[AtsuMina] Just Like The First Time

Just Like The First Time


I hurriedly went to akip’s office since this morning he called me and asked me to go to his office because he got something to say.

“That old guy, what will he say at this time? Woke me up and asked me to be in his office before 9?!” I kept running and ignoring everything around me. Once I looked at my watch and it would be 9 soon. I had to be hurry!

“Gomen I am late!” I opened the door and surprised as so many eyes were looking at me. So, it was not only me who got phoned by akip right? I saw Minami, Yuko, Nyan Nyan, Mariko, Yukirin, Mayuyu, Tomochin and Sasshi here.

“Ah, Acchan. You are right on time. Have a seat.” Akip called me out from his chair. I nodded and walked slowly to the chair and sat beside Minami.

“What did he want to say?” I whispered to Minami.

“I don’t have any idea. I just arrived though.” I nodded and looked at Akip.

“Well, I guess everyone is already here.” Akip said.

“Everyone? It is just 9 of us here.” Yuko said.

“Yes. It is just who got my phone call this morning.”

Now everyone felt nervous. What Akip wanted to say, nobody knows. I could feel my heart beat so hard, wondering what Akip next crazy plan is. I bit my lower lips to reduce my nervous, but it couldn’t help. Then she held my hand so tight… Minami really understood what I felt. I smiled as I saw her and I back holding her hand.

“I know you all have done really great things during these times. You all tried your best in band, concert in Jakarta, and also event in Tokyo. And I think I should just have to give some rewards for you.”

Siiing…. Still quiet. No body understands what actually rewards is in this case.

“Why you all look so nervous?” Akip frowned. Then all went chuckles nervously. “Well….” Akip took something inside his drawer and put it on the table. All eyes were on it.

What are those envelopes?!

“Resignation letter?” Yuko’s eyes went wider when she saw all those envelopes. “But I still want to be in AKB48.” She said. Nyan Nyan tried to calm her down.

“Huh? Resignation letter? What a scary word!”Akip chuckled. “It’s not resignation letters. This is….” Akip opened one of the envelopes and showed us a piece of paper. “Flight ticket to Bali.”

Siiiiing…. Still quiet.

I tilted my head, Bali? What is Bali?

“Resignation letter is called Bali?” Yuko still shocked with resignation stuffs.

“Hahaha…” Akip let out a big laugh. “….how many times I should tell you Yuko it is not a resignation letter, it’s flight ticket to Bali.”

“Bali?” Mariko asked.

“I just know Pari (Paris).” I added.

“You don’t know?” Akip sounded little bit surprised coz his girls didn’t know about Bali. We all shook our heads.

“Is it a part of Osutoraria?” Tomochin asked.

“Not in Ausie Tomo. Bali is one of wonderful island in the world. It’s world tourism destination area. It’s quite famous. What a shame you don’t know about Bali.” Akip facepalmed.

“Sounds great, so what do you want to say actually? I don’t understand.” Yuko said.

“Well…. I will give you 3 days holiday in Bali.”

Siiing. Still quiet.

But when we could dissolve the word, “holiday” we couldn’t help but shout in happiness.

“Actually you all were too slow to react.” Akip chuckled.

After that happy announcement from Akip, I went to somewhere with Minami. We both felt so excited about this holiday! Bali, though I didn’t know a lot about this island, I felt like wanting to search about it, so that we went to bookstore to look for travel books which had Bali on it.

“Excuse me, where could I find a travel book which has Bali on it?” I asked the book keeper clerk.

“Wao nice!! Here…” then quickly he gave me the book. I paid him and hurriedly went to the nearest café.

“I would like to have latte Minami…” I said. She nodded and headed to the counter. I opened the book while waiting for Minami. Waaa sugoii!! Is this Bali? So beautiful. I couldn’t believe an island like this exist in this world. There is a place called Ubud which is the most targeted place by the tourists. Many rice fields are there and so beautiful.

“Wahh kirei…” Minami then sat beside me, placed the latte near us and looked at the pictures attached on the magazine.

