[AtsuMina] Special Val Fic

This fic supposes to be Val Special Fic, but I decided to post it for some reasons. So….let’s call it earlier val fic 😀

I hope you like this story 🙂

My Valentine Is For You

There’s a girl walking at field alone. She looks little bit pale and her hair looks so messy. She keeps walking though her feet are hurt like a hell. She might be falling in sometime. She needs to walk for some kilometers to reach her home.


Suddenly bunch of boys are appearing from the side, back, and front. The little girl looks panic and doesn’t dare to look up to the boys, and she keeps looking down. The boys are circling her and smirking.


“An idiot spotted!!” says one of the boys while the other are pushing her but not until she falls.


“Say something idiot! Hahaha….” He keeps laughing and pushing the girl’s small body. The girl is crying and sobbing.


“Look! The idiot is crying! Mwahahaha!! Cry louder idiot!” everybody laughs at her, she keeps crying.


They mess the girl’s hair up, like they want to see the girl suffers even more. She can’t fight back since she lacks of power against the boys. Well, she’s alone while the boys aren’t.


A stone is hitting one of boys’ head. “Hey! Who dare to hit my head!” he turns around.


“Losers spotted!” the figure approaches them and hits that boy’s head once again. “How come boys hit a girl? You should not hit a girl, but look after her instead! Got me!?” the boys go silent and just look at the figure in front of them. “Don’t dare to touch Atsuko more than this! Now get away from her!!” the boys run away. They don’t even say any single word to that person. This person then walks closer to the little girl, Atsuko.


“Are you okay Atsuko? I am sorry, I left you.”


“Mi….Minami…I….I am scared.” Atsuko is still sobbing. Her body is shaking.


“Okay, okay… Don’t cry Atsuko…” Minami then hugs the little Atsuko and helps her to feel calm.


Maeda Atsuko is knowledge as calm girl. She never speaks to the stranger even to her friends. She’s too afraid to socialize with people. She always thinks that everybody doesn’t like her. At school, she doesn’t have any friend. Her friend is only Takahashi Minami, her childhood friend, but they are not in the same school. Atsuko is always being bullied by her friends almost everyday since she doesn’t like to speak and doesn’t fight back while she’s being bullied, that’s why most of the boys love to bully her. Atsuko always goes home crying and always looks messy. She doesn’t want to tell her parents what happen but she can’t if it is Minami. She told her everything, like being bullied by her friends and everything. She thought that she felt enjoy telling that to her friend instead of her parents. Minami was so mad while hearing that from Atsuko and promised her she would be under her protection. Atsuko is too girlish meanwhile Minami is too boyish, that’s why Minami can fight and Atsuko can rely on her.



“Atsu! What happen?” Atsuko’s mother approaches her little girl.


“She got bullied by her friends, and I am really sorry I came late…” Minami bows.


Her mother embraces her little kid, “You don’t have to apology Minami-kun. I am so grateful you were there to help Atsuko. Wanna join us for dinner?”


“Oh really? Okay…”


“Atsu, please takes Minami in. Mom will prepare for dinner…” Atsuko nods. Her mom then hurriedly goes to kitchen.


“Come in, Minami…” Atsuko holds Minami’s hand. She leads her to the living room and they sit on the sofa.


“You always come to help me, really thank you…” Atsuko says to Minami.


“Ah… don’t worry. You are my best friend, Atsuko.”


“I wonder if I trouble you…”


“Never…. I can’t let anyone to touch you again! I promise! Or you want me to move to your school?”


“I will be fine at school…”


“Really? I don’t mind if I have to move to your school….”


“I am fine, Minami…” Atsuko smiles to her boyish friend.


“Aaa~ You are so cute, Atsuko!!” Minami pinches her friend’s cheek. Atsuko has chubby cheek and Minami loves to pinch it.


“Please don’t say I am cute~ I am not that cute…” Atsuko swings her friend’s hand.


“Eh? Why? You are cute Atsuko~ really…”


“I am wearing glasses, I am fat and I have chubby cheeks. I don’t think I am cute… Boys often bully me and it means that I am not that cute so they love bullying me. Boys love cute girls, but I am not cute so that they dislike me.”


