[AtsuMina] Ti Amo

I searched my apartment’s key inside my bag and unlocked the door. I opened it as I put back the key and walked inside my apartment. I put my shoes off and headed to the living room. There was something catching my attention, I smelled something good came from kitchen. Great, I had not had anything since afternoon! She must be here!!


I ran to the kitchen and got someone was cooking. I formed a wide smile as I saw a figure was cutting something on cutting board with apron attached around her waist. The exhaustion I had felt like disappearing immediately after seeing her. I jumped to get near to her and hugged her from beside. I leaned my head on her small but firm shoulder.


“Ah, Atsuko okaeri…” she said. She didn’t even look away from the cutting board. Looking so serious cutting those vegetables.


“Ta~da~ima~~” I tighten my grip on her and kissed her neck. Not only the foods she cooked looked delicious but also herself. Her usual scent really could me felt convenience.


“I cook you something….” Still busy with her cutting board.


I smiled and moved to her back, and I hugged her from back. I put my head on her shoulder, shook my head on it, tighten my grip, and bite her lobe.


“Mou Atsuko, don’t do that…” she tried to move her head a bit. I chuckled.


“How do you know I haven’t had anything yet?”




“Hurmm…” and I just looked at what she was cutting there. I couldn’t stop smiling as I thought that she came and cooked for me. How could she know that actually I wanted to meet her? Almost whole time I used to go to work and didn’t have that much time to be with her alone. Today I was so lucky since my work finished early than I expected and yet I saw her now cooking me something in my kitchen. Who wouldn’t feel happy?


“Minami~~ I want a chuuu….” I formed ‘chuu’ on my lips. Crazy I hadn’t kissed her for a while.


“Eh? Now?” I nodded on her shoulder. “…can not Atsuko. Can’t you see I am still busy cooking you something here?”


“I want my kiss now. You can cook later!” I pouted and talked like a kid.


“Ehh??” she’s still moving her hands to cut this cut that.


“Mi~na~miiiii~~ Kiss!!” I tighten my grip around her waist and gave her a little tickle on it.


“Waha… stop it Atsuko.” She chuckled.


“Kiss me and I will stop.”


“Later after this, okay?”


“No!” I shook my head, “…I want it now! We haven’t met for a while and we didn’t kiss on that period. Minami~~~ I want my kiss….”


Minami gave up and finally she turned around. I showed my victorious smile to her when our eyes met. We looked at each other, felt each other breathe since there were almost no space between us. I know I was the one who asked for a kiss and it was actually really shameful since I couldn’t control my heart beat. It must not beat this hard, damn it. This small girlfriend in front of me couldn’t take my eyes off her. Like being attached to just see her.


She slowly moved her hand and caressed my cheek as her eyes looked at every part on my face. I felt her each fingers and enjoyed every touched of it. Her left hand had already been around my waist as her right one was around my neck and slowly pulled me closer. She pressed her lips on mine gently and we both closed our eyes at the same time. My heart still beat fast even faster as she started to give a movement in the kissing. She began to tilt her head and licked the upper part of my lips. Right after she sucked the lower one smoothly. I really liked it when she kissed me like that, and I placed both of my hands around her neck and started to kiss her back. As I could feel she made less movement, I thought to start for another one. I tilted my head and kissed her like what she did to me, I meant not in a rough way, but in smooth and gently one. I bite her upper lip as my tongue asked for an access inside. She began to part her mouth and I could slide it in. It made its own journey and had battle inside. The kiss was still not that rough since I liked it to be this smooth and romantic. Still battling inside, I moved my right hand to her stomach and started rubbing it. During that hot kissing, I could feel she chuckled and I just smiled. I kept pushing her back until her back touched the counter behind her. Since the eager to kiss her was too big, I kept pushing her until I could feel our lips became hot. Minami also kept replying my kiss and it was really seductive.


Finally I ended up our kissing and now we looked at each other. We were gasping for breath and smiled to each other.


“You hurt my back,”said Minami.


“Eh? Did I push you that hard? Sorry…”


“The food is cold. You better eat it soon.”


“You’re already my food.” I smirked.


“Come on, Atsuko. You will be sick and I won’t see you suffering from an ill.”


“Give me another round, Minami….” I smirked again and guessed Minami couldn’t say no and she just gave up and followed what I said.


I gave her another short kiss on her lips and moved down to her neck. I sucked it and left a mark on it. “You’re mine…” I murmured as kissed her exposed left shoulder.


“Nee Minami….” I leaned down on her shoulder, my mouth was right close to her ear.




“Live with me.”


“Eh? Why so sudden?”


“Just now I thought that it would be nice if we could live together. We could meet everyday since we live under the same roof.”


I could feel Minami moved her hands to give me a hug. “Are you that lonely? I am sorry….”


“Please move out and live together with me.”


“Sure, I will….” I know Minami wouldn’t disappoint me.


“Yey!” I tighten my hug and gave her a kiss on her cheek. “Can you imagine we can meet everyday, everytime? No such a time where I could miss you a lot. Whenever I miss you, you are already here and I kiss you!!” I smirked.


“Sounds so dangerous…”


“Or….we might be doing something more than this….” Another smirked.


“Chotto Atsuko…”


“No…no… you can’t say no now. You agreed to move here, and I won’t allow you change your mind or I’ll be mad.”


“Well…” said her.


“Okay. I will save those foods for later. I have another plan to do with you…..in my room.” I said as my fingers played with her hair.




“I know you want it as well… Mi~na~mi….” I showed her a smirk and again I gave her another kiss.


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