[AtsuMina] One Click!

Ohayou! I want to post my old fic :DD

Enjoy readers!


One Click

I am a talented photographer. I am 20 years old and I have photographed some of top Japanese actors and actress. Everyone can trust my work and very impress… I know I am still young, but my talent is so amazing. It is because my dad who tough me how, he is also one of talented photographer in japan. But now his job is taking photo of bikini model and kind of it… What a perv dad.


I don’t want to take any picture like that… I prefer to take sea view, mountains… My skill is on landscape.


I walk to the sea, enjoy the view and taking some pictures from kids playing, people who are swimming, and so on…


And then my phone is ringing, and its from my boss.


“Hello~ Wassup’ Mr Tanoshingo!! Something urgent?” I asked.


“Very urgent! Come to my office now! NOW!!!” he is shouting at me.


“Okay…okay… Don’t shout at me. Ck..” PIP. I put my handphone back inside my bag…


>>At Mr Tanoshingo’s Office<<


“Woah!! Minami…. Glad you arrive on time!” He looks so panic. I sit in front of him.


“What happened? Something went wrong?”


“No!! We will have special guest today!”


“Err… so?”


“So?” he repeats it again.


“So…what for you called me and asked me to go here?”


“Because we have special guest! I have told you!”


“It has nothing to with me right?”


“Of course it has! Be quite, they will arrive soon!” He still looks panic. I cross my hand in front of my chest. Why this person looks panic? Huh…he’s such annoying person.


KREK. The door opened. I don’t look at the door. I still look to the front, still with my crossed hands.


“Ah!! Welcome…welcome!! Please sit here….” as he asks this person to sit beside me.

“Eh? Are you alone?”


“No… She will come here in some minutes. Let’s begin…” said this tall guy. He looks so scary. Wuh… I can’t understand I should come here and listen to their talking? Hello~ I have something more important to do…..


“Hey boss… Should I be here?” I ask with lazy tone.


“Ah! Yes of course! Just sit okay…”


“Hey who is that little girl?” ask the scary guy.


“Oh, let me introduce her to you… She is Takahashi Minami, on of our best photographer… You will work with her.”


What? I will work with this scary person? Can you guarantee my life, boss? I…could be eaten by him!!


“What? Are you kidding me?” said him as he stands up… Uwah! This person looks so scary! My boss is crazy! How come he will work with this kind of person? Looks like….mafia or gangster! Uhh….


“Aha… easy sir… Minami is very talented, she has amazing skill with photograph.”


Boss…. I won’t work with him… I won’t! I don’t wanna die now!!


“You know you are working with whom? Our model is so popular! I don’t want someone who looks like her to take her photo!! Give me the other!!”


Hey! What do you mean by someone who looks like me? Don’t underestimate me, you human eater!


“Hey you! Watch your mouth! You don’t even know me, right? Don’t underestimate me!”


Mr Tanoshingo whispers ‘Minami, Minami sits down, hoi Minami!’ But I ignore him.


I’ve never been treated like this! I will show this people what I have got! I will show you who I am! Just wait!


“You little girl… How dare you shout at my face?! Okay… Show me what’ve you got here… I don’t want you to be failed…” this man comes sit again…


He doesn’t know with whom he talks to.


“Sorry I am late….” I look at the door as I see a girl walks in and sits beside that man. She puts off her sunglasses and puts it in her bag… She looks so cold, not much talking, and straight looking. I think I have ever seen her, but where? Hmm… Where have I met or seen this girl? Err….Ehmm…. I can hardly remember it…


“Since we have not begun our talking yet, please let me introduce you to our photographer who will work with you… Takahashi Minami.” I look at her as she turns her look to me.


DEG… I feel something in my heart. What is it? Her aura is just different with model that I’ve been working with.


She looks at me without expression. And she looks my boss..


“Are you serious? Is she my photographer?” she sounds doubt me…


“Yes…What’s wrong?”


“Jiro, what is it? How come I work with that photographer?” that tall man bows his head.


“I am sorry… Would you like me to change now? I will look for the other company…”


“Ah!” my boss is shouting at them… “…well, please give Minami a chance. She has skill… She is one of the best photographers we have…” He tries to keep his partner which can make him rich…


“Okay…” a short answer from the model. “I don’t want to take my photo badly.”


“She won’t! I am sure about it!” My boss seems so happy.


Ugh… Today is my bad day~ Having a partner like this people… I sigh.


“Ah Minami… I’ve not introduced you to the model, well… Her name is Maeda Atsuko.” GLEK! Ma-Maeda Atsuko? The popular gravure model? WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!! Okay I have to reject it now… I won’t take any single photo of a girl with bikini. NEVER!!


“Ah I have meeting now… I hope we can be great partner from now on….” They are leaving the room as I shout at my boss.




“H-how could you know? I think you won’t know until the photo shooting tomorrow…”

“My dad always talks about Maeda Atsuko! And WHAT THE FUCK? TOMORROW?”


“I am sorry Minami… I know you won’t take any single photo of gravure, but I don’t have any choice… She can make us rich…”


“Where’s the other? Misaki?”


“He’s off…”




“His wife is ill… He is in the hospital now.”




“He…is off too…”


“Arrgghhh!!! What should I do now?” I sit on the chair as I think about tomorrow’s photoshooting. Haaaaah…. Seems like I don’t have any choice.


