Me and My Ojou-sama

Hola! Okay…..another old fic of mine 😀

enjoy ^^


Me and My Ojou-sama

I move my hand right and left as I make her hair up. Comb it and I love doing this every morning. I smile from heart coz I want to see her smile when I finish it. She is sitting and playing with her hand phone…. Her long hair is really smooth and I love touching it.


“How is it?”


She then raises her head and looks to the big mirror in front of us. She then keeps looking at her hair.


“Hmm…. please make my pony little bit to this side.” she points to the side she wants the pony to be made up, and as she orders me to do so I do it immediately. I don’t want to make her disappointed and sad. She is everything to me.


Okay, I have finished.


“Done!” I say as I smile. “You look beautiful, Atsuko-sama!” she then smiles and stands up.


“I always love your hair make…. Am I that beautiful?”


“Yes. You are the most beautiful Atsuko-sama!”


“Haha you don’t need to shout it that loud, Minami….” she pinches my cheek and it turns red. She then walks to the door as she is ready to go out.


“Why are you standing there, Minami? Let’s go….”


“Oh, ha-hai!” then I run to her in rush and following her behind.



As usual we walk to the park near Atsuko-sama’s residence. She takes a deep breathe she really loves the morning air.


“Uwaa….this is really good! I love morning!”


I smile, I am so happy when I see her this happy, and I will be sad if she’s sad. Like I said before, she means everything to me. I mean, I can give my heart for her if she wants it. And I don’t mind if I give her my life. She is more precious than everything I have.


“Ah! Be careful Atsuko-sama!!” I pull her slowly as there are some boys playing with ball. I guess my quick response has saved her from getting a hit.


“Oh, thank you Minami.” she smiles.


SSShhh…. I feel my blood come up to my face….. She is really cute with that expression.


“Come on, Minami. I need another walk.”


omg…she is really energetic even in the morning. Err…not only in morning but always. Her parents love her also. She is just too precious for everybody. She is kind, daring, caring, and love to help other. She is just too perfect.


“Ah! Ohayo Acchan!!!” we always meet this girl every morning at this park. She also likes to walk around. She then approaches us.


“Ohayo Mariko!”


“Oh yo, Minami-kun!”


“Ohayo, Shinoda-sama.” I bow my head.


“Ohayo Maeda-sama.” ikemen who stands behind Mariko bows his head too.


“Ah, ohayo Kuu-kun.”


“Why do we always meet here? Haha…”ask Mariko.


“I know you like to look for ikemen at park.” I tease her.


“Sssttt!!!!” Mariko then whispers to Atsuko. “Don’t say that in front of him…”


Kuu stands there as he narrows his eyes. Atsuko then covers her mouth.


“Ups, so you both are…..”


Mariko nods.


“Sugee!!! Omedetoo!!”


“Ssshhh!!! Don’t need to be that loud, Acchan….”


“I am sorry, Mariko. It is just so sweet, you and your butler…. No doubt since you two are always together everytime.” Atsuko giggles.


“I don’t know too Acchan. I know it is forbidden to have relationship with our butler, but why I could fall for someone like him, I still don’t understand.”


“EHEM!” Kuu clears his throat.


“Ups… He heard us…” Mariko chuckles. “…how about you?”


“What do you mean??”


“Come on, Acchan. You are 20 now, but you don’t have a lover.” Mariko back teases her.


DEG! Why when Mariko says that I can’t calm? I worry Atsuko can find better guy… It means I won’t be her butler anymore and I need to change my ojou-sama. I can’t. I have served Atsuko when we were little. I can’t even think about that.


“Hmm…. Maybe no.” then Atsuko wraps her hand on my shoulder.


“I already have someone that will always be beside me! Nee, Minami?!”


I blink. Oh god, does she really mean it??


“Oh, ye-yes….”


“Wow… So our stories will be the same then…”Mariko laughs slowly. “Ouh well then Acchan… I need to go. Have fun!”


“Okay, bye bye Mariko….” Then Mariko as Kuu follows her.


“Let’s go Minami….” I nod as I follow her from behind.


Okay, I will tell you a history.


My name is Takahashi Minami, born in Takahashi Family. Takahashi Family and Maeda Family has this relationship, where sons from Takahashi’s become Maeda’s daughter’s butler. And yeah, I am a girl. I have two older brothers and they become Atsuko’s cousins butlers.


At first I was not supposed to be her butler, but she was the one who asked me to. When we were kid we used to play together and one day (when she was 10) her parents asked her to choose one of my brothers to become her butler. She didn’t want them, she chose me instead.


Her parents kept telling her it must be my brothers not me, but she kept choosing me as her butler coz she said she liked me. I don’t know what ‘like’ it was, maybe because we were always together?!


