Christmas For You

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Christmas For You


On 8th December, AKB48 was celebrating its 6th anniversary. We all have special event, or we should say our routine once a year right on AKB’s anniversary. We performed at theater, with all fans who were lucky to watch our performance on that time. It was running smoothly and I hope we can continue to give dreams to fans in some years forward.


Before the performance, akip had announced that he would have AKB’s project that dragged universe’s word in it. As we expected from akip, since everybody seemed so curious already. It was broadcasted live on AKB48 official youtube’s channel. Fans will feel closer to their oshimen as we could interact through G+. Yeah….that was akip’s new project, to cooperate with Google. Every member has their own account on G+, but for members who are under 18, they could not make one. No worries, since there is one account that was created for under ages members. Random members could stream through it.


I made me think that it should be good point for us, as we could interact not only with Japanese fans, but also fans around the world. I keep writing in Japanese and not sure if most of them will understand me, but since there would be AKB translator who will translate my sentences into 5 languages, I think its not a problem anymore.


I was shocked since there are so many people who circled me. Do I have that so many people who support me? Somehow it gave me some courage. It made me to do my best while working in AKB and as an actress. They kept supporting me through comments, I was so happy while reading that. There were also some comments in English which I could hardly understand. Their comments were really so precious to me.


One day, I up my photo with her, my fav member of AKB, or should I say my best friend? Hmm…. She’s more than best friend to me. She’s something that can’t be changed, her presence is important to me. We often take some pictures at backstage but I decided to keep it for myself only…. I didn’t want to expose it or made it public consume. But since this pic was totally funny, I decided to upload it.


I was shocked when I received some comments. They said atsumina things, marriage, and love… not only one person, but almost all comments I received saying so. I wonder if she saw this… I was happy and enjoying reading it. It means they were fine if I am with her, right? From that, I decided to up some of our pictures to G+.


“Hey, leave a comment on my photo.” I say to her as I can see she is busy with her phone. She turns her look and looks at me.


“Hm? What photo?”


“Our photo of course.” I say as I smile to her.


“Eh?? You shared it?”


“Yeah…..seems everybody likes it.”




“Fans of course. They said something about marriage. Hehe….” I chuckle.


“Marriage?” she looks surprised.


“Yeah….you and me.” She looks away. “Hey…..what’s wrong? You don’t like it?” I pout. She doesn’t want to get married with me.


“No Atsuko! I don’t mean that, but….”


“Yeah……I know….” I go back to see my phone. Scroll it up, scroll it down, still with my pouting pose.


“What you know?”


“I know that you don’t like me. Even you are with me, you forced yourself.”


“Eh!!” She stands up and moves closer to me. She sits beside me. “I never said so…..”


“You just showed it…..Forget it, Minami…..”


“Alright, alright…… I will comment on the photo. For you…..”


“Ck….you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”


“Come on, Atsuko. Don’t be mad again, okay? I will comment right now….” She reaches her phone and opens G+ from it.


“Ah…..” she then looks at me.


“What’s wrong?” I ask her.


“It’s already 500 comments. I can’t leave any single words.”


“Uso….” I take her phone and I see it by myself. I read all comments as I read so many comments saying “Cute, love, AtsuMina, love you two, etc”


“I uploaded it 10 minutes ago!” I blink as I can’t believe it will reach 500 in some minutes.


“You two are noisy!” I look around as I see Yuko there. She interrupts us.


“Still with that G+ thing?” she smiles as she puts her hands around my neck. “Eh??” she then takes Minami’s phone. “Takamina looks idiot here! She can’t even pose!!”


“Yea I always fail, Yuko….”Minami says.


“Yuko, stop saying something bad to her, or I will be mad!” I take Minami’s phone from her.


“Ehh?? You mad? Huaaa Acchan, please don’t be mad~~” she hugs me from beside. “I will do everything to take you from Takamina!”


“Eh?? Where’s NyanNyan?” Yuko releases her hug.


“I give up on her.”


“Why??” I can’t believe it, finally Yuko gives up on her.


“She prefers to spend her xmas with Mariko…….You should be with me in xmas Acchan! You have to!!” she puts her hands on my shoulders.


Wait! I have my own plan! You know I will spend my xmas eve with Minami… Just the two of us!! Sorry, Yuko…. I will pass this time.


“Sorry Yuko, I can’t.”


