[AtsuMina] Things That Never Change – June 1st

“Otsukaresama!” hands’ clapping could be heard and echoed in the room. I got bouquet of flower and everyone showed their kind smile to me. I smiled back at them and I bowed as my gratitude as well.

“Looking forward to working with you again, Maeda san.” The director said that to me and I gave him my smile as I said, “Thank you, me too sir…”

All staffs went to have dinner together and we all were invited. Honestly I didn’t want to go, but I felt bad when I couldn’t join them for the last time, then I decided to go with them as well.

Today I just finished my new CM that would be aired in some days. I worked with various people and that was definitely exciting. Since I officially graduated from AKB48, I had not ever had a work together with the members. It’s been one and half year since that day.

Arriving at big restaurant we all looked for seats and found wide round table not far from the entrance. I sat beside my manager and we started ordering foods.

Somehow it reminded me when there was a time I and some AKB members went out for dinner together like this. Telling jokes until getting to the serious topics. I felt my heart ache whenever I remembered that time. I think that was because we felt like family and now we didn’t even meet each other. Deep in my heart I missed them, especially her. The last time we met was after Tokyo Dome concert when I freshly graduated from AKB. There were still few jobs I had and both of us still can meet everytime. Now, we didn’t have that free time anymore. Our schedule was sure different, it was tiring though. More tiring than I was in AKB48. CM, magazine shoots, radio, dramas, movies, moreover I had to go overseas for working with people there, and those were unstoppable.

I missed my time where I could dance and sing in front of many people. I got encouraged by fans through my blog though and I was so happy that I was still being supported by them. Some of them wrote they missed my performance. Somehow I felt like performing in front of them once more right away after reading that comments.

I searched my phone in my bag and unlocked the key pad then I wished there would be one mail coming from her, but nothing. I sighed. I think it was my fault back then. I promised her to text everytime, reported my condition to her everytime I could. She asked me to do that since she felt worried about me and afraid that we couldn’t meet that often anymore.

I was so busy and I forgot to text her and she was always the one who texted me first. It didn’t stand for long because whenever she texted me, I was super tired after working and I ended our conversation immediately. That happened in a week and then nothing coming from her since that day.

I wanted to text her but I was too afraid that I might not get any replies. Maybe I was wrong to think like that right? Feeling to meet her instead of texting her now. I looked at my manager and asked her about something,

“Do I get free time tomorrow?”


“Wait, let me see.” She opened her note and started reading it. “Ups, sorry Acchan. You have some jobs tomorrow from morning until evening.”


I looked away and pouted. Why it was so hard to get a minute of free time?


“You want some free times?” she asked me and I nodded right away. “Well, I tried to help. Maybe next week.”


“What? Next week? Could you make it for tomorrow?” I begged her and I really wished that she could help me this time. Tomorrow is Team A’s stage performance and I thought that was the right time I came and met her.


“Tomorrow? I am afraid I can’t Acchan. You have important jobs tomorrow. Why it must be tomorrow?” she asked me.


I doubted at first, should I tell her?


“Wanna go to theater tomorrow?” looked like she could guess what it was in my mind.


“How could you know?”


“AKB is national idol and got many fans. How could I not know the schedule of theater performance?” she smirked.


Well, I didn’t need her smirk, I really need her help this time. Just let me go tomorrow, I begged you.


“I know that you wanna meet Takamina tomorrow.” I looked at her immediately when she said her name. “It’s been a year since your last time meeting her.”


“So, can you help me?”


“I really want to help, but tomorrow is really important for you. Your dream to become an actress is closer.”


Ugh… Now I felt like throwing myself off from cliff. I guess I should wait until next week for her to help me.


I went to my apartment and throw myself on the bed. This day was so fast and I couldn’t believe that I worked in whole day today. Home at 22.00 and tomorrow morning got another job. No need to complain, I must enjoy this.


