Starting Point

Hey! Because I am on my free time, I’d like to share since when I started following AKB48,ย  especially Acchan ๐Ÿ™‚

First of all, I was YUI’s fan when I was in senior high, and also I loved watching J-Dorama… I collect some of it. One day, I found one dorama titled ‘Men-Dol’. At first I thought this dorama was kinda weird, I mean the story line didn’t attract me, so I just left without buying it.

Some days later I came back wanted to buy some of J-Drama, and yes that Mendol drama was still there. I couldn’t find any new one, so I decided to buy it. I guessed I should give it a try (I really want to kill myself at that time DX)

Dang. Its good drama! Not to mention ‘that scene’ but the stars! /ea

Those girls were truly beautiful, cute, and fresh! At that time my eyes were on Takamina. She was so energetic, powerful, although her height is only 148.5 , but she was so cute! I love her voice as Kai <3<3 *first love*

I was searching the songs coz it was so good! The ending theme, and the Persona one. But it was so difficult at that time to find the mp3, it was around year 2009 in May I guess. I asked my brother to find it for me, and he managed to find it, but only Oogoe Diamond. I thanked him like crazy! ๐Ÿ™‚

The song was so catchy, I love it. I was curious by the group who sang it, AKB48. I wanted to see how they looked like so I decided to watch it on YouTube. And yes, Oogoe Diamond’s PV was there, I clicked it and watch.

I found myself smiling whether I saw Takamina, hehe she really was not different from her chara in mendol. Before that I realized that myself surprised because there were a lot of them! Seriously! How could they manage to sing and dance even on the stage?? That was my thought at that time XD

I downloaded it and played it always at home (I also downloaded Relax Dance ver n original ver. That time I just knew no3b was one of AKB48, I thought they were different)

Then, I found myself interested with the long haired girl in front. In the story line she couldnt dance and got into a fight. She was cute, I thought at that time.

I didn’t know her name, I just only knew Taka, Kojiharu, n Miichan. and also I was not into searching thing on google though… #gaptek

Then I read comments, they mentioned “Acchan….where’s Acchan…”


I decided to write ‘Acchan’ on google, so many links appears and YES!! THat’s her! Acchan, Maeda Atsuko. I saw so many pictures of her….. She was adorable, cute, n gorgeous!

Like blinded by her appearance, her cuteness, I forgot about Taka.

From that day, I browsed everything about AKB48, their pictures, their live performance, until their new single at that time, 10nen Sakura. I became super duper love in Acchan. Taka still has place in my heart, she’s my 2nd though ^^

how can I resist her? Oh my god T^T


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