“Hey Atsuko….Ignore them. They are not important. You have your friend who loves you, you have parents and sister who love you as well. That’s enough. You know that I never lie to you right? I am saying you are cute because you really are.” Minami smiles. Atsuko moves by her friend’s words and smiles too. She then hugs her friend tightly.

“I know you are my best friend after all…”


“Hey! You realized it just now? How could you?!” Atsuko chuckles.


“Hoi, hoi girl! The foods are ready~ Your dad has already waited for us in dining room.” Atsuko’s mom interrupts. The girls release their hugs and head to the dining room.


Time passed so fast. Atsuko and Minami have graduated from elementary school and they decided to attend the same junior high school so that Minami can look after Atsuko.


They are in the same class and always hanging around together. Minami has many friends and her friends are Atsuko’s too, Minami is quite famous among the students. She is boyish, maybe her style attracts them meanwhile Atsuko is just an ordinary student, nothing special on her moreover she has that chubby cheeks, little fat, and wears glasses. No boys actually look at her, but they look at Minami instead.


Until the day when Atsuko finds someone she adores, someone she likes, her senpai. Atsuko joins journalist club and she likes the head of the club, his name is Sato Takeru. He’s kind and friendly. Atsuko finds herself enjoy talking to him.


“What?” Minami frowns. Atsuko is busy to make the dough.


“Yes… so that I decide to give him chocolate this valentine’s day.”


“Eh?? To Takeru? You sure?”


“Yes…He’s different. He talks to me like he talks to other girls. I don’t think he hates me like mostly boys do.”


Minami is silent. “Hey Minami?” Atsuko looks at her friend, but she doesn’t give any answers. “Hey….What happen? Do you have something to tell me? I will listen since you are my best friend.”


“N….nothing. Well…I help you Atsuko…” Minami then helps her friend to make the chocolate.



At school.


There is Minami walking in the corridor. Seems like she is looking for someone. Then the person she looks for appears before her eyes.


“Senpai!” Minami approaches him.


“Oh, Minami-chan…” he smiles.


“Ano…I have something to tell you…”


“Oh, about my favor last time? You will go right?”


“EHm….Sorry senpai…But I can’t go with you today. I am really sorry…”


“Eh?? Why? You don’t like to go to cinema? You want to go to other places?”


“No it’s not like that, but… I just can’t. I am sorry…” he looks away.


“Hmm….okay, I understand.” He smiles and then he leaves Minami there.


At school yard


“Minami!!!” when Minami is sitting on the bench in yard, Atsuko approaches her.


“Hi, Atsuko…”


“I am looking for you all the time!” Atsuko tries to catch some airs.


“Eh? Oh…what happen? Someone is trying to bully you?” Minami quickly stands up.


“Haha…No. I just want to give you this…” Atsuko takes a pink box out from her small bag. Minami takes it.


“What is it?”


“Happy valentine’s day!” Atsuko then hugs her friend. Minami blinks.


“Eee??!!! Is it…a chocolate?? For me?!” she asks when Atsuko releases the hug. Atsuko nods as she smiles. “Arigatooo!!!” Minami then hugs her friend back. “This is the first chocolate I get on valentine! I am so so so so happy!!”


“I don’t know you will be that happy~”


“Of course I am! It’s the chocolate from you! I mean, you! I don’t know if I can receive your first chocolate Atsuko….” Minami rubs the box with her cheeks. She looks so happy.


“Hehe….I wonder how it tastes.”


“It would be sweet! The sweetest chocolate ever!”


“It’s really embarrassing!”Atsuko puts her hands on her cheeks. “And also…I will hand it to him…” she says.




“Sato Takeru…” Minami then loses her happy reaction.


“Oh…” Minami looks away.


“Do you think he will like it? Aaa~ I wonder…”


“He will like it…”short answer from Minami.


“You think so? Yeey!! Okay Minami… I will find him right away! Bye bye~~”


Minami then looks at her friend’s back. Actually she doesn’t want to let her friend go and have the chocolate been received by her lovely senpai. Minami starts to feel a bit uneasy. How if….yes. The question full by “What if…” gets repeated in her mind.