I woke up late. HOW COME MY MANAGER DIDN’T CALL ME THIS MORNING?! Didn’t she just say that today was very important for me? Arrghhh… I ran to bathroom, took shower crazily, brushed my teeth and I guessed I couldn’t have my super breakfast today. When I met her, I would kill her for sure.

I took my phone from table and just saw a message notification on it. I opened it and it was coming from my manager.

“Good morning Acchan. Today you didn’t need go to work, they CHANGED THE SCHEDULE!” I shouted when I read the last part of the message. “You will be free today. Have a good day.” I jumped many times in joy. “You’re the best!!!” I shouted to my phone, wishing she could hear my voice.

I went to my dinner room and had my super breakfast slowly and enjoy each bite of it. Starting to think what I should say when I meet her?


Doki-doki suru…. I couldn’t believe I was back to this building. Full of my memory when I was in AKB48 as a part of Team A and AKB’s ace. There were some bad and happy moment that we could take lessons from. Teaching us to be more mature and understanding many things. I put my cap on and glasses and I guess nobody recognize me. Got helped by Togachan to let me in and watched the performance, but I told him not to tell other members that I came.

There were special place for members’ family and ex members to sit. I walked there and as usual the theater was filled with many fans. How nostalgic.

The overture played and I was getting more excited. Finally the music on and they brought new stage songs, A7. I had not listened to it yet but it sounded so good. I enjoyed the songs. Moreover I could see her clearly from my spot and as usual she was full with energy when performed.  As expected from AKB’s leader. I could see a member who replaced my position, I guessed she came from KKS whichever gen. Well, a little bit sad but I felt happy for her. Sorry I was late but welcome to Team A.

We got to MC part and there was a time where I could look around. I saw a girl not far from my seat looking straight to the stage. I guessed I knew the gesture, but I could hardly to recognize her. The cap, jacket which tried to cover her body made me hard to see her clearly. She might be one of AKB’s members who came to watch A7. That girl smiled when Minami pulled out her fail joke during MC and I knew that smile.


“Tomochin?!” I whispered to her and that girl looked at me.




I showed my smile to her since Tomochin is my best friend in AKB as well.


We held each other hands.


“Genki?” she asked me.


“Genki dayou Tomochin!”


“It’s been a while right, Acchan…”


“Un. I am happy I could meet you here….”


“Me too…”


“Members don’t change.” I said as I looked back to the stage.


“Yeah. You have not come to the theater since that day though. You even made her worry…”


“Eh?” Somehow smile on Tomochin’s lip disappear. That sexy lip of her showed a fear instead.


Tomochin looked at me. “I know your relationship with Takamina is that strong or it might be more than just a friend should be, but I….”Tomochin looked doubtful at first. I didn’t understand why I could guess what words would go out from her lips and I didn’t want to hear that. My heart beat so fast waiting for her to continue her sentences. “…Acchan. I also like her.”

See? My guess was right. I knew that she would say that. I kept looking at her without any significant expression. I lost my words, I lost everything that I wanted to say. She liked the same person as I do. Moreover she is Tomochin, my best friend in AKB48. I wanted to look away but her eyes won’t let me to do so. She was like searching something through my eyes and kept staring at me.


“Ee?” damn, that was all I could say after what she said? “Tomochin what are you…”


“I think you heard it clearly Acchan. I also like her.”


“Tomochin….” I couldn’t blink, couldn’t take breathe like normal I did. Everything she said like stopping the time right away and the team that was performing in front us wasn’t that interesting anymore.

Tomochin looked at both of her hands which moved randomly and linked to each other on her lap. She wanted to say something but she looked doubt a bit.


“I want to be honest in front of you now.” Then she turned to look at me. I couldn’t say anything and I didn’t want to hear anything from her right now. I wanted to run, but the chair liked glued my butt and I couldn’t go anywhere.


