I wanted to wake up, but stopped by her.

“It’s okay. I give you chance to be on top…” she smirked.

“Ouh…I hope you won’t regret it, Minami.”

“Of course not. It must be fun. Shall we start?”

“As you wish…” I pressed my lip against hers and messed her hair up. “I love you, Minami…”

“I love you too, Atsuko…”

And at that night, we made another memorable and unforgettable night together.



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