“Ehh??? Why????” Yuko pouts and loses her enthusiasm. Then she looks at Minami. “Are you going to go with Takamina????”


“Ye-”before I can continue, Minami suddenly cuts it…


“Eh?! We are not going to spend xmas’s eve together. You may go with her….” I keep staring at her. How could she decide everything? How could she not ask me first?? I want to spend the time with you! Not with Yuko!


“Eh? Really??”Yuko looks at me. “Is that true?” I look away as I can’t answer. I am confused what I should say to her. One side, I want to spend the time with Minami, but she just rejected me…… Yuko holds both of my hands.


“Yosh! Let’s have some funs, Acchan! I will make you enjoy this year xmas! Believe me!”


“Everyone, please be ready in 10 minutes!” A staff in front of us appears. After this, we have to perform on the stage coz we are in Nihon Yussen Taishou now.


Maybe I should not give Yuko an answer as I don’t want to go with her. Suddenly Yuko moves closer and kisses my cheek. I am surprised with her sudden action….she doesn’t feel nervous though. She then leaves us there and meets with the other members somewhere. I can see Minami is holding her phone and just looking straightly. I can’t believe I got kissed in front of her. I stare at her, she acts normal. She is not even bothered by that sudden action. I guess, I know how she feels toward me. Somehow I feel disappoint… She actually doesn’t feel the same like what I do to her.




I just realize it that feeling is growing bigger on me. Wanting her more, more, and more, and she is only for me…


But I guess, I already give up on my feeling. She doesn’t feel that way to me, I feel like spending my energy. I know I’ve been rejected by her just now. Yeah….I think I should give up already.


Next day all members meet at theater. Most of us are updating our G+ as they have been already addicted. I sit next to her as she is busy with her G+ too…. Before she asked me to take her photo. She wore black shirt written, “bakaribbon” on it. Hilarious.


She then changes her photo on G+ with this one and start writing status.


“Hey! You don’t want to update?” Yuko suddenly jumps to me. She wraps her hands on my neck.


“Ah….Yuko… I will update later.” I stare at Minami but her eyes are still on her phone. She doesn’t even look at me. Yuko sound is more enough to make everyone looks at us, but she is still busy with her G+.


“Just write my name as your status, will you?” Yuko smiles to me.




“Yes! Let’s make fun! I will leave comment on it, dou?”


I keep thinking about this. I wonder if fans will agree since KojiYuu’s shippers also exist. They might hate me? Or even curse me because I write Yuko’s name. Since Yuko keeps shaking my body, I guess I should give it a try. I reach my phone, and do what Yuko told me earlier.


We are replying each other and I received good responds from fans. They gave +1 on my post… I guess they are okay if I am with Yuko or spend time with her. I bother to look away from my phone as I see Minami is looking at me. Freezing and my heart starts beating. Damn it! Why it should beat at this time? Not for long time, she then looks away. Eh? She didn’t even say anything to me?! What’s wrong with that little captain?!


“Acchan, you will go with me right on Christmas?” Yuko suddenly asks me.




“You will right? Come on, let’s fun just the two of us. Okay?”


“But Yuko, I…..” I put a glance on Minami there. She still with her position, busy with her phone. I have plan to go out with her on Christmas, but I remembered she passed and asked Yuko to take me out instead. Maybe she has other plans with other members. If she does, she didn’t even ask me…. I guess Minami is not considering me as her best friend anymore. I can feel her care is not like before. Though I am really looking forward for this year Christmas where I can spend my time together with Minami…….and……….confess to her, that was my first plan but I think that just only become a plan only….


“Yea…. I’ll go with you.” A force smile has formed on my face.


“Yattaaaa~” she hugs me. “Ah yes…. I heard that staffs were looking for you. What happened?”


“Oh…..Yea we have plan to see 2PM’s concert.”


“2PM? Guests on MJ last time right? On Batsu Maru game?” I nod. “Ee?? You like ‘em?”


“Yes…. Actually I love listening to K-POP and American Pop.”


“Aaa I see….”


“So Yuko….would you come? We can go together. I have VIP tickets.”


“Nah, I pass…. You know Acchan, I don’t like listening to K-POP. Ah, I need to go…. Enjoy your time, kay?” she then leaves.


I have one ticket and I don’t know whom I give to. I see Minami there and I guess I should give it a try to ask her out. I bite my lips and then move closer to her.


