[AtsuMina] Christmas Pure White Heart


Yesterday I have finished one-shot (random), I guess because yesterday was Xmas eve, I ended up making xmas os. lol 😀

well…. here it is, I hope it won’t bore you since its weird.. Enjoy readers.

Christmas Pure White Heart

I don’t expect that I would go home this late. I always look at my watch and this time it points 1:00 am. I sigh..


I already promised I’ll be at home around 9pm, but I don’t know I will have to continue to record for the next episode for this reality show. The snow keeps falling and it’s really cold. I put my hands on my cheek to help me feel warmer. Still cold. I have to be at home soon or I might be dead here right now.


I take the last train and so few people there. I easily look for seat and I sit there as my I cover both of my ears with earphone, I am listening to the music so than I won’t feel bored.


I reached home at 2:00, too late and I am so so so tired right now. I open the door… I put off my shoes and place them in the rack. I walk to my room and before that I must pass living room. I’m surprised as I am seeing figure there. She’s is falling asleep on the chair while both of her hands link to each other and her head is buried in there. I walk slowly to the figure so that she won’t awake. I stroke her hair, then I go to my room and come back with my hand with thick sweater. I cover her body so she won’t feel cold.


“Hrmm….” She slowly raises her head and rubs her eyes.


“Eh, sorry, did I awake you?”


“Sorry, I felt asleep….”


“Ah, no, it’s my fault to come home this late…”


“Have you had your dinner? I made you some…” I see some foods on the table.


“I have had my dinner with the other staffs, sorry…….”


She smiles, “I see…. Sorry I was using your kitchen, because you were out, your parents are not home, so I decided to make you one…”


“No need to apologize, Atsuko. Thanks… I will eat it tomorrow as my breakfast…”


We are in silent, “I guess, you have to stay over. It’s already this time, I won’t let you go home alone.”


“I plan to stay over though you promised me will be at home early.”


“Ah…..I’m really sorry. I don’t know they also will record for next week episode.” I bow.


“Okay, okay….I understand….” She gets up and gives me back the sweater. I smile to her.


“Let’s sleep….” I pull her hands to follow upstairs to go to the room. Suddenly she pulls me to her and plans a short kiss on my lips. Its so soft and warm.


“I really miss you….” She says.


I really feel guilty. I always leave her alone every time, almost there’s no time for her. I don’t know too lately my schedule is too crowded… She also has schedule for her upcoming drama but now she’s off until 26th.


“I miss you too…..” I respond her kiss. She pushes me against wall while she keeps kissing me smoothly. She puts both of her hands around my neck while my hands are on her thin waist. She kisses my neck and now she is going crazy. Her hands are traveling around my body and start to unbutton my jacket (it’s not with zipper). She strongly pushes my body against the wall, and now I can’t breathe normally.


“I want you…..”she whispers to my ear as she starts another kiss. She expresses how much she has missed me….I feel guilty, because of my work I can’t meet her every day. I respond her kiss roughly like what she just did to me. I put my hands around her neck now while her hands are putting off my jacket. Then she hugs me and guides me to my room…. She opens the room and we are still kissing… We can’t see our steps and my room is so dark… She pushes me again against wall and my hand is reaching for the lamp, and I turn it on. And now I am the one who push her to the bed. Now we are lying on it, still kissing each other.


Finally I break the kiss coz I guess we need air to breathe, we are looking each other. I can see on to her eyes. Loneliness, sad, and I feel more guilty. I miss her too… I am suffering when I can’t meet her though. I pinch her cheek and she chuckles. She lands another kiss on my lips.


“Atsuko….I’m tired.” I say.


“You don’t want to spend the night with me?” she says as she kisses my neck… until she back looking at me.


“I really want to, but tomorrow I also have some works to do.”


She pouts. “Tomorrow is Christmas eve. Do you have to go work??”


“I’m really sorry… I promise I’ll be home earlier. I promise.”


“I’m tired of your promise, Minami. You always break it.”


“Hmm…..It can’t be helped. It’s a work, right?”