Minami decides to wait for Atsuko in the class. Atsuko sure takes long time… Then someone comes closer as she sees it’s Sato Takeru.


“I understand why you rejected me this morning, it’s because Atsuko is your friend huh?”


“What are you talking about?” Minami frowns.


“Just now she gave me this…” he shows Minami big box of chocolate. The box is bigger than the one she got from Atsuko. Minami just stares at the box. “…you want me to hang out with her?”


Minami looks at her senpai, “Eh? Did she….”


“Yes. She asked me out tonight, but I rejected her.”


“What? You rejected her?!” Minami stands up from her chair.


“You want me to go out with her? Are you joking? Why should I?” he chuckles. “Listen Minami… Am I wrong being this so good looking? I might accept if cute girls ask me out especially you…But Atsuko? Huh? We might be spending time for eating only! Haha…”


“What are you talking about?” Minami gets a bit angry.


“Isn’t it clear? She’s……she’s overweight! She’s just an ugly nerd with ancient glasses! It should be weird when people see us walking together.”


BUKK!! Minami punches right on her senpai’s nose.


“Arrghhh!!!” he rubs his nose. “The hell!!”


“You don’t know how much she hopes for you huh? She made that chocolate for you! She worked hard just want to make perfect chocolate for the senpai she likes! You! You don’t deserve her!”


“I don’t even ask for it!”


“You should appreciate people who give you chocolate, whoever they are. And yet, I won’t be gonna stay when you say horrible things to her. You got me?!”


Takeru throws away the chocolate in front of Minami. “Take that shit!!” then he leaves. Minami is making a fist on her hand and take the box. She is blocking Takeru’s way.


“If I see you throw it once again, I will make sure you will be sent to the hospital right away…”


By looking at the sadist Minami at that time, Takeru takes the box and then leaves. Now Minami should find Atsuko. She must be so sad right now.


Minami couldn’t find Atsuko and just hurriedly goes to her house, hope she will find her there.


“Aunty, Atsuko is here?” Minami is trying to catch some airs.


“Slow down, Minami-kun. Yes, Atsu is at home. She’s in her room…”


“Ah! Thanks!!” Minami then runs to the Atsuko’s room.


“Come in…” Atsuko says when she hears the door is knocked. Atsuko is sitting on the floor, hugging her big bear doll. She is staring at Minami who just sits in front of her.


“You didn’t tell me you are going home.” She doesn’t answer. “Atsuko? Something happened?”


“Why….why you didn’t tell me?”


“Eh?? Tell you what?”


“Takeru-senpai met you this morning and asked you out.” Minami shocks.


“Sorry Atsuko…I didn’t mean to.”


“I heard when you two talked in the class. It was so embarrassing! I asked him out while he did to you first! I think…..he was gonna accept it, but I ended up making myself embarrassed.” Atsuko starts sobbing.


“Atsuko…..I am sorry….Atsuko…” Minami gets closer to her friend and hugs her tightly.


“You….you like him?”


“Of course not. I don’t like him….” Minami strokes Atsuko’s hair.


“I know I am stupid, an idiot. How come a good looking like him likes a girl like me?” Minami then releases the hug and looks at her crying friend.


“Do not ever say that again, Atsuko. You are not stupid, you are not idiot, people who say you are ugly or everything are the dumbest ever. They can’t see how cute you are, how pretty you are. Believe me, You are so lucky you have friends, family who beside you to support you, love the way you are, just like me… I love everything about you, I love the way you are, I love it when I pinch your chubby cheeks. I really love everything about you.” Minami rubs her friend’s cheeks and she smiles. She wipes Atsuko tears gently. “You don’t have to cry for him. He doesn’t deserve you.” Minami then kisses Atsuko’s forehead and hugs her once again.


Atsuko feels something weird inside. Her heart starts beating and she is blushing at the same time. She replies her friend’s hug and gets buried under her friend’s warm embrace.