“Minami….do you have time?” she looks away from her phone and looks at me.


“Yeah….I guess. Why?”


“I have one concert ticket. Would you like to come with me? It’s 2PM’s concert.”


“Ehmm…..Sorry Atsuko….I guess I can’t go….”


“Hmm…..sou ka…” I sound disappoint.


“Have you tried to ask…..Yuko?”


“She doesn’t like K-POP. Are you serious you can’t go?”


“Yea….” She scratches her head. “…….I have work to do….”


“What work? You even can’t spend your time on Christmas with me. Are you mad at me?” I can see she is shocked after hearing my loud voice. I guess I have reached my limit. Minami has changed.


“What are you talking about? I am not mad at you….”


“So why did you avoid me? You’ve acted like…….like you didn’t care anymore. I’m your best friend right?”


“I didn’t…..I just……..just…….” she looks away. She can’t continue her words.


“See? You can’t answer me. Alright then…. I won’t bother you anymore. Thanks for all!” then I leave her there alone. I go out from the room and my heart aches. My tears won’t wait until I reach bathroom and it just fall freely, roll on my cheek…


Today I’ve just back from 2PM’s concert. I know I must be happy, must be very excited, but I don’t know why I can hardly smile. There is something inside myself…..Such uneasy feeling that always follows me wherever I go, whatever I do. Since that day, no news from Minami. She doesn’t even call me…. It makes it clear then, that Minami really forgets about me, about our time we spent before. Next 24th of Dec, I have to go with Yuko, celebrate xmas eve just the two of us. Maybe that can help me to feel better.


24th of December and now is right at 19.00pm. I am ready with my white dress yea I know I look cute today, though I wanna show it to Minami instead of Yuko. Yeah I guess, it can be helped. I hope I can forget it quickly….


I go to the central park as I see so many couple…. I stand near the big xmas tree there and I reach my phone. Yeah G+ thing. I see many members are updating and look like they enjoy their xmas eve. Sae, Yukirin, Mariko, Kojiharu…..I take a deep looking at my phone, I mean the picture just shared by Kojiharu. She is with Yuko and Yuko is wearing santa’s outfits. Hey what does it mean? She supposes to go with me right? I mean I am waiting for her here, alone, and cold.


I dial Yuko’s number and then I heard her voice.


“Where are you?” I ask her without greeting her first.


“At Nyan Nyan’s house. What’s up?”


“Eh? How about us? You asked me out, remembered??”


“Ah!! Gomen…..gomen…..I forgot to tell you Acchan…..Nyan Nyan wanted to spend xmas eve with me……hehehe…..”


“How about me? I am waiting for you here already…..” This pervert squirrel, she has made me felt like an idiot.


“Gomeeen Acchan…. Hmm…….” She pauses for some minutes. “…..I don’t think I can invite you here since I just want to be alone with Nyan Nyan…. You know, she’s so sexy right now! Waoo…..”


“Hentai! Aaah….forget it. Since the beginning I know I will be alone on xmas. Jaa~” I hang up.

Aaa…what should I do now? Yuko is with Kojiharu while I am here alone like stupid. Something warm rolls on my cheek, yes it’s my tears. I don’t know why I am crying….Maybe its because I am all alone here. I know everyone must be enjoying this xmas eve.


Not long I feel something warm around my neck, it’s a shawl. This person has sat next to me with her big smile. I am surprise seeing her here.


“Why are you here?”


“Why? You don’t like it?”


“No….I just…..bit surprised. I think you have plan with other members.”


“And let you alone? Never.”


“So why did you refuse to go out with me today? You know, you made me sad. I think you have forgotten me…….”


“I won’t forget you….. and how can I forget you?? Well…..I’m sorry for not being honest to you.”


“Just tell me Minami…. I will listen to you….”


“It’s…..complicated I think….and ehm…..weird.” I hold her hand.


“I said it’s fine. Is there anything that make you uneasy, just let it out. If it is about me, I will try my best to change…..”


“No you don’t need to change. Just stay the way you are…. I like the recent Atsuko.”


My cheek redden. Just with a simple word, she can make me blush.


“Aaa….I know its weird to say such a thing.”


“Not at all, Minami. I don’t mind….”


“But…..its weird. Saying those thing to the girls, I think its not normal…..”


“It’s normal. Its like when you say you love your friends, you love your family….”