“This is Ubud.” I told her, she nodded.

“Bali is so beautiful. I really want to go to this place.”

“Tomorrow we will go to Bali. I am so excited!”

“Hey! Bali is in Indonesia?? I just know it!”

“Jakarta?” I tilted my head.

“Yea last concert in Jakarta, but I didn’t know Bali is in Indonesia as well… Haha….”

I looked at Minami. She looked so excited about this holiday though. How could we not? We really need holiday. These tight schedules almost made us couldn’t breathe. Beside, both Minami and I didn’t have time to be alone. I guess this opportunity was given by god so that our relationship would be much better. Minami turned to look at me.

“What are you looking at Atsuko?”

“I am just thinking this is gonna be great holiday. We could spend the time together, just the two of us. We didn’t have much time lately so….” I looked at Minami and she already looked at me with those eyes. I couldn’t say much as I felt suddenly Minami looked so cute.

Then both of us blushed.

Yeah the day has come! Today we will fly to Bali! Yeah! Holiday!! I got seat beside Minami, of course I want to sit beside her. No matter what… Maybe when she slept, I could attack her.

Damn it. I slept whole journey. I think it was because yesterday I was too excited and at night I couldn’t sleep well. I missed my chance to attack Minami when she slept. Ugh..

We arrived safely at airport. Togachan will assist us during our holiday in Bali and now he led us to go to the hotel.

We used big car which had been prepared for us by someone here. Bali is hot, as hot as Japan.

We were taken to the hotel which was located in Jimbaran. I looked out from window as I saw many trees along the road. The traffic was quite crowded.

“According to the map, this is Tuban.” Yuko told Nyan Nyan. She just nodded.

“Uwaa I can’t wait to spend my time with my lovely Nyan Nyan….Chuu~” Yuko was ready to give her beloved with a big kiss.

“Mou…yamette!!” Nyan Nyan tried to defend herself. Nyan Nyan…. Until when she is gonna be that tsundere. We all know she will never reject Yuko… I guess, Nyan Nyan is dangerous girl type. She can actually give a sudden attack to her love, I guess. I am glad that I can be honest to Minami. She is honest to me also.

Without noticing it, we already arrived at hotel. Our car was checked by the security. I kept staring the surrounding. Is it a hotel? It didn’t look like one though. The entrance was like an entrance for zoo. Green and many big trees. I wonder what kind of hotel it is.

“Now we are heading to the lobby.” Togachan said.

We needed to drive for some meters to reach the lobby.

After arriving, there are some guys who help us to open the car’s doors.

“Welcome to Four Seasons.” That guy said. I smiled to him and I walked out. When everybody was out, he led us to the lobby and pleased us to sit. I kept looking at the lobby. It was quite luxurious. Not long there was someone who brought us welcome drinks and cool towels.

I enjoyed the drinks, she said it was called Lemon Grass Ice. It was so sweet.

Then another staff came and asked us to fill the registration card. After finishing it, Togachan was handed the keys for our villas. I got one room with Minami. Yes!

When that staff finished explaining everything, she escorted us to the porter. Our luggage were ready on a car. Wait a sec, a car?

“Those are called buggy. Because the villas are quite far form lobby, we need buggy to move from one place to other places.” Togachan said. I was impressed. What a luxurious hotel. We need transportation to move to other place. Cool. Then I and Minami took one buggy, while Yuko with Nyan Nyan, Mayuyu with Yukirin, Mariko, Tomochin, and Sasshi were in the same buggy. Except Togachan, he was alone.

The buggy ran smoothly and took us to our villas. The driver told us everything regarding the resorts. After arriving in front of our villas, another staff was waiting in front of it. He welcomed us and helped us to carry our luggage. Waow beautiful! I felt like at home, that was my impression when I went inside the villa. There was private pool and ocean view. Kirei…

After the staff explained what was inside the villa, he left us alone.

“Atsuko…this is just great! I love Bali!” Minami shouted in happiness. She stood near the pool and took a look through the ocean. Such a wonderful scenery.