“I always like her. From the very beginning.” DEG. Something like shooting my heart right now. Don’t know what to say either.  “After getting transferred to Team K, you didn’t know how much I got tear on my eyes. Everyone might get it as well, but my tears were different to them. Being separated by someone you really love, how’d you feel?”

She had already had that feeling toward Minami from long time ago and really suffering much because of it. Damn, my mouth was locked.


“I don’t know your graduation really hurt her so much.” I looked at her sharply.


“What are you talking about? Minami was crying only when I announced my graduation. She was fine after.”


“Oh….” Tomochin then back to looked at both of her hands. “I think because you’re so important. Too important and she didn’t want to show what she really felt about your graduation.”

Now what? What did I not know? It was just too sudden and I couldn’t take it all at once. I really need to talk to Minami. “Maybe you don’t know that Takamina really care and it is different when it’s all about you, and I think she loves you so that only you who is seen on her eyes.”

Please stop it. You will make me feel more guilty.


“You never called her after that day, she suffered so much from it. I as someone who really love her couldn’t see her crying everytime. That was when the first time I hated you Acchan because you made the most important person in my life felt so broken. I tried to comfort her, tried to make her forget about you, and I think I did it. Now we are together and I am so happy. No, we are happy.”


Am I that sinful to Minami? Am I?


“Now you’re here, I don’t know what your intention is, I try to think positive because I couldn’t see you have the same feeling as Takamina does. But honestly….I am afraid that you’re here.” She back stared at me seriously. I think Tomochin really love Minami and yeah…much than I do. Maybe she can’t see that I do love Minami too. But that feeling couldn’t be showed everytime. Love can’t be said that easily, that is what I always think.

I know I must not be here and I should just go to work. Now I am really confused. The person in front of me liked asking me to leave and moreover she loved the same person as I do. What should I do?


The performance had finished and fans started leaving the venue. We didn’t talk after that conversation and Tomochin just walked straightly to the back stage without saying anything to me. I still sat on the chair kept thinking what I should do. I didn’t pay much attention to the performance since I kept thinking about our complicated feeling. Minami and I had the same feeling but I think we are too afraid to say it out. We’re afraid that might change the bond between us. I don’t want to lose her as one of my best friend, but I want her to know that my feeling to her is more than a friend. Should I meet her?

I have decided, I think I should leave. When I stood up, someone greeted me.


“Acchan!” I turned and I found a staff behind me. I think he was one of staff who was responsible to prepare light spot. I saw his name tag, ‘Yamanaka Ryouji’

“You came!” he looked super happy. I just smiled to him.


“I think nobody recognize me like this.” I chuckled.


“Maybe other didn’t, but I always recognize you.” He smiled. “How are you? How’s your work?” he asked.


“Good. My work won’t let me to breathe. Haha…”


“Yeah you’re top actress right now. You must be super busy. You always update your blog with foods. As usual….” he laughed.


“You always read my blog? Wow…”


“Eh? I think you know that I was your oshi back then….”


“Really? Waa thank you!” I bowed.


“Haha… Now seeing you so hard to achieve your dream, I feel happy. I think your fans would feel the same. Good luck Acchan.”


“Thanks, Yamanaka-san.”


“Please just Ryouji.” He winked.


“Okay.” After that short conversation, he excused himself coz there were a lot of work to be finished. Then Togachan found me and dragged me to the back stage.


I could hear their laughing, their busy chat through this wall which separated me and them. I didn’t know should I go in or not. Togachan left me here coz he had something to do. Damn that old guy. He dragged me here and left me. I heard voice got closer and closer then I saw Nyan in front of me.


“Wa!! Acchan!!” she hugged me. After pulling away, she dragged me in. Now I am dead.

“Guys, guess who is here!!” she showed me in front of members and all started surrounding me. Hugging me, asking me everything.

“Where have you been? You never come to AKB’s event too.” Mariko said.

“I am sorry Mariko, I was busy…”

“Unforgivable! Joking. But today you came, I am happy.” She smiled.


