[AtsuMina] Good Bye Days

holla again! I wrote it after listening to YUI n Yama-P songs, lol

here is my dummy story enjoy :3


Alone at field next to the river, I stood next to a big tree. Once I looked up and saw this blossoms tree,

“It’s live.” I said to myself as I sincerely smiled formed on my face.

Gentle breeze was waving my long black hair and I had to keep my hair. I looked up to the sky and saw many stars were there. The moon looked so beautiful and that was why I loved the scenery at night.

Wishing she would come here as well since this was our favorite place long time ago. I just could hope as I knew she would never come.

I walked near river and sat on the ground. Seeing straightly to the large river, it was so calm at night. This place was calm at night, really different when it was day. Busy, crowded, many people wandered around, no place for a person like me who wanted to enjoy the view only.

“I feel like things are changing now. So long yesterday and before. I have a clumsy tenderness by my side…” I sang to myself and I really loved this song. She liked this song too and we always sing it at karaoke.

“……and in th-that mo…ment it…plays slowly….I’am, I’m….lo….ving you, right?…”

I felt my mouth couldn’t continue singing, it was trembling. Suddenly my body was shaking so hard, I locked my mouth up as I wanted to hold my tears from falling. “….some…times….I…I get confused…” tears started streaming down my cheeks. It couldn’t help as I cried.

At that time, I promised myself I didn’t want to sing this song again. The song which reminded me of her, it just made me hurt and it was really painful. But I didn’t know I wanted to sing this song tonight, the timing was right. I was alone, the cold air tonight, situation, and everything in this place, moreover I was at our special place. The song which was full by our memories.

I pulled my feet closer and wrapped both of my hands there. I buried my head in it and I was crying. I let all tears out and I cried loudly as nobody was here tonight. Missing someone who was so important, it must be so painful. It felt so tight inside and I couldn’t breathe normally. Wishing she would come here at this time, at this second, but I knew it was just a wish. She would never come to me.

I felt a warm hand gently stroked my hair and slowly I raised my head. Surprisingly that person was here. The person whom I wished to come was here right now. But…..but how? Is it a dream? Am I dreaming right now?

“Nee…..Why are you crying?” she sat beside me and wiped my tears. She parted my bang so that she could see my whole face.

“Atsu….” I frowned. Until now I couldn’t believe that she was here.

She smiled to me.

“You…..here? but….how? Am I dreaming?”

“You are not dreaming, Minami. You wished me here, didn’t you?” she wrapped her hand around my neck as she showed me her perfect smile. The smile which I couldn’t forget in entire my life.

After my soul back to my body, I directly hugged the person beside me so tight.

“Atsuko, gomen! Gomen!!!” I kept hugging her tightly and saying sorry like crazy to her. I knew, it was not enough only by apologizing. I wanted to do anything so that she would forgive me after what I’ve done before.

“Hey…hey…. You don’t have to say sorry. Look at me…” Atsuko pulled away and asked me to look onto her eyes. “I am not mad.” She smiled. And that smile made me felt more guilty. But Acchan said so, I thought I shouldn’t think about it too much anymore.

I looked at her from top until her toe, Atsuko is really in front of me now. I hugged her before right? So I wasn’t hallucinating. She’s here.

I noticed that she wore small headset. She realized that I looked at her headsets and smiled to me.

“Wanna listen too?”

“What song?”

“Of course, our favorite song.” She took one off and gave it to me. I took it and attached it on my ear.

Dakara ima ai ni yuko. Sou kimetanda… Poketto no kono kyoku wo kimi ni kikasetai..

I let the song repeated on my ear as I locked my eyes on Atsuko. I really missed her so much so that I didn’t want to look away from her. The person I really wanted to meet was here, in front of me. And we were playing our favorite song at our favorite place, just the two of us, nobody bothered us. The meaning of the song touched my feeling. I started to cry again as I kept looking at her. She surprised seeing me crying and quickly wiped my tears.

“Aaa Minami….You are such a cry baby…” she chuckled.

Her chuckling heard so real.

Then she looked at the sky. But I didn’t want to waste my time and bother look up, I’d rather to see Atsuko until morning came. She was more beautiful than starts and moon tonight. Then our eyes met, she frowned.

“Hey….why are you looking at me like that? Something on my face?” Atsuko checked her face.

“Nothing there, Atsuko..”

“Hemm….You are weird.”

“I don’t understand as well, but tonight I really want to see you, just you. I am afraid that I might lose you for the second time.”

Atsuko just looked at me, confused. She tried to guess what happen to me, but she just ended up looking at me strangely.