“But it’s hot.”

“Japan is hot too… This is so great! Thank you Mr. Yasusu!!”

“Minami, we are not in the middle of concert! You don’t need to scream that loud.”

“Ah gomme…” Minami chuckled. “I am too excited. Hehe…”

“Let’s take a look inside…” I took Minami’s hand and dragged her inside the villa. “Wah the bed is quite big!” I throw myself on the bed. “Minami, come come…”

Minami walked near the bed and sat on it slowly. Then the atmosphere between us became so awkward. I bit my lower lip, thinking what to do. I moved closer to Minami and I hugged her from behind. No rejection from her, so that I think it was okay if I took this action. I wrapped my hands around her thin waist and placed my head on her shoulder. I closed my eyes.

“2 nights Minami…” I whispered to her ear.


“I think 2 nights are not enough. It’s so short.”

“Yeah…” Minami played her hands with mine. “…I am glad finally we can have the time where we spend time together. Your schedule is so crowded, sometimes I am scared that you will forget about me.”

Minami sounded so lonely, then I hugged her tighter. “No way I could forget you. You know when I was with staffs and during shooting, I always think about you. What you are doing, have you had your lunch or dinner, and so on. I know our time are not that much as before. I am sorry, I couldn’t manage my time.”

“Don’t blame yourself. It’s your works, I understand. We always call each other.. It’s fine.”

“But when I think about you, I want to meet you. Not call you Minami…” then I kiss Minami’s neck.

And then, I released my hug and turned her to face me. I moved closer to her and leaned down for a kiss since she already closed her eyes.


OMFG. Those phone ring was freaking us out! Damn it, how could we continue that moment? Almost touched it though. Ugh…

Both of us felt nervous then I decided to pick the phone up.


“Acchan!” I could hear Yuko’s voice across. Ck, this squirrel, she just ruined my romantic moment.

“What is it Yuko?!” I said in half annoyed.

“Join us to go to……ehm….to….ehm…. Urgh…. How do you say this?” Yuko asked someone over there. “Ah thank you…. To Ubud. Wanna join us?”

“Ubud? Of course we will! Where are you now?”

“In the lobby. I will ask someone to pick you up. We are going to Ubud!! Let’s enjoy this holiday!!!”

I hung up. I told Minami that we would go to Ubud together with other members. Sorry Minami, we had to postpone our moments, I promise we will continue it tonight.

I went to Ubud just 6 of us, Yuko, Nyan Nyan, Yukirin, and Mayuyu. Mariko, Tomochin, and Sasshi preferred to go to Kuta instead of Ubud. They said they wanted to go to the beach. We held hands each other along the way.

“Wah….so beautiful here. So many rice fields!” Yuko shouted like a kid. She then dragged Nyan Nyan to walk around that place. Yukirin and Mayuyu went to somewhere else and we just sat and took some pictures. Minami took many pictures, mine and then the sceneries. I leaned on her shoulder for some moments and she patted my head.

“I just want to spend my time with you Minami.”

“What do you call this trip?”she chuckled.

“Everyone is here.”

“But now we are alone…” I looked at her and around. Sou da, we are alone. I smiled and then I hugged her. “Hoho… you are so fast Atsuko.” Minami replied my hug.

“In villa, I failed to kiss you. I wonder if I should do it here also…” Minami blushed. “Ah, damn it! Why did I spill it out? Though it would be a sudden attack from me.” I pouted. Minami just chuckled. I hope Minami would never be tired of me and accepted the way I am. Suddenly Minami leaned a kiss on my cheek. I was little bit surprised. Then both of blushed.

“You….you are just too cute Atsuko.” Minami kawaii! The way she said that was too kawaii. I really want to kiss her right now.

I wanted to capture that small lips of hers, it was just a centimeter until that voice interrupted.

“Guys! You better do that later! We have to enjoy our trip!” There Yuko showed up with her Nyan Nyan. Damn it, Yuko. You interrupted us twice! I looked at Minami, she just facepalmed. Haha… it made me let out a laugh.