She looks away, biting her lips. She looks so sad…. What must I do? I’m so tired right now. I miss her too, I want to be with her tonight, but I am too tired… Does she want me to sleep during our time together? She might be more angry to me.


She gets up from me, and me too.


“Nee Atsuko, are you mad?”




“Please understand me. I promise tomorrow we will be together, I promise…”


“I don’t want tomorrow, but now.” She crosses her hand in front of her chest. I sigh.


“I’m so tired today, don’t you understand?”

Then she looks at me, “Am I bothering you right now? Okay, Miss Takahashi. Oyasuminasai.” She quickly stands up and goes out from my room. I let out big sigh while I facepalm myself. I hope tomorrow she will be okay….


Tomorrow morning, I don’t see Atsuko everywhere. Maybe she is going outside or going home? She didn’t tell me anything or at least she could leave a message so that I won’t feel worry.


As usual, today I have to work for magazine shooting together with no3b. I meet Harunyan and Miichan here.


“Will you join us tonight, Takamina?” ask Harunyan.


“Join what?” I ask.


“Me, Miichan, Yuko, Mariko, Tomochin, will have dinner at my house. Will you join??”


“Join with us, little captain. At least your fail joke can entertain us and we won’t feel bored.” Miichan says.


“Haha…. Sounds great, but I will pass. I have something to do tonight.”


“Ahaaa…..” both Miichan and Harunyan look at me with those suspicious eyes.




“No… I just can smell dirty thought from our little captain.”


“Eh??? Miichan stop it! I don’t even think to do that with Atsuko.”


“Aha!!” Miichan burst out her laugh while I cover my mouth.


“We didn’t even say any word refer to Acchan…” Harunyan says.


Shimatta. I am done here… What a shame.


“No! No!! You guys have mistaken something!”


“Really?” Miichan nudges my arm while smirking.


“Uwa mou….Minna….” I pout. Harunyan and Miichan are just laughing.



Our photo session has done and they have anything to do so they leave first while I have another works to do at one of tv station.


Time points to 10pm, and yeah I’m late again. Oh god, why they work are not based on the time schedule? I’m the victim! I suppose to be at home around 9pm and now it’s already 10pm! Atsuko will kill me!!


I reach my phone and I dial her phone number. No answer. I try so many times but it doesn’t reach it. It says, the phone is not active. She probably mad right now and she turned her phone off. She doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. Even in Christmas eve she is alone. Do I deserve to live?


I arrive at home around 11pm. Still dark and no sign of Atsuko here. I turn on the lamp and the situation is just like this morning. Atsuko didn’t come. I look at my phone but no message from her…I sit on the sofa and take out something from my bag. I open its small box, and there is a beautiful necklace. I bought it on my home because I think Atsuko will like it when I give it to her.


While I take very serious look at this necklace, I feel asleep.


I wake up at 4pm and I quickly reach my phone. Still no message and call from her. I wonder where she is and what she’s doing. Maybe I have to call Miichan? Maybe she’s at Harunyan’s house.


I call Miichan, but no answer. I try to call Harunyan, I hope she will answer.


“Moshi…moshi…Takamina? What’s sup?” Thanks god she’s answering.


“Hello, Harunyan. Atsuko there?”


“Acchan? No. She is not here…. Btw why you still up at this time?”


“Well….I….” before I can continue, a voice is interrupting.


“Nyan Nyan, why you took so long answering the call~ We are on the good timing now~ turn it off~~~” That pervert voice, must be Yuko’s.


“Wait a minute Yuuchan. It’s Takamina….”


“Sorry I am disturbing you guys….”


“Ah, no problem…. Everyone is sleeping right now… It’s only me and Yuko are still up and this pervert girl won’t let me sleep….”


“Ahaha….alright then. Have a nice err….time?” I chuckle. Then we close our conversation.


Atsuko is not there, so where’s she? I try to call but her phone is still not active. I hope tomorrow she will call me.


Merry Christmas! Well, that what I want to say to Atsuko, but she’s not here. I can’t even call her…  She doesn’t call me back too. I am in the middle of work, so I think after this I will go to her apartment.


My phone is ringing and I pick it up.


