[AtsuMina] Untitled May 10th

Last night felt so long. I felt like didn’t want to go sleep and left the most beautiful night I had with you. The morning sun shone through the window and forced me to wake up. Lazily I rubbed my eyes and waited until my sight was clear enough to start searching around.


The first I saw was you. Oh, you had woken up. So early. You sat there, backing me and not notice that I was ready to attack you from behind. Somehow I didn’t feel that lazy anymore since I thought that we might do what we did last night this morning. I caught your hip and landed my head on your shoulder. The position was I hugged you from back. I could feel you surprised for what I did suddenly. But I enjoyed it.


“Waa~ Atsuko.” You looked at me and great I could feel your breathe.


“Good morning…” I said.


“Still early and you’ve already woken up….So rare.” She held my hands and leaned her head against mine.


“Already missed you…” I started moving as I kissed your neck and bite it.


“It’s still morning…” you whispered and didn’t even try to stop me.


I ignored you and kept moving my hands. I bite your ear and kissed the closest part from your ear. I started sucking your neck as my hands couldn’t stop moving around.


“At….Atsuko….” you stuttered and didn’t even try to stop me. I guessed you enjoyed it but tried to act you didn’t. Nice Minami. You couldn’t lie to me that you also enjoyed it.


“What?” I said in the middle and I was still busy kissing her. I reached her cheeks and suddenly her voice stopped me.


“Please not there….”


“Why? You didn’t want me to do it from your back? Okay, you can turn your body now. Let’s do it face to face…” After saying that I could see her cheeks became pink. I really loved teasing her.


“I….I didn’t say that…Ukh…” you closed your eyes. Funny. Last night we even did more than what we did just now. I admitted it was hard to make you did it last night. I was so greedy since I wanted to experience it again today to feel your body’s temperature, your touch, your kiss once again.


“Don’t you want me today as well, Minami?” I whispered into her ear. I hugged her tight from back and leaned my head on the shoulder like first.


“You….you just woke up, you didn’t even dress yet.” You got blushed again.


“Hey, at least I am not naked.”  I’ve had my bra on me, still.


“I am not used to see you like this.”


“Well… We even wore bikini in some of our pvs right?” I poked her cheeks.


“No, I mean… In this situation. Just….just the two of us. Here in a room, on the bed. And…” you stop in the middle. Ugh, I really hate it when you cut your sentence and didn’t even wish to finish it.


“And….?” I had to force her to finish her sentence. If not, I would attack her more than I did in the beginning.


“…….and I couldn’t stand with your sexy body, Atsuko…” finally you finished your sentence and it was so unexpected. I couldn’t believe you could say that to me. My heart went doki2 now. “….sorry Atsuko, I didn’t mean to….”


“So cute… I feel want to eat you now. You started it all…” I kissed her cheek and hugged her much tighter.


“Ats….” hadn’t even finished your sentence yet my hand already sealed your mouth up. Slowly I turned your body and now we were facing each other.


“Don’t say anything…” I pulled you down and I was on top.


Oh damn it. My heart couldn’t stop beating. Last night I felt okay though. Okay, calm down Atsuko.


I started moving my hand to your hair. Ah, you’ve got new hair cut. You looked freakin hot. Seriously…. I smelled your hair and straightly looking at the defenseless you.


I kissed your forehead and got down to your nose. Still no response from you, little bit boring because I want you to response me back. I touched your lips and slowly leaned down to kiss the small lips of yours. Both of us closed our eyes and felt how deep our kiss was.


Somehow I felt lonely. The day when I left AKB felt closer everytime. I was afraid I couldn’t live without you even for a sec. Because you were always there whenever I needed you. Too hurt and I let out tears. It fell on your cheek.


“Ah, sorry…” We stopped the kiss and I wiped it away.


“Hey, what’s wrong?” you looked closely to me, onto my eyes. Trying to search for an answer.


“Ah…nothing.” I tried to smile but failed. You moved your hand and wiped my tears away.


“You better tell me what happens. You make me worried.”


“Nothing, Minami. It was just…just something on my eyes. Hehe…” lied again. I really didn’t want to cry in front of you. Now I felt guilty since I made you worry.


Suddenly you hugged me, leaned me down to feel your body.