In the evening, we went back to the hotel. The trip to ubud was so fun. It was exactly like what on magazine. I reached my villa by buggy. Minami threw herself on the bed and I went to take a bath. Seriously the access to the bath room is open. No wall, no door. Minami is right there, and I have to nude here. I bit my lower lips and once saw to the bedroom. No sign of Minami got up from the bed. I looked to the bath again and I got undressed myself. Why I felt so nervous?! So stupid.

When I finished bathing, now is Minami’s turn. I walked to the bedroom with kimono which was provided in the wardrobe. Minami told me to not take any peek. Hehe… She was so serious when she said that. I just laughed and nodded at the same time. I walked near the bed room and saw the room service menu. Ah yea we didn’t eat any thing since arrived at hotel. I felt like wanting to eat 2 plates of everything. Maybe more.

“Minami do you want to order something to eat?” I shouted from the bedroom.

“Yea…”she replied. Then I made a phone call to the villa service and ordered foods.

In some minutes later, Minami showed up from bathroom with kimono also.

“Eh? You didn’t change?” she asked while pointing to my kimono. I shook my head. “Let’s have our dinner. I am waiting for you, Minami.” I said as I approached her.

“This hotel doesn’t have katsudon, does it?” I laughed.

We had our dinner at terrace near the pool under the moon lights. Somehow it felt so romantic. When we finished, we went inside our room and placed everything on the tables. I sat on the bed room, thinking what I would do next. I put a glance on Minami while she cleared up the plates. When she turned her face to me, our eyes met. She smiled and I replied it. She walked closer to me and suddenly she got slipped. She pushed me to the bed and now she is on top of me.

“Uwaa….sorry…” when Minami wanted to stand up, I held her arms. We were looking onto eyes for some seconds, then pulled her slowly closer I captured her lips with mine. It was not a long one and we back looking each other. Minami slowly leaned down and kissed my lips. Now it’s deep and long kiss between us. I rolled over and I was on her top. I tried to loose the belt of the kimono on her and her hand was on my shoulder and tried to discharge my kimono. Our hands couldn’t stop moving as they wanted to trip around each other body. I moved down to her neck and sucked it. She let out a small moan and it drove me crazy. I captured her lips once more and sucked the upper one. Minami succeed to discharge my kimono but it was just the upper part and my skin got exposed, though I still wore white tank top. Minami rolled over and tried to discharge my top as well. Then I bit her lips.

“What is that for?!” she asked.

“I couldn’t believe you really want to see me…..nude.” I made her blush and I just chuckled. “Skip it, so lets continue.” I pulled her closer and kissed her again. We kissed in passionate way, my hand tried to undress her as well, yeah she still wore something on her. It was quite tough. When we were busy each other, the bell was ringing and it freaked us out.

“Who is it at this time?” Minami broke the kiss and looked out through the door. I pouted. The 3th times we got interrupted. Minami then walked to the door and opened it. She put her kimono off first, she wore black tank top and mini skirt.

“Yuko?!” Minami looked a little bit surprised. Yuko stared at Minami and smirked.

“What are you doing? Aaa…not fair!” Minami tried to cover her body with both of her hands and of course it was impossible.

I waited for Minami in the bedroom and I had put my kimono off too. I wore pink short. I thought of how we would continue that moments. I looked to the door and I saw Minami was with Yuko. I frowned.

“Aaa!! I know you guys are having fun tonight!” Yuko pretended showing her sad face. I couldn’t believe it. Yuko interrupted us for the 3th times!

“What are you doing here, Yuko?” I asked her.

“Well…. Yuko took a peek when Haruna took a bath. Then Haruna kicked her out from the villa. She asked us to let her sleep here tonight.” I jaw-dropped. It means, we couldn’t continue that?

“Sorry Acchan, but looks like you guys can’t have fun tonight. And of course I won’t let you to, while Nyan Nyan and I can’t.” Yuko smirked and threw herself on the bed. I looked at Minami and she just facepalmed.