Then her parents give up and made me as her butler. I was happy at that time, coz I could be beside Atsuko… I learned how to be a good butler, and people were surprise as I could learn so fast. Her parents gave me a blonde wig to hide my true identity because every daughter has real butler not like Atsuko’s, who has a ‘girl’ as her butler.


I am fine with that, as long as I can see Atsuko happy smile every day. 10 years from the first day I become her butler was really fast. Atsuko grew to be a beautiful woman and I notice that every man at park looks at her. I bet Atsuko doesn’t notice it…


“Good morning, Acchan!!” a man approaches Atsuko. He is just an ordinary man. Yeah, Atsuko is really famouse.


“Please take this present….” he brings a chocolate box and hands it to her.


“Eh? Ehmm…..” Atsuko looks confuse, and its my turn as I walk in front of her and be a ‘wall’ between her and this guy.


“Who are you? And what is your business with her?”


“Wow…. relax man. I just want to give that present to Acchan, is that wrong?”


“Yes of course.” I turn back and take that chocolate.


“Atsuko-sama doesn’t like sweet thing like chocolate. So….” I hand the chocolate back to him… “We are sorry…”


“You?! How come a girl doesn’t like a chocolate??? You lie to me!!”


“I am sorry, Minami doesn’t lie. I don’t like sweet thing. I am sorry….” Atsuko says.


“See? So could you please step aside? Atsuko-sama can’t walk if you are blocking her way.”


Feeling losing, he then steps aside. I please Atsuko to walk first as I follow her again.


“How come I don’t like chocolate?” she chuckles.


“I am sorry Atsuko-sama. He looks so dangerous.”


“Yea I know. Thank you Minami….”


Atsuko, I know everything about you. You love sweet food the most. Chocolate, cake, etc, and you hate spicy food the most.


“Nee…..please cook me some spaghetti later, okay?”


“Kashikomarimashita, Atsuko-sama….”


Your order is my pleasure, Atsuko.



Maeda’s residence



“Atsuko…..Where are you, Atsuko?!”


“Yes mom, I am in my room….” Her mother gets in as I greet her.


“You look so great, Minami-chan….”


I bow my head.


“What’s wrong, mom??”


She sits beside Atsuko.


“Well….Your father asks me to tell you this.”


“Ehm? What is it?”


“I hope you have already prepared.”


“Come on, mom… You make me curious.”


“Okay…. He wants Minami to be housemaid.”


I am surprised. What? How can it be??


I guess, Its not only me who is surprised.


“Why mom?? Why is it too sudden??” Atsuko shakes her mother’s body.


“We have planned this some months ago…”


“But why?? It means Minami won’t be my butler again??”


“Yes Atsuko. Because you have already engaged.”


Like a knife stabbed right on my heart. Atsuko is going to marry with a guy I don’t know. Who is this lucky guy? Is he better than me? Can he protect Atsuko?? He can do better than me??


“What?? Engage??” Atsuko stands up. “I don’t even heard about this!! Why you decide it without letting me know first?!” Atsuko seems doesn’t agree with this engagement.


“Atsuko, calm down…. We didn’t mean it.”


“You mean it!! You’d better discuss with me first before making a decision! I reject this engagement!! I don’t even know him mom!!”


“He is Nakamura Aoi… He is a prince and good in everything. I am sure you will like him soon….”


“It is about feeling mom!! And I don’t want to be engaged!!!” She runs out.




“Minami-chan, please….”


“I understand…” and I run after her…


Atsuko…. I know you are hurt, its hurt me too… I also disagree with this, and my night mare finally come, I won’t serve you anymore…. I have to find her right away, I don’t want her sad even cry alone. Where are you Atsuko? Where are you?? Then I arrive at back garden, as I see her sitting on the bench. Look down and sob. I walk closer and sit beside her.




She then looks at me, and she is crying so much…


“Mi-Minami….” said her in sob.


“Please don’t cry… I am here…..” I wipe her tears.


“I don’t want to be engaged. My parents don’t understand me. I hate them….”


“Shh….please don’t say that Atsuko-sama… They love you. Really they do. Maybe…. They think, Nakamura-sama is best for you, so that…..”


“Could you please don’t say that name again? I don’t want to be engaged! Don’t you understand!!!!”


“Okay,okay…. I am sorry, Atsuko-sama… I am sorry…..”


The tears keep falling, and I don’t know how to stop it. I can’t see her like this… My heart hurt when she’s sad. She is my precious ojou-sama, and I can’t let her sad.


“It’s not only about the engagement, it is also about you…..”




“I won’t to be separated with you, Minami… I want you to stay beside me. I don’t want you to go….” she says in cry.


“I won’t go anywhere, Atsuko-sama. I will be here with you….”


“You promise?”