“But its not ‘like’ in that way……its…….” She stops for some moments. Our eyes are meeting and I feel my heart is racing so fast. What happened with me btw? Why I think she will confess to me? No…no…My feeling will turn into a disappointment and I don’t want that….


“Arrghhh! How should I say it!” Minami facepalm. I am more confused….


“Alright….alright…..I wont ask you anything again. So, are you going to accompany me tonight?” she nods and smiles. “Thank for your shawl.” I stand up and reach her hand. I bite my lips as I look away…..My heart beats faster…. She then stands up and the atmosphere between us is really awkward. Then we start walking and visiting many places.


I am so happy today….. I can spend my time with Minami, well this was my first plan though. We went have dinner, she bought me xmas gifts, and I just realized that it is like couple on date. Oh my god, are we on a date? I hope so….. My feeling for her grows bigger as she holds my hand tightly. I am so happy~


We sit on the bench near fountain not much light here, but we do see many couple are around.


“Some minutes its Christmas….” She says.


“Oh really? Yeey….” I eat my cake that bought by her.


“Your appetite is good, Atsuko…. You still can eat that….”


“Why? You want some?” I show it to her as she shakes her head. I finish the last piece.


“I saw Yuko with Nyan Nyan before, so I decided to see you….” Minami starts a conversation.


“”Oh is that so?”


“Yeah…… Somehow I won’t let you be alone, Atsuko……Ehm…..since you really look forward to this right? Where you can be together with Yuko….”


“Eh? How can you say that?” Baka Minami. I don’t even once think about that.


“I know you were happy when Yuko asked you out….Hmm….. You even dress up so cute today.”


“Stop!” she is quite. “How can you know how I feel? Do you even know what actually I want?”


“Going out with Yuko?”


“No! I never think I’ll spend my xmas eve with her!” I turn around and backing her.


“Hoi Atsuko….why are you mad? Did I say something wrong?”


“Yea! Wrong!! Very wrong! You don’t even know it!”


“Hey….” She puts her hand on my shoulder. “Look at me…..Well, I am sorry okay?” I still with my position….. I am not giving her respond and then she makes her move. She moves closer to me and hugs me from behind. So warm….. I can feel her temper.


“Atsuko…. I am sorry if I make you mad. I don’t know what I should tell you about this feeling….. The feeling I feel to you…..” my heart like jumping from its place as she says that words. Slowly my anger disappears and I respond her hug….. I hold her hands which are wrapped around my waist.


“Just say it, Minami………”


“You want hear it?”




There is long pause between us. I can feel her heart beat right on my back…. I think its only me who feel nervous.


“When I saw you 5 years ago, I knew you had special place in my heart. Your smile slowly got carved on my mind, and I can’t lose it. Your smile is like heroine that I can’t live without. Slowly I realize that my feeling to you is not ‘like’ to a friend….It’s more than that……I love you Atsuko…..”


Finally I hear it from Minami’s mouth though I was planning to confess to her. I am so happy, so happy and I feel like wanting to cry…


“Hey? You heard me? Hehe…..I know its weird, right?”


“No no….. I am just surprised Minami…..its not weird. I am happy hearing it from you…”


“Eh? Really??”


“Uhum…” I turn around and look on to her eyes. “I wanted to confess to you too….But you did it first…” I smile to her.


“You mean… feel the same?”


“I guess so…..” Minami looks confused. I poke her nose and I move closer and kiss her lips. She looks surprised, but she can manage to not scream (lol). “That is my xmas gift to you…..”


She touches her lips still surprised. She’s so funny.. it makes me want to play with her more and more.


“Where’s mine Minami??” I ask. She then reaches her bag and looks for something. Owh….she brings something for me? Ureshii….. and then she puts a necklace on my neck. Its so beautiful.


“Minami…’s so beautiful! Thanks!”


“It’s nothing compared to my love for you Atsuko…..Hehehe…..”


I hold her hands and she still looks nervous, hehe….. Kawaii~ “…..and where’s my kiss?”


“Ehh??? You want a kiss too?”


“Yes of course….” I close my eyes…. I can feel she moves closer to me. First she puts both of her hands on my shoulders, then our lips press to each other. She kisses me full of passion and so gentle. I can feel her warmness through her soft lips. This is the best Christmas gift for me.


“Minami……I love you too….”


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