Some minutes had passed and Yuko already slept. She dominated all the bed. I couldn’t sleep, she always kicks my butt. I got up and sat on the bed. I saw Minami sat on the chair with eyes were closed. She just had her palm to hold her head. I walked to her and woke her up.

“Oh, you are awake…” Minami said.

“You better sleep on the bed.” Minami looked at the bed and she shocked.

“How could I sleep there? Yuko didn’t let us to sleep on the bed. Look at her!” she pointed to Yuko.

“We have long couch outside. Wanna sleep there?” Minami nodded. Then I walked to the wardrobe and took a blanket. We walked outside and slept on the long couch. It was pretty big and we both could sleep there.

“Aren’t you cold?” asked Minami. I nodded. Then Minami turned her face to me and hugged me. “How about now?”

“It’s warmer.” I smiled. Minami placed a kiss on my forehead, then went down and she captured my lips.

“I miss you…” she said.

“I miss you too…” I replied and gave her the best kiss ever.

In the morning, Yuko already woke up and shouted at both of us.

“You guys are traitor! You left me sleep in the room alone while you two were having fun together here!” I opened my eyes and Yuko was already there.

“Yuko, it’s still morning. You shouldn’t shout so loud.” Minami said.

“Great captain! Now I am asking you, where are your clothes?! I think yesterday there were on you?!” Yuko folded both of her hands in front of her chest.

Both of us were looking inside the blanket, oh damn we were nude. I went inside the blanket deeper and hid my skin, so did Minami.

“Mou~ I know I would just sleep in Mariko’s room instead of yours!” Yuko walked out from the villa.

“Minami, what did you do to me last night?!” I whispered to her.

“It was you Atsuko! You attacked me crazily, and discharged everything~” Minami answered.

Oh my god…

In the afternoon we walked to the pool. On the way we met Tomochin.

“Where are you going?” I asked her.

“To the boutique. Mariko is already there, she said she saw good stuffs there. I want to join.”

“Take your time.” Minami said. “Where’s Sasshi?”

“Sasshi…..ehm…she went to the beach this morning. She always says, memancing memancing and I didn’t understand a bit about it.”

“It’s fishing Tomochin.” Minami said. Then we separated. We went to the pool and met Yuko there.

“How is Nyan Nyan?” I sat beside Yuko, followed by Minami. She shook her head.

“Help me~” Yuko pouted.

Minami and I thought about something which probably could help her.

“Where’s Nyan Nyan?” I asked her again.

“She was going somewhere with Yukirin and Mayuyu. She didn’t ask me to join them. So sad.”

Poor Yuko. Her hentai-ness sometime could drag her to dangerous state. Speaking of dangerous, I have not had anything yet this morning, so that I asked Minami to take me to the restaurant first. After that I will think about something to help Yuko.

After having breakfast, Minami told me about her plan and I think it would be success. We hurriedly tell Yuko about our plan and looked like she agreed. We asked Mariko and Tomochin out to help us and yeah they agreed.

Everything must be prepared in the evening and super quick. Nyan Nyan arrived at hotel in the afternoon with Yukirin and Mayuyu. They decided to have lunch first before going to the villa. When she reached her villa, she rested for a while before taking bath. We told Mayuyu and Yukirin about everything and they agreed to help us as well. Now Nyan Nyan is sleeping. We still prepare everything, we have to wait until she woke up first before last touching.

In the evening, Nyan Nyan walked out from the villa. I and Minami had to drag her farther from the villa. We asked her to go to boutique and she agreed. When we went to boutique, everyone was sneaking behind and smoothly going inside the villa. On the way to the boutique, we met Sasshi. I guess she succeed to catch some fish.

“Memancing! Memancing!!!” She shout at 3 of us.

“Wow you are good Sasshi!” I shout at her while seeing those fish on her hands.