From that day, Atsuko never falls for any guys. As she meets with Takeru in club activities, she keeps greeting her senpai nicely while she can see Takeru’s face is not like the usual, somehow he might be feeling guilty to Atsuko. Minami might tell Atsuko about their conversations before, but fortunately she didn’t.


Atsuko always spends the day with her best friend, everywehere, everytime, like she doesn’t want to get separated with her.


“I made this for you…” Minami gives Atsuko new dish she made this morning in cooking class.


“No thanks…” she answers.


“Eh? What happen??” Minami puts her hand on Atsuko’s forehead.


“I am not sick. I just want to manage my meal time and the food portions.”


“Eh?? Why??” Minami sits beside her friend.


“I know I must control my food Minami, not to mention boys don’t like fat girl, but I just think I have to…”


Minami keeps silent,


“You want to help me right? You support me right?”


Minami knows she can’t hold her friend right now. All she can do is supporting her, and then she smiles. “Of course. I will do everything for you, Atsuko.” Atsuko blushes and she says, “Thanks” to Minami.


The time runs so fast, now Atsuko and Minami are attending the graduation ceremony. Minami wants to be in the same school like Atsuko, but because they are in different level, Atsuko is attending Tokyo High School where all the genius are while Minami is attending All Girls High School, not to mention it’s not good school, but it’s an average school. Minami has to stay at dorm.


“Atsuko, it’s been a while…” Minami says from the across.


“Yeah…How are you?” answers Atsuko.


“The club activities won’t let me breathe!”


“Hahaha….you must be super tired. Take care there…”


“I miss you Atsuko….I really miss you…”


“I miss you too, Minami… It’s been almost half year we have not met each other.”


“If I am smarter, I can attend Tokyo High…..”


“We can meet on semester break….”


“It’s too long! Oh, did someone bully you again?”


“Haha…No. Everyone is kind to me.”




“Yes….You don’t have to worry…”


“Ehm….” Minami pauses so long.


“What? You have something to tell or to ask?”


“Well…ehm….Do you have….someone you like there?” Atsuko doesn’t answer. “Ups….Sorry Atsuko. Hehe… I know I should not ask you weird question..”


“Ah…no problem. Hehe… Well ehm….No I don’t have one.”


“Oh really?” Minami chuckles. “Well Atsuko. I should continue my club activities, just want to hear your voice. Hehe…. See you.”


“Thanks for calling me…. Take care Minami…”


“I will…Bye…” PIP. They hang up.


Not long, there’s an email coming from someone in Atsuko’s phone. She reads it,


Acchan, are you busy?

Let’s hang out tomorrow!




“Hey! What took you so long?” A girl approaches Minami.


“I am just calling someone, sorry…”


“Eh? Your boyfriend?” she nudges her arm. Minami blushes.


“What? Minami has boyfriend?” other girls come in surprised.


“Eh? No…No..!”


“Aaah….liar! I can see it through your face!”


“Yuko stop it!” Minami swings Yuko’s finger which is pointing at her.


“Yuuchan, stop teasing Minami!” Haruna adds.


“Okay forget it, let’s continue our activities.” Minami pushes all the girls back to practice. Unbelievable, Minami joins dancing club. She was forced by Yuko back then, since Minami is kind girl, she just accepted it. She is good at fighting and also at dancing.


Not long, the door opens and everybody’s eyes are on the figure.


“What the….” Yuko then walks closer to the figure. “Why you come here again?”


“Yuuchan….” Haruna holds her friend’s arm.


“Hi, Haruna…Long time no see…” he smiles.


“You! Don’t ever touch her again! Or….I will send you to hell?!” Yuko forms fists on both of her hands.


“Hey wait…wait….Peace peace! I won’t look for any fights here…”


“What are you doing here? I don’t want to see you anymore…”Haruna says.


“I want to see you, can’t I? Well…I miss you…”


BUKK! Yuko punches his face. “Do not try to mess around here!”


“How dare you punch my face!!”


“That couldn’t be compared when you hurt Haruna!”


Minami then insert her body between them. “You better leave. If not, I will beat you down and I will make sure you won’t feel your body anymore.”