“Takamina!!” It’s Harunyan.


“Hey, what’s up?”


“Have you seen Acchan’s post on G+?”


“Hmm…not yet. Why?”


“She posted something last night though. She was with members from Kara, Nicole.”


“Eh? Nicole?”


“Yes… I guess they spent time together yesterday. They took picture also. You have to see!”


“Ah, alright. Thanks…” PIP


I quickly get access to my G+ and check Atsuko’s post on it. And yes. She was with Nicole yesterday. They took picture together in the central park with big Christmas tree in the middle. So she went with this girl? Why she didn’t tell me? Was she mad??


It’s already evening and I go to her apartment, want to clear this mess. I can get in easily as I have the key. I am waiting for Atsuko, so I sit on the sofa.


The door is opening and I wake from my nap. I rub my eyes, finally she is home. She is surprised looking me sitting on the sofa.


“Why are you here?” she sounds mad.


“I am waiting for you….” I walk closer to her.


“Don’t you have work to do?”


“I have finished it. Atsuko are you mad? You didn’t even call me since yesterday. I worried about you…..”


“Do you even care? You always leave me alone. You are busy with yourself. I guess you might be forgetting me.”


“I care! Do you think I am not sad while I can’t keep my promise to you?? I really want to be with you…..How many times should I say this to you? To make you understand?!”


“You don’t need too… I won’t bother you again, Minami. Now just go home….”


“I miss you, so I come. You don’t miss me??”


She is in quite and looking away…


“Where’ve you been just now?” I ask. She doesn’t answer.


“Did you go with Nicole?” she then looks at me, but still in quite.


“Do you prefer go with her instead? And now who are leaving who?”


“I don’t have any choice! I’m lonely and I can’t hold it anymore!”


“Don’t you think I am not lonely? I am so lonely when I can’t meet you, Atsuko. Now….you broke my heart….” I look away try to hide my teary eyes.


“Minami….” She calls my name and walks closer. “Minami, I am sorry….” She reaches my hand and holds it.


“I was mad at you that night. Though you promised me you will be at home early yesterday, but you broke it once again. I know you will break it since Miichan told me you will be super busy. So I decide to call Nicole and hang out together….”


“….and left me heartbroken?”


“No! Of course not! I’m just lonely, Minami….” She rubs my cheek and hugs me. “I’m sorry, okay?”


I release her hug and I give her a present.


“For me?” she says in happy, I nod. She opens it and sees a beautiful necklace I bought yesterday.


“I bought it yesterday. I thought I will give it to you in xmas eve.”


“It’s so pretty! I love it. Thank you, Minami….” She smiles. I am so relieved when I can see her smile. I know from the very beginning I was the one who should be blamed. I let her alone and went out with someone else. I’m so stupid.


“Let me put it on you…” she hands it back to me and I put it on her. Omg she looks so beautiful.


“How do I look?”


“Beautiful.” I say. She blushes.. “Merry Christmas.” She smiles.


“Well. Because today is already Christmas, what should we do?” she says while holding my hands tightly.


“Whatever you want….”


“Eh, have you had something to eat?”


“Not yet….”


“You must be so starving right now. Okay, I am going to make you something….Wait here.” While turning her body, I pull her closer and give her a very long kiss. Long kiss that expresses how much I want to see her. I really miss her….


“Don’t you feel hungry?” she asks once again. I shake my head.


“You are enough, Atsuko…You are I want now.” She smiles even wider and kisses me.


We are kissing in slow at first then it turns into passionate one. Like I don’t want to let her go, I pull her closer to look for another kiss…. I hug her tightly so she can’t move freely. She always replies the kiss in smooth way then she turns it into deep one. I really love this person who is standing in front of me. I can’t look away from her. She looks so beautiful tonight and yet she is wearing my necklace. She’s so perfect.


Merry Christmas Atsuko and I will always love you………


Wahahaha…. weird isn’t it? 🙂


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  1. lol thanks for leaving a comment here XD its motivating me to write. Well, just wait k?
    I am still working on my JKT48 fic and after finishing it, I will write about AtsuMina ^^

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