“I am! Haha… I was too excited about memancing stuffs and now is already this time. I should prepare everything for my big dinner tonight!” Sasshi then walked to her villa. We continued walking to the boutique. Everything was there and we just walked there, walked here looked at the stuffs.

“Guys, I am hungry. Let’s have something to eat.”

“Ehh??!!!” both of us then panic. “We…well… Why you didn’t just stay here for a while? I know you want to buy something Haruna. Take a look.” Minami laughed nervously.

“What’s with you? Weird.” Nyan Nyan then continued looking at dresses. I walked away as I called Mariko.

“How’s there? Nyan Nyan wanted to eat something!”

“Please hold her for some minutes Acchan. Sasshi is here too. We asked her to lend one of her fish. Someone from hotel helped us to smoke it.”

“Please be quick. I don’t know we can hold her anymore.”

An hour had passed and Nyan Nyan got pissed.

“Why you guys didn’t let me to eat something? I am so damn hungry!”

“Calm down, Nyan Nyan. Alright, let’s go to your villa first. We need to change our dress, right?”

“Why should us?”

“We are going to eat outside hotel. Wanna join?”

“Oh okay…” then 3 of us went to the villa. On the way, I informed Mariko that Nyan Nyan was one the way to the villa.

She looked surprised when she saw Yuko was inside the villa. She saw a table with candle there and it looked so romantic.

“My Nyan Nyan…I prepared all of these for you. Please forgive me…” Yuko kneeled down before her and Nyan Nyan looked so happy. I and Minami went outside the villa and met with the others.

“Did she like it?” Mariko asked. Minami and I nodded. “Yea!! Our mission, is success!” Mariko looked so excited.

“It was because of you guys. Thank you so much.” Minami bowed.

“Haha we are happy to help. Okay let’s go eat something too!” Mariko said.

“I passed! I am going to eat my fish at my villa~ Bye bye~~” Sasshi left.

“So, Acchan and Takamina, you guys come?!”

“Err no.. We will stay here…” I answered.

“Oh, alright then. Okay. We are going to Jimbaran to have seafoods. Byee…” After they all went, I took Minami to the lobby. We asked a buggy to take us to the beach.

Arriving at beach, nothing we can see as it’s already dark.

“Why did you take me to the beach?” Minami said.

“We have not been here since first day.” I said. “Actually I wanted to take you here in the morning, but we all were busy to prepare everything for helping Yuko.”

Both of us then sat on the sand. “Tomorrow we are going back to Japan. Atsuko will back to your routine.”

“Why did you sound so sad, Minami?” I chuckled. “We still can meet…”

“But not that much.”

We were going silent suddenly.

“Our concert will be on April. You should manage your time well, Atsuko. Eat many vitamins until you can’t take it anymore.”

“Huh? Haha…Minami you worried too much.”

She then held my hands. “I wonder how long we can be like this.” She looked at me.

“I will be with you no matter what, Minami.”


“Yes, I promise you. I told you yesterday, didn’t I? I always think about you everytime and everywhere. Hard for me to not think about you even only for a sec.”

What I said made Minami smiled. She kissed my forehead and my nose. She made a space between us as she still wanted to say something.

“Hard for me to stop loving you….” She smiled.

My heart beat so fast, Minami sounded so romantic. “Me too…” I leaned down and kissed her on lips. We were going into deep kiss and more passionate than before. The sound of waves accompanied us and it witnessed it all. Minami slide in her tongue inside my mouth and the kiss suddenly made me felt dizzy. The more she kissed me like that, the more I needed her.

“Hey….let’s go to the villa~ I am in mood now…” Minami said as she broke the kiss.

“Mou Minami~~” I hit her arm, she just pulled her tongue out in cute way.



sorry, I am on the job training. I will update many fics after graduation 🙂


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  1. i really really like your fanfics, it made me blush, laugh mix emotions.. pls update me me if you had a new post regarding atsumina.. please please please..

  2. demn Yuko always get kicked up by nyan nyan…but it was romantic though…I really hope u make more atsumina and kojiyuu couple…my heart melts right now~

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