Because of he’s outnumbered, he then leaves. Yuko then hugs Haruna tighter after he leaves.


“Don’t cry Haruna.. I will be here for you…” Minami sees the scene and reminds me of where she can hug and stroke Atsuko before. One thing she knows, she really misses her. Not long Haruna feels better and they continue their activities.


Minami is so happy when the teacher says on the valentine’s day (tomorrow) they will be off. It means that Minami can visit Atsuko.


“Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day… I wonder if Atsuko still loves chocolate? I want to give her one…” Minami decides to buy the ingredients at mall as she wants to make her own chocolate for Atsuko… Since after the day Atsuko was rejected, they never exchange chocolate each other. They just spent time together, karaoke, or went to gessen.


She walks alone in the city and can’t wait for tomorrow valentine’s day. She will surprise Atsuko and give the best chocolate ever to her.


When she enters the mall, she sees a boy. He looks like the one who came yesterday to meet Haruna, and he’s with a girl.


“Playboy is still playboy…” Minami knows that he’s playboy. Haruna caught him together with girl before, so that they broke up.


He then embraces the girl beside him, but looks like she doesn’t like it and swings his arm away. I chuckle. “Eat that, playboy!”


She doesn’t want to bother to spy on him, she then enters the cookies shop and buys the ingredients and hurriedly goes back home.


“Hee? What are you making?” Yuko approaches me when I reached dorm, I quickly went to kitchen.




“Yappari!! You have boyfriend!!”


“Eh?? No I don’t!! I make this for my childhood friend!” Minami is pouting.


“Honto ni??” Yuko smirks.


“Honto dayou! Don’t disturb me…” Yuko then walks out of the kitchen.


When its done, she wraps it neatly in the box. “Yosh!!” Minami then keeps it somewhere so that Yuko and the others won’t find it.


Finally the day comes. Minami is ready to give little surprise to her friend….


Now she is in front of Atsuko’s door. She feels so nervous. They have not met for some months and now they are just going to meet each other. Minami keeps thinking, what she should do. Hugging her? Or……Kissing her? Eh? Kiss? But actually ‘kissing’ is on Minami’s what-to-do-list. She rings the bell and she hears Atsuko’s mother’s voice.


“Ah! Minami-kun! Hisashiburi~”


“Hi aunty! It’s been a long time. How are you?”


“I am fine, and wow…you are not that boyish anymore. You are even cuter now…” she pinches Minami’s cheeks. She just laughs.


“Atsuko is home?”


“Oh…yes, come in~ As usual you can see her in her room..”


‘Thanks aunty!” Minami then walks to Atsuko’s room. There in front of the door, she really feels nervous. She doesn’t understand why her heart beats so fast….Maybe it’s the first time in her high school time meeting Atsuko.


‘knock knock’


“Yes, come in~” she hears Atsuko’s voice and not want to wait for so long, she opens the door. There she is seeing a girl is sitting on the chair, combing her semi-long black haired facing the mirror.


How shock Minami is right now. But yeah, her eyes are not wrong, she’s Atsuko. But she doesn’t look like the old one, she has changed. She’s not that fat anymore, her white shirt presses on her body and she also wears mini skirt. It’s looking so good on her. When Atsuko turns around, Minami just like getting a heart attack. Atsuko looks more beautiful now. She changes her hairstyle and it looks tidier than before, it suits her so much. She doesn’t wear the old glasses anymore, she has already changed it into the new one, white colored.


“Minami?” Atsuko stands up and looks so surprised seeing her old friend is standing there.


“H….hi, Atsu….ko…” Minami can’t take her eyes off from Atsuko. She’s already being hypnotized by her.


“Minami!!!” Atsuko runs toward Minami and hugs her tightly. “I am happy seeing you here…”


“Ye…yeah~ Me too…ehe…” Atsuko releases the hug.


“You know, I miss you so much…” Atsuko starts pouting. It really kills Minami right now, Acchan’s pouting really can kill her immediately… Minami stays quite, staring at her friend’s new appearance.


“He? What happened? Something wrong with me??”