“Atsuko why I feel so sad?” I started by asking a really weird question. She was just silent. “I wished you so bad to be here, and you were here. But….why I feel my heart is crying? Why I feel such a pain on my chest? Though you are here right now.”

“Minami….” Atsuko held my hand tightly and she tried to bring me back to reality, she might be thinking that I am crazy.

Then I cried again, “Atsuko…..Don’t leave me.”

Atsuko looked so sad, it was shown on her face. She felt guilty making me crying and in much pain like this. She wished she could go back to that time, so that this thing may not happen.

“I won’t.” She stroked my hair.

“Promise me?” I asked her. She nodded.

“I won’t leave you. I am always with you and I promise.”

“I miss you, Atsuko….”

“I do too…” Atsuko smiled.

By still having tears streamed my cheeks, I put my hands on her shoulder. I took a deep looking at her face, like scanning it and recorded it on my mind. I really didn’t want to lose her for the second times. I wouldn’t let her go…

Without noticing it, I moved closer and pressed my lips against hers. Her soft lips felt real, I really kissed her. She replied my kiss and started moving her lips as well. It was her usual kiss which I missed so much. I could hear she called my name and continued kissing me. It felt so comfortable.

Atsuko pulled herself away and looked at me.

“That tree witnessed us….” Atsuko pointed to the blossom tree over there. “…and I won’t go anywhere…” she gently wiped my tears and leaned a kiss on my forehead.

“I was hurt whenever you cried for me. Please…..don’t cry anymore. For me, Minami…Please…”


“Here….” Atsuko placed her right hand on my chest. “I am right here with you, Minami. I am a  part of your heart. I won’t go anywhere, so please….Please don’t cry anymore. I can’t see you cry…”

I just looked at Atsuko. She kept begging me to not cry again. Slowly Atsuko shadow got faded away, but she still begged me. I shook my head, maybe I was too dizzy so that Atsuko got blurred. When I opened my eyes, Atsuko liked being further and it was blurry, I couldn’t see her clearly.

She kept looking at me. We looked each other so long, “Minami….I really love you.”

“Atsuko?” I tried to call her, but she still there kept saying something.

“Atsuko! Atsuko!” I called her when her shadow would like disappearing soon. Right after that a light was going so fast toward me and hit me.

I blinked for some times and I opened my eyes. I felt my eyes so hurt and my head was too dizzy. I woke up and sat on where I lied. I touched my eyes, it was wet. I noticed that I was not at field and I looked around. I was in living room.

I tried to remember everything, I met Atsuko before right? I stood up from my couch and walked nowhere. I held my head and kept thinking.

There I saw photos on the table. I took one photo frame and it was me and Atsuko. It was about a year ago when I celebrated her birthday. She looked annoyed because I made a prank for her. But after all, Atsuko was so happy. I giggled when I saw that photo. Then I put it back and took another one. It was Atsuko single photo. She smiled on the picture. I touched it right on the face… and right after my hand was trembling. I covered my mouth with my hand. Then I used both my hands to hold the photo and forced myself to smile. My mouth was too trembling, hard for me to smile. I put the photo back to its place and then I felt something warm rolled on my cheeks. Though I bit my lips to avoid me to cry, but I couldn’t.

Yeah…I was just back to reality. I knew I met Atsuko in dream, I knew it was not real, though her smile, her touch, her kiss felt so real to me.

“Atsu….ko…” I kept looking at the photo which I just put back.

I still couldn’t accept her to leave me so early. I shouldn’t come late at that time, Atsuko wouldn’t die.

“I didn’t say sorry properly to you yet. You…..had left me before I could say it in front of you.” I said in sobbing.

“Atsuko…..I’m sorry. I’m sorry Atsuko….” I cried loudly as I covered my face with both of my hands.

Atsuko passed away two weeks ago because she got an accident. Someone tried to snatch her but Atsuko fought him, then she got killed. A day before, we had a fight because of my selfishness, and it was always Atsuko who apologized first. She asked me to meet each other the day after because she had something to tell. But I came late and she got an accident.

I regretted everything. I said horrible things to her when I got angry, I wouldn’t admit if I was wrong because Atsuko was too patient, so that I took advantage from it. She was too patient to me. I was lucky having her by my side.

“I really love you….” I wiped the tears and tried to be strong. I remembered what Atsuko said in my dream. I shouldn’t cry. Atsuko would be hurt when she saw me crying.

“Atsuko….I promised no more tears. It is all I could do for you.” I smiled from heart. I knew Atsuko must be watching from up there. I will keep smiling everyday, for you whom I love so much. Maeda Atsuko.


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