The corner of my eyes I looked for her. I saw her standing there with Tomochin. She looked away and looked uncomfortable. Tomochin held her hand so tight and looked straightly to me. Oh god, I know I must not be here.

“Hoe captain! You haven’t said anything yet to her!” Mariko shouted at Minami and made her to look at me.

“Oh, eh ..okay…” she laughed clumsily. She walked to me slowly and now she is in front of me. I couldn’t say anything and couldn’t look at her. Tomochin was standing there worriedly. Tomochin’s eyes back then told me not to meet Minami and asked me to leave soon. I didn’t want to, but my fault I stood there, talked to staff then Togachan dragged me here.

Minami smiled to me and I couldn’t help but smile back to her.


“Nice to meet you again…” she said.


“Me too…” I replied with an awkward voice. Now both of us looked so awkward. When I was still in AKB, we looked so close to each other. We were told being lovey dovey to each other, but now there was something that separated us and she looked like didn’t want to meet me anymore. Maybe because I hurt her so much and she had Tomochin with her now. Coming to theater really bad choice.

Then the situation went silent. I knew I should go back home now.

“Okay guys, have works to do. See you later, ah what a great performance.” I waved at them and immediately got disappeared from there. I ran farther from the change room and felt so sad. My tears dropped and I cried there all alone. My heart ached so much since the person I really wanted to meet and to talk to didn’t expect me there. What should I do with my feeling?

I felt hand tapped on my shoulder. Quickly I wiped my tears away and turned around.

“Acchan…” called the person who tapped my shoulder.


“What happened to you two? Ne, Takamina?” Mariko asked Minami who stood there and not moving anywhere when I left the room. She didn’t answer and kept lowering her head.


“You guys have fight?” Still no answer. “It’s really ridiculous. Acchan came after more than a year and that was all you got to say to her?!” Mariko sama came and shook Minami’s body. “I know there are a lot of things you wanna say to her!”


“Mariko mou yamete!” Tomochin interrupted and separated Minami and Mariko. Mariko looked at Tomochin sharply.


“What are you doing!” Mariko half shouted at Tomochin.


“Stop it Mariko! You would hurt her!” said Tomochin.


“If I didn’t do that, she would be more hurt, right?” Tomochin stayed silent. “Why you did that Tomochin? You knew it right? We all knew here how deep their bond is and what you tried to do just now was trying to separate them!!”

Tomochin tighten her grip and answered firmly, “Is it selfishness? I know Takamina suffered all these times and where is Acchan? Acchan didn’t even care and she left her alone. I understand what Takamina feels and I couldn’t stand it when I saw her being sad because I cared about her! When she felt better then Acchan suddenly appeared, didn’t you understand how she felt right now?” Tomochin answered with half shouted to Mariko. She even got tears on both of her eyes. Mariko’s mouth was also sealed by any reasons. She thought Tomochin might be right but she was just not sure should she speak now or not.

Suddenly Minami left the room, left all the confused members. Tomochin lower her head and crying in a silent.


“Acchan…” called the person who tapped my shoulder.




“Why are you crying?” he asked and gently wiped the rest of my tears.


“Ah…it’s nothing. Hehe…” I tried to smile in front of him.


He kept looking at me and didn’t even bother to look away. Suddenly he hugged me and stroked my hair. I was so surprised by his sudden action. “Ryo…Ryouji?”

“Acchan…I can lend my shoulder to you. When you felt sad, just come to me. I will be your place to throw out all your feelings. I don’t mind I will be your dump. I would listen to everything you say to me.” Such warm words came from his mouth. I felt safe, I felt comfortable in his embrace. I closed both my eyes and made myself calmed a bit in his embrace.

“Acchan…..suki da.” He said.

Not far, there were a couple of eyes watching over us. It looked so sad, it looked so hurt. The figure disappeared desperately with heavy feeling in the heart. She tried to calm herself a bit and looked for a place to be alone.