“No! Err…It’s just….we don’t meet for long time, and now…you just impressed me.” Minami blushes, so does Atsuko.


“You…..like it?” Atsuko asks then Minami nods. “Aa yokatta…”


“Why you…..dressed up like this? Ehm…..You wanna hang out with someone?”


Atsuko looks away, she bites her lips. Minami feels uneasy.


“Ah right…..there must be so many good looking guys are after you…”


“Eh? No, Minami….Ehmm….I….” Atsuko still looks away.


Minami just shuts her mouth. Somehow something stabs on her heart, and its really hurt. Okay, she meets Atsuko, but knowing she will leave with someone she doesn’t know, she feels uneasy.


“Atsu! Your friend has come!” Her mom already called her from downstairs.


“So….you will leave?” asks Minami.


“I will stay if you want me to…” says Atsuko.


“I know I was wrong coming here today….” Minami turns around and suddenly Atsuko grabs her hand.


“I will tell him right now….” Atsuko holds her friend’s hand and leads her to go downstairs.


Minami feels more SHOCK right now. The figure who just come also shocked, and he looks away.


“Ehm…..Aoi-kun….I think I….”Atsuko is stuttering, confusing what she should say to the boy in front of her.


“Atsuko, is he your boyfriend?” asks Minami.


“Eh?? N….No! He’s just….just my senpai at school….”


“Oh…really???” Minami walks closer to the man. “Hoi…..you played around with my friend too huh??” Minami pushes Aoi’s body.


“The hell! It’s not your business!” he is pointing at Minami.


“Do not point at me, bastard! Didn’t you feel satisfied yet? You just broke Haruna’s heart!!”


“Shut UP!” Aoi grabs Minami’s collar.


“Stop! Aoi-kun!!” Atsuko shouts at him. “Do not ever touch my Minami!”


Slowly he pulls his hand. “Atsuko, you should not get close to this guy.”




“He’s playboy. He hurt my friend’s heart, Haruna. Then yesterday I saw him at mall with a girl….”


“Well….actually yesterday he was with me at mall…” Minami widen her eyes.


Aoi smirks. He feels Atsuko will choose him instead.


“Atsuko…..” Minami keeps looking at Atsuko, thinking that she might fall for him..


“See? Haha….well Atsuko, let’s go…” Aoi wants to grab Atsuko’s hand.


“But sorry, I don’t feel anything to you. I am sorry…”


“What?” Aoi looks a bit mad.






“Hey!! Don’t shout at her! I don’t know if my hand can make you bleed so bad.”


“Grrhhh!! Listen, Atsuko! You will regret this! Don’t think because you are cute you can get every boy!!” then he leaves.


Minami looks at Atsuko, she just looks down. “Follow me~” Minami grabs Atsuko’s hand and goes out for a walk, maybe?


They arrive at park, it’s a bit dark here… but we can see couples are walking around.


“You said you didn’t have someone you like…” Minami starts the conversation.


“Yes, that’s true..”


“But why you went out with him?! You don’t know he’s a playboy?? How can you be so careless?”


“I just….miss you.”


“Huh? Miss me? Then you hang out with him? Funny.”


“Don’t you understand?” Atsuko starts sobbing, “….everyday I keep thinking about you, I miss the day where we spend our times together…. I really want to meet you…” she starts crying. “I went out with him because I want just in one day to not think about you…”


Now Minami feels guilty coz she half shouted to Atsuko.


“Atsuko….I’m sorry…” Minami walks closer and wipes Atsuko’s tears. “Me too…I miss you so much….” They are hugging each other.


Couple of minutes they are releasing the hug, and both of them are sitting on the nearest bench.


“Hmm…you know, when I saw you with your new appearance, I was shocked. I am happy seeing you becoming cuter, prettier, but one side I don’t want you to change.”


“Why? You hate the me now?”


“No, I never hate you Atsuko, it’s just….. If you become prettier, many guys will look for you, and I am scared that you will leave me…”


“Eh? Never Minami…. I won’t leave you…”


Minami keeps staring at Atsuko. “You know…you are really beautiful. But….so sad I can’t pinch your chubby cheeks again…” Atsuko blushes. “Ehe? Your cheeks are suddenly becoming red! Haha….”