“Yes. I promise….” then I see you smile. Finally you are smiling. I am happy I can see it. You then rest your head on my shoulder.


“I feel safe whenever I am with you….”


BLUSH. My cheek is pink. Oh gosh, why in this situation I am blushing??


Not long I feel rain fall. Immediately I take Atsuko inside.


I open the door and tell her to rest.


“Where are you going?” she says when I cover her body with blanket.


“I am going to make a hot soup for you, Atsuko-sama….”


“I don’t need it. Stay here….” she says as she pulls me to sit beside her. She sits on the bed with her hand keeps grabbing mine.


“Don’t you feel cold?” I ask her.


She is shaking her head.


Atsuko is easily getting cold…. Her body is really weak since kid. So that I keep protecting her….


“Thank you for always taking care of me….” she grabs my hand tighter.




“That is my duty as your butler, Atsuko-sama….”


“Hm… as my butler, huh??” she then loosen her grabs and her face reaction suddenly changes.


“What’s wrong, Atsuko-sama??”


“Nothing. Okay, you may go….” then she comes back sleeping.




GLAR!! Then a big lightning appears on the sky. Atsuko then screams so loud as my hands quickly covers her ears.


“Atsuko-sama, are you alright?” I ask in panic. I hope she’s okay.


“Yes…I am scared.”


“I am here. Nothing will happen, Atsuko-sama…” I then wrap my hand onto her neck…


Suddenly I feel a tears fall from her eyes.


“At-Atsuko-sama! What happened?? Why are you crying?” I say as I wipe her tears.


“I don’t want to marry. I don’t want you to leave me…” the tears keep falling. I don’t know what to do. I just can’t see her like this. My precious Atsuko, I won’t her cry because of this stupid engagement.


“Trust me, I won’t leave you, Atsuko-sama…. I have promised you….”


She then gets up and sits beside me on the bed. She holds my hand as she moves closer and seals my lips with hers.


“This is the reason, Minami….”


I touch my lips, her soft lips has just pressed mine?! Her reason?? Does it mean she likes me like I do??




“I am sorry, I kiss you Minami…. But that is my true feeling. I really want to do it whenever I see you….”


“Atsuko-sama…..” I put my hand on her cheek and rub it softly.


“Please just call me Atsuko…..” I smile. I really really want to call you in that way.


“I don’t want to be separated as well, Atsuko…. You are my everything. I can’t live without you….”


“Glad to hear it….”


She smiles as I wipe her last tear on her eyes. I kiss her wet cheek.


“I won’t give you to him…. No one can love you much than I do….”


I kiss her lips and she replies it. It feels like in a dream, where I can feel Atsuko’s soft lips. But this is reality… I kiss her slowly and won’t go wild on her. She then pulls down my wig and throw it away. She then breaks the kiss,


“You even better with long hair, Minami…..” She smiles.


“I guess so…. But still, you are the most beautiful ladies that I’ve ever served.” I say as I back kiss her. Her hand slowly wraps on my neck and tilts her head to right so that she can easily kiss me. We make some small noises from the kissing and she kisses me roughly now. She pulls out her tongue and places it inside my mouth… It feels even hotter than before, and she begins sucking my lower lips and playing with it. While she is doing that, I push my body to her as we slowly lay on the bed and she is still kissing me. She messes up my hair, her hands can’t stay as it always moves to all parts of my body. She puts off my neck tie and throws it away. She unbuttons 3 buttons of my shirt as her hands travels around this area.


“Your skin sure is so soft…” she whispers as she continues kissing me.


I kiss her cheek and move to her ear… “I can’t stop loving you….” I whisper to her as I bite her ear. Then I move to her neck and plant a mark on it.


“Be mine tonight.” she whispers to me and I nod slowly as my hand unzip her dress and tonight will feel longer than before.



Today is when prince Nakamura will come for a visit. Atsuko still on her room… She is wearing a beautiful red dress…. She really looks beautiful.


“Atsuko….It is time.” I say to her. And she gets up from the chair and approaches me.


“I don’t want to leave from this room. I don’t want to meet him.”


Then I hug her.


“You know, I will always love you Atsuko. I will find a way…..” I kiss her forehead.


“Really?” I nod.


“Our love will win… I promise.”


Then she plants a short kiss on my lips.


“I love your lips taste, Minami. So sweet.”


“Yours too….” I kiss her back.


KNOCK! KNOCK! Alright, we break the kiss.


“Atsuko, can mum come in?”




“Good afternoon…..” I bow my head.


“Good afternoon, Minami-chan….. Well Atsuko. Aoi-kun has arrived. Go downstairs now. We are waiting.” She nods.


“Wow… you look so perfect on that red dress…. You are so beautiful….” she plants a kiss on her daughter’s cheek and leaves the room.