“Takamina…” familiar voice got her attention. The figure who called her name looked extremely worried noticing tears on her eyes. Immediately this figure ran to Minami and hugged the person in front of her tightly.


Quickly I pushed him away. “What are you saying?”

“Isn’t it clear, Acchan? I love you. Not as my oshi, but as a girl. I love you, Acchan.”

My head was spinning. What just happened? Why did it all happen? I am so confused.

“I know it’s so sudden, but I have this feeling long time before, when the first time I was hired as a staff here. I love when you stood on the stage, dancing and singing, you were shining and I couldn’t stop looking at you. I realized it was love. I am your fan and a man who loves you.” He smiled at me. I didn’t know how to answer, I was lost somewhere and it was all really complicated. “I couldn’t get close to you while you were still in AKB, but now I guessed I should tell you about my feeling since you had been graduating from AKB and no rule anymore. I really hope you could accept me.” He extended his hands and held both of my hands.

“I won’t make you cry, I will protect you, I will be your knight. Always there for you.” Slowly he touched my chin and lifted my face up so that we could see each other. I couldn’t tell that he was lying. All I could see through his eyes were honesty and purity. Such a warm looking came from a guy I just knew, funny. In a second he leaned down and tried to capture my lips. I couldn’t move, and I just realized one of his hands just moved to my hip and held it tight. One centimeter more until he stole my kiss and I was still confused what just happened just now.

“Stop.” Finally I decided the right things to do. I placed my hand on his lips and prevent him from kissing me.

“Why? Don’t you want it?” he said.

“No. You were wrong. I didn’t even want it.” He moved my hand from his lips.

“I know Acchan, you want it. Let me do it for you.” Again he leaned down and tried to kiss me and I pushed him away.

“I said no! Please….” I cried again and covered my face with my hands.

“Why? Am I not good for you?”

I shook my head.

“Do you still think about Takahashi? Is she really important for you?” Did he know about my feeling to Minami? “Acchan, I am better than her. I am a man, and of course I can protect you. What Takahashi can do for you? Nothing.”

“Stop! Do not say anything about Minami! You don’t know her!”

“You can’t love a girl!”

“Yes! I love her! I really love her so much, am I wrong? Tell me, am I wrong?!” I shouted at him. I didn’t care how much tears I got now on my eyes but I felt my burden got lift from my shoulder and it felt good.

“But I know, I am not good for her. She has already got someone better than me and I must be happy for her. Leave me alone!” I ran away and left Ryouji there. Omg what just happened today?

I tried to look for a place where I could spend my time alone and think about everything. But again, there was a scene that I really didn’t want to see. Minami and Tomochin spent time together in a hallway and they shared a kiss. I was frozen and I know must not that shock, it was normal when a couple shared a kiss. But….honestly my heart hurt so much. They did it in front of me and moreover Minami seemed enjoying it. I understand the care she showed me before was only a normal thing, not more. She said she worried about me, that was also nothing than just a best friend should feel. What a shame. I think she loved me all these times but the fact was she only looked me as her friend not more. Yet I blamed myself because I didn’t send any messages for her. I should know why she stopped sending one. That must be because she had already had Tomochin by her side. What a fool. I am such a fool. Looking so stupid by coming to see her performance rather than go to work, really an idiot.


Some weeks had passed and I didn’t even get any news from them, I meant Tomochin and Minami. I really wanted to forget all of things, but I guessed these all weeks seemed can’t help me. I think by working all times would help me to forget everything. Left morning, back at midnite and that was my routine. I had done it these weeks. My manager gave me free schedule for me to get rest but I declined. I asked her to look for other jobs whenever I was free, why? Because only that can help me to forget everything. I must focus.

“Acchan, are you okay? You look so pale.” She said when I put my next uniforms for photo shooting. I looked at her and tried to smile.