“Ee!! Stop it, Minami!” she hits Minami’s arm slowly.


“By the way….Happy valentine’s day…” Minami takes the chocolate out from her bag. Atsuko is speechless, she is too excited.


“Thank you, Minami!! I love it…” Atsuko hugs her friend once more. Then Atsuko releases the hug. Minami rubs her friend’s red cheeks.


“Promise me you won’t leave me…”


‘I will….”


“Atsuko…..I will protect you, no matter what, I will be there for you….” Atsuko can’t continue to answer. Her heart suddenly beats so fast, like Minami does. “I’ll make sure you will be only mine….”


“Eh? Mi…Minami? What….what are you talking about?”


“Isn’t clear enough? I said, I will make sure you will be only mine. Do you understand?”


“Ehm……I….I guess so…” Atsuko blushes even more. Minami then holds her hand.


“I know it’s so weird, but it’s fact. When we got separated, I realized my feeling to you. This feeling developed until I couldn’t take it anymore….The feeling is growing into love state and I can’t resist it.”


“Lo…..love?” Atsuko’s heart beats even faster now..


“Yes, like I will get easily jealous when you are with guy.” They keep staring to each other. Then Minami moves closer and slowly reaches Atsuko’s lips. First she feels doubt, but when she feels quite sure, she presses her lips against Atsuko’s. Minami’s heart beat even faster when Atsuko replies the kiss.


“Hm….I think you are going to slap me….” Minami chuckles.


“How could I? I mean…..I really want to do it also…”Atsuko chuckles.


“Eh? Really?? How happy I am.”


“I don’t believe you finally confessed to me. Hehe….”


“Sorry if I am not that romantic Atsuko….but that’s not important. My feeling is much more important right now…” she kisses Atsuko’s forehead. “I am happy you finally become mine.” She kisses Atsuko’s neck.


“That’s tickling me~” Atsuko slowly pushes Minami away.


“Ups, sorry. Got super excited. I want to know how you taste…”


“Not here…..” Atsuko pokes Minami’s nose. They both are giggling.


“Well…..err….ehmm….I love you?” Minami says.


“You are asking huh??” Atsuko wraps her hands around Minami’s neck.


“Hehe…. Just to make sure you won’t faint after hearing that~” she then suddenly plants a kiss on her girlfriend’s lips, sucking it and tasting it. Minami really loves how her girlfriend tastes. “You have to get prepared from now Atsuko….”


“I have to be ready in any time then…” Atsuko gives a kiss back to her girlfriend. And yeah, she really loves her so much… After that Minami promises Atsuko to always look after her and won’t let Aoi to touch her again…. Well congratulation to both of you 😀


YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY Happy early Val day! XD


5 thoughts on “[AtsuMina] Special Val Fic

  1. Sorry if my English isn’t good!
    I had read all your fic from jphip but I didn’t comment any…i’m shy >”<…but after I read this one I decided to comment…I love your writing! I can imagine the moment when Takamina confess to Acchan. So Sweet~~~!

    1. hey! thank you so much for reading my stories!! hehe…
      why you felt shy? 🙂 well my english is not that good also and I really am happy when I received comments from readers. It’s kinda a motivation for me :))
      Make sure you visit my site (this one) to look for another update 😀
      but I will keep updating my thread at Jphip

  2. I will…I’ll wait patiently until you update a new fic ^^!!! I felt shy caused I don’t want to comment like “Update soon or good oneshot v.v.v”… Also, my English isn’t good so I’m scared that they will not understand my comment!! haha *scratch my head*!!! I love your writing, hehe.

  3. OMG! I love this!!!! As I was reading this I thought it will end only that Atsuko is fat.. but I’m so glad you continued the story till she gets pretty and chose Minami!! Kyaaaaa!!!

    I also felt hurt when Acchan was about to get a date with the playboy guy but I’m so happy she still chooses Minami!! :))) ❤ ❤

    Hope to see more updates from you!!!! AWESOME STORY!!! keep it up! 😉

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