“I am confused, Minami… I am afraid.”


“I will come with you, Atsuko….” She nods and I accompany her to go downstairs.


We arrive in a large hall. They are already there. Atsuko’s parents and Nakamura Aoi. When Atsuko arrives there, Nakamura is like being hypnotized. He is surprised with Atsuko’s appearance.


“What’s wrong, Aoi-kun?” Atsuko’s father asks Nakamura.


“No….it is just your daughter is so beautiful.” He smiles and Atsuko’s dad laughs. I can see Atsuko’s mom feels uneasy, I can see it through her face.


“Well, Atsuko….. This is Aoi. How is he? Good looking right?”


Not at all. He looks weak, I doubt he can protect Atsuko… I don’t believe him.


“Yes  father.” answer Atsuko without looking at Nakamura. Then she sits beside her mom. I stand behind her.


“I am so lucky to get engaged by beautiful princess like your daughter, uncle Maeda…”


“HAHAHAHAHA….. Well… She is the only our daughter, we have to make her happy and I am glad you will be her husband…..” He says as he looks at her daughter. She doesn’t even smile, laugh, she just sits without any expression. Then his smile suddenly disappears. He has never seen her daughter acted like this.


“Well, uncle….. Uncle?” call Nakamura.


“Oh, eh…ahh…. hai. hai….” He forces himself to smile.


“I want the wedding to be held in this short time… Can you arrange it??”

“Oh yeah…hahaha…of course. Ehm….” he then looks back to his daughter. He can see his daughter is in pain now. She doesn’t even happy with this engagement. He then suddenly becomes guilty.


“You know uncle, I have thought that I will have so many children…. 2 or 3. Hahaha… sounds cool, right?”


WHAT THE HELL??? 3 Childs?? Not even in your dream, Nakamura!! I won’t let you steal her from me.




Atsuko then suddenly gets up from the chair.


“Enough!” she shouts.




“Mom, Dad, I don’t want to be engaged!!”


Everyone surprised, even Nakamura.


“What? Ehe… what is it about, uncle? aunt?” Nakamura stands up too.


“Okay, we can settle this…. Ehm, Atsuko….” Her dad tries to calm her daughter.


“What dad??? Don’t you understand my feeling?! I disagree this!! I don’t want to marry with him!!”


“What did you say?” Nakamura approaches Acchan and holds her hands.


“You must be my bride, although you dislike it! You must be mine!!”


“LET HER OFF…” I try to separate him from Atsuko.




“I said, let her off!!”


“Who are you? How dare you shout at me?! Uncle, who is this fucking jerk??!!”


“Don’t say anything bad to Minami!!” Atsuko shouts to him.


“Shut up you little girl!! Come with me!! You must be my wife!!” He pulls Atsuko’s hands.


“Atsuko!” shouts her father and her mom.


Then without thinking, I kick her head. He then falls.


“Who do you think you are? You are not even qualified to be her husband. You are not more than a trash. I’m glad you have showed your true identity.” I stand in front of Atsuko, and she holds my shirt.


“What!!” Nakamura stands up.


“Minami is right. I won’t hand my daughter to a person like you. Now get out from here!!”


“Uncle, I’ll tell my dad about this!!”


“Just do what you like! Now go!!!”


Nakamura then walks away with a blood on his nose.


“Minami…..” Atsuko then hugs me……


“It’s okay now, Atsuko….” I stroke her hair.


“You two…..” then her dad approaches us.


“I think your bonds is really strong.”


I bow my head.


“No need kids. Raise your head.”


Then I do what he says.


“From the beginning when Atsuko chose you as her butler, I could sense it. You were the one that destined to be with her.”






“I know I was wrong…. I arranged this engagement without asking first, but I was glad just before you protect Atsuko from him….”


“That is my duty…..”


“Well, Atsuko… You may choose what you like. As your parents, we will always agree.” he then smiles and leaves us alone.


“It’s unbelievable.” I said.


“What is it?”


“Your father is alright with our relationship. He’s fine with this.”


“Sure. He loves me, just like you said.” she chuckles.


“From now, I can touch you every time I want….”


“Yes, Minami…..” She smiles.


And then I kiss her lips and wrap my hand on her wrist.


“I am happy  right now….” I say to her and he rests her head on my chest.


“Me too….” then she raises her head and looks at me.


“I love you so much, Minami…. My cool butler.”


“I love you too, my most precious lady….”


Then we are kissing each other, try to feel this wonderful feeling we have and we won’t forget this moment.


“Wanna go to your room??” I whisper to her.


“Mou….” she punches me with a light fist on my chest.


“Hehe…. I wanna eat you, Atsuko….”


Then both of us heading to her room and continue the next part there.



O_O okay….forgive me m(_ _)m



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