“I am okay. Don’t worry.” I started to put it on and I felt my body got unbalanced and caused me to lose control of my body. Luckily, there is chair so that I can hold on it.

“Acchan!!!” quickly she helped me to stand. “Don’t force yourself!”

“I am okay. I think I just need to sit for a while.” She helped me to sit on the chair. I felt my body got heated up, my head was dizzy, my sight was blurry.

“Let’s go home. I will ask for permission. You don’t look okay to me.”

“No I am alright…” I said as I felt my head got heavier and heavier. “Ukh…” I whimpered in pain.

“See? Okay, I won’t listen to you. You are the one who should listen to me Acchan. We are going home now.” She helped me to stand and embraced me, helped me to walk.


“Sorry I caused you a lot of troubles.” I said to my manager. She helped me laying on bed and covered my body with blanket.

“No problem. Here is your medicine. You had already drunk one, and another had to be drunk in the evening. I have to finish something. Once I am done, I will come here.”

I nodded as a reply for her long explanation. After drinking the medicine, my eyes got heavy and I decided to sleep for a while, I guess.

Once I opened my eyes after short sleep maybe, I could see someone sat there and was looking at me. I couldn’t see it clearly since my sight was still a bit blurry.

“Baka onna…” the figure said. I know its voice.


“You shouldn’t speak a lot. Just rest.”

“Why are you here? And how?”

“Do you forget you gave me spare? I am here coz I heard you were sick.”


“Your manager…”

Now I can see her clearly. And it means I spent many weeks only for working was just a waste. That feeling was easily arising again from bottom of my heart which I tried to bury it deep inside. I realized it was not easy to forget about her and this feeling I felt for her was so strong and big, it couldn’t even be erased easily. Also my ache arose as well. The moment between her and Tomochin had, got popped up again in my mind.

“Go home…” I told her.

“Why? Couldn’t I be here?”

“Tomochin must be worried. Go home.”

“It has nothing to do with her.”

“Of course! She is your girlfriend!” I shouted at her and I succeed to seal her mouth up. She didn’t give any response, she just looked away. Her eyes looked confused.

I knew I must not shout at this condition, my head in pain suddenly.

“Ugh…” I whimpered and it attracted her attention.

“Atsuko are you alright?” she sounded so worry. She even held my hands, maybe to help me to feel better.

“Stop it Minami. Don’t pretend you care about me.” I moved both of her hands from mine.

“Who said I don’t care? I care!” she half shouted to me. But I ignored it. “Have you seen doctor? You look so pale.”

“I am okay. Just go home, Minami.”

“I won’t! I want to stay here with you! What’s wrong with that?”

“PLEASE!” I shouted at her and she stopped her sentence. “Please….” I said in sobbing. My tears dropped from both of my eyes. My heart hurt, my head was spinning, my mind got full by you. I didn’t know anymore how to stop this feeling. “….please, Minami. I beg you…” the tears kept falling unstoppable. Minami extended her hands and wiped the tears I had on my eyes then she hugged me.

“I love you, Atsuko..” the time liked stopping around me. Did I hear it right? Did she just say she loved me? Everything was still unclear for me, I needed her to repeat it again, just to make sure my ears still work properly. All I knew, the hug was real.

“Don’t ask me to leave you. You hurt me when you asked me to, moreover you are in this condition. You think I can leave you alone?”

“Mi….nami…you….” I still couldn’t arrange any words, I was still shocked. She then released her hug and looked at me. She placed her hand on my cheek and smiled. It looked so sincere and full of affection. My heart was rumbling around. I closed my eyes and felt her affection through her hand. My hand suddenly moved by itself and I put it on her hand which touched my cheek. The tears fell once more and my head got heated up by my unstoppable feeling I had for her.

“….Minami I missed you.” I said. At that time I forgot about Tomochin existence, was it selfishness? Minami came closer and kissed my forehead. It felt comfortable. My heart was racing, her touching as expected was different to Ryouji. Of course, why I should compare Minami to him? It was surely different. I didn’t love Ryouji, but I loved Minami. From these points, of course everything Minami did to me, I could feel more comfortable.