“Please tell me, Atsuko. It really hurts me when I see you like this.”


Can’t help and I cried as well. I hugged you back and cried under your embrace. We were together last night, but why I still felt I really missed you. Already missed you so much. I tried to tell myself, we still can meet, nothing change but I didn’t understand it didn’t help much. I realized that I really love this person.


“Just promise me you won’t leave me….”


“Of course I won’t. Is that distracting you now then you cry?”


I nodded.


You separated the hug and looked at me seriously. “Why did you think like that? What we did last night wasn’t enough for you?”


I kept silent.


“It told everything. It told that how much I love you, Atsuko. Now you think I will leave you?”


“It’s not like that Minami. I never think like that. I know you love me so much, as much as I do to you. Trust me, it is not like that.”


“So what?  You asked me to not leave you.”


Why I couldn’t say that? Why I couldn’t say that my life would be hard if you are not around? I just didn’t want to be a burden for you. Now you thought that I doubted you already though I didn’t mean like that.


I just closed my eyes and bit my lips. Holding my tears to not fall. I was confused how to express my feeling. Coz probably you would hate me.


Suddenly something warm touched my lips. Surprised you kissed me right away. You wrapped your hands around my neck and started to pull me closer. You sucked my upper lip and didn’t want to let it go. There was no time for me to feel surprised, I just could follow you and felt the sensation together.


Once I pulled myself from the kiss, you would capture my lips with yours and look for another kiss. Seriously there was no time for me to breathe. You moved your mouth and started to travel around my neck. You licked it and kissed. Starting to bite it and sucked it.


Were you angry? Were you mad at me, Minami?


I couldn’t do anything, I let you did what you liked toward me. I am sorry for my previous words. To tell you the truth, I didn’t mean it. I didn’t doubt you at all, really I didn’t. Last you kissed me short on lips and came to look at me again.


“Did I offend you, Atsuko?”


I shook my head.


“I am sorry…” you started cherishing my cheeks. “I shouldn’t say that to you. I know you feel uneasy about something. I hurt you instead, sorry.”


“No, it’s me. I couldn’t be honest to you. That is why we always end up fighting and misunderstanding.”


“Can we stop blaming ourselves? Haha…”


“Haha…you are right.” I smiled. Crazy. You could even make me laugh at this kind of situation.


“I don’t know what makes you uneasy, but trust me. I will be there for you. Always.”


“When we are together, that would be the happiest time for me. Nothing else.”


“Same here, so…could you please stop crying?”


I nodded and then smiled.


Not long, you rolled over and now you topped.


“I guess, it’s time to take some revenges.” You smirked. Hey, where is the tsundere Minami? Gone already? Well, it doesn’t matter. I am ready for the next level though.


“Even in the morning, you still look gorgeous.” You started seducing me around. So naughty. I only have my bra with me, so pervy. But I love the way you are. You sound funny when you were charming on me.


You leaned down and again you caught my lips with yours and started the deep kiss like we did last night. As usual, you were doing it great and honestly, I learned from you. Unbelievable right? But that was the fact. Your hands started travelling around to my exposed skin and stopped at my hand. You held it tight while you kissed me unstop. You forcibly open my mouth with your tongue and force to slip it in.  Inside we had another fight and I didn’t want to lose from you for many times. Actually I never won against you. Weird. Minami always acted like innocent girl but in fact she was really good at something like this. I was shocked at first, but got used to it. I liked it when she treated  me so nice, treasured me, and loved me so much. It was not a mistake when I fell for a the AKB’s leader this much. Never regret it to be in love with you.


“Atsuko…” you called my name while kissing me roughly. You bit my ear and made me let a small moan out. You then started another move to make me moan. You were like crazy on my voice. This morning, I would let you to do whatever you liked to me. Make me yours, Minami.


“After this, let’s continue in the bathroom. We sweated so much last night…” I smirked to you. You back to look at me after kissing all over my body.


“So…you wanna take a bath together?”


“Sounds great. Would you mind?”


“Not at all. Can’t wait…”Another smirks came from your mouth… “….but wait until I finish with this one~~” you smiled and then another French kiss was started by you. Perhaps it would continue until evening. Our lovey dovey moment. So much love between us and I am so happy I have you beside me. Thanks a lot.


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