I opened my eyes and I could see her in very close distance. Like 3 centimeters away. To see her this close, my heart beat up. DEG…DEG….DEG. I felt like it could be heard by her and echoed in my room. Without doubt, Minami continued leaning down again, trying to catch those below my nose. I knew she must be targeting it but this was too much and I was not sure we could do it right now.

“Hmm….” I mumbled. I guessed it made her to stop.

“What?” she asked.

“It was just….I just felt it’s not right.”

“What is not right?”

“You have Tomochin….”

“Well….I will tell her that I still love you, and you also do.”


“I see it clearly through your eyes.” She smiled. “…or I am wrong, since you had that guy with you.”

“That guy?”

“The guy worked at theater, the staff.”

“Did you see us?”

“Hm…” she rolled her eyes.

“Minami, you misunderstood it. We didn’t do anything.”

“Hugging each other could be said didn’t do anything?”

“Y…yeah. You even kissed Tomochin before my eyes.”

“I was lost at that time after seeing you with that guy. I didn’t even know what I did. To tell you the truth, that was the first time I kissed her.”

I tried to get up and Minami helped me to do so. “Ne…what do you feel about her?”

“Tomochin is my best friend. I just….felt sinful since you was busy, she always be there for me, to cheer me up. Until one day she confessed to me and I couldn’t say no. She was too nice to be rejected.”

“Wasn’t it more sinful when you accepted her but you didn’t have any feeling for her? She would be sad when she knew the truth.”

“Yeah I know. I just thought I could forget you when I was with her, but everyday I always think about you. That’s why, I would tell her later that I still have feeling for you.”

We kept staring to each other. She held my hands so tight and her smile showed me her affection and it felt so comfortable.

“When you are going to tell her, I will accompany you.” She smiled and nodded.

Minami wrapped her hand around my neck and pulled me closer. She sealed my lips with hers and it felt so great. I closed my eyes and tried to feel the kiss we shared. The kiss felt so long until I really needed to stop it because I need to breathe.

“Promise me after this, you won’t work too over. You must take care of your health. If not, I would give you punishment.” She smirked.

“Un…” I nodded.

“Hm…. I think it would be better if you just lied down, since you are still sick.”

“Hm?” I tilted my head didn’t understand what she meant but suddenly she kissed me again and pushed me slowly to bed. We shared a deep kiss after, she did it so gentle and every touch of her felt so warm. I placed my hands around her and kissed her back. I still feel my head hurt and dizzy, but it felt less pain since the kiss felt so great. I think I needed it more than medicine.

After I recovered we went to tell everything to Tomochin. She just smiled and looked like she knew we would come to see her and tell her everything. She just said, “It’s okay.” Then keep smiling to us. However I felt guilty toward her. Minami kept convincing me that it wasn’t my fault. It was about feeling and it was unpredictable.

We went to my apartment and there we shared another kiss. Minami kissed me so often. I wonder if she really wanted to touch and kiss me that badly.

“Mou, could you stop kissing me that often?” I pouted.

“You don’t like it?”

“No. I hate it because I couldn’t stop as well.”

“Huh?” Minami went confused, me confused as well. “….your lips seduced me, that’s why I can’t stop kissing you.” She smirked.

I laughed and showed her my wrinkle I got on my nose whenever I laughed and smiled.

“See? You just told me to kiss you again…” another kissing by her. I couldn’t help but replied it each kiss she did to me.

After that day, we often spent time together since Minami is officially my girlfriend or boyfriend, okay whatever. She sometime took me to my workplace and if she had free time, she would wait for me until I finished and went back home.

“I love you, Minami..” I said when our lips were busy battling. I could feel her smile on my lips. I guessed, tonight would be another long night for us.




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