“Ganbatte ne, Minami-chan….” said him as I throw box tissue on his face.


>>Tomorrow morning<<


I have arrived early… I have to prepare everything and set the place to look more beautiful. I will show them both I am talented. Just wait…


“Good morning….” I hear a voice from entrance, here she comes… As usual, her cool aura… DEG! DEG! DEG! Why is my heart beating? Maybe I am nervous because this time is my 1st taking a photo of gravure… Okay, forget it.


“Good morning…” I reply. She just walks straightly to the dressing room. Huh. What an attitude. She is not friendly… Wish you luck then!


I have finished prepare everything and wait until that princess out. She’s taking so long.


“Ck… what is she doing?!” When I walk to call her, she is already there with….. white bikini on her body. I stop and look at her sexy body…


What…..the…..hell……. I never see Maeda Atsuko in real… And now… Ugh!! I can’t! I can’t take any single photo of her!! She is just………….so sexy!!


“Should we begin?” ask her. I wake from my imagination…. I nod and walk to her…


“Seem you so easily got blushed, Minami…” she whispers to me.


DEG! This girl…


“Wh-what are you talking about?” She just smiles to me…


Oh god!!! Her smile…. Her smile!! What’s wrong with me???????


“Your face is so red now…” she says as she walks through me… I put my hands on my cheek…


No..No..No! It should not be happened!


The photo session is beginning now… I have calmed down my self so that I can take her photos. Her expression during photo shoot is different… Her smile, the way she looks, her pose, are so different… I know my face is so red when I take her photos…. I can’t hide it anymore… She is the only girl who can drive me this crazy!


I show Jiro about the photos that I’ve just taken….


“Wow not bad!” that Jiro man shouts. I cover my ears. He looks at me. “Hehe… Good job, Minami! Sorry I have underestimated you….” he shakes my hand… I just can smile. Look, who are the winner now? Haha….


“Hey it has not finished yet…” said Maeda.


Again?! I turn back and see her in pink bikini now. GRAAAAAAAAAH!!

Just kill me right now! Kill me now!! Omg! She looks so pretty on that pink bikini… And then… pink is my fav color! She is wearing it right now…. oh god!


I start another session… I can’t get her off my mind… I like her smile, I like her sexy pose. Those are so perfect… I wish I can touch her… Uwooo!! Wait! Wait! What am I thinking about? Grrhhh… This Maeda girl!! You have made me like this…


“Can I see?” said her as she approaches me… I give her my camera, she is so close to me and…. I can see her breast! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!! I can’t hold it anymore!!! Why I have to be here! I am so suffering!! Then I look away as she still looks her photos….


“Hm… not bad.” she walks away. OMG… I think I will just gonna die soon! Die soon!! I walk to the nearest chair and sit on it… I close my eyes as I calm my self… So this is dad’s reason why he doesn’t want to quit his job. Stupid daddy…


It has been a week I work with her and yeeey this is the last day!! However I am so happy, but I can fell I am not…. Why I can feel not happy about this? Hey Minami… This is your last time meeting this girl and the last time you work with gravure idol… Yes, that’s it. This is my last time I meet her. We won’t meet each other again after this. Suddenly I feel so alone… I don’t want to be separated… I know I want to be with her…

But today is the last day…


“Minami, looks like we have another guest…” said Jiro.


“Another guest?”


“Yes… please take good photos for today, okay?” I nod… Of course I will…. This is my job…


“Hello everybody!” I turn away and see this good looking guy walk through me.

Is he the guest?


“His name is Hiro… He will be Maeda’s partner today…”


WHAT? I shout inside my heart… Her partner will be this person? This person looks so dangerous!! I don’t like seeing his silly face! Don’t dare you to touch her today! Grrhh!!


“Who is he?” I heard Maeda’s voice beside me and I turn my head…. OSHH!!

What is that sexy bikini????? Graaahhh!!! She will wear those this time? With him? Noo!!! I can’t imagine that!!!


“Why do you wear those????” I ask her…She tilts her head.


“Of course… This is what I have to wear, isn’t it?” DANG. She’s right…


“Is he my partner for today?” I slowly nod. “Ow… good looking.”


Seriously!! You said that he’s cool?! COME ON!!


Then our session will be begun… That Hiro has ready there and I see Maeda walks closer to him… He smiles at her… Grahh!! I hate it!!


CLICK! The first photo I take… The pose is Maeda and that Hiro stands closely. They are smiling to each other…


CLICK! The second photo, Hiro puts his forehead to Maeda’s. GRAAHH!! How dare you!!!


CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! So many photos I have taken, and all looks…..annoying!! I can’t even imagine that he touches Maeda! He is touching her!


“Acchan, you look so sexy…” he said. GRAH! You even call her, Acchan!

“Thank you…” you reply him with smile.


“Can I see the picture?” ask Jiro. I give my camera to him.


“WHOAA!! Perfect! Nice job Minami-kun!” he gives back my camera. Just a small smile appear on my face…


She is different if she is with that guy. She looks friendly and smiles too often. I hate to admit it, but I feel so jealous. I want to talk like that to Maeda… I want it too! But I guess, she hates me…. She always teases me everyday… But I am fine, at least she talks with me even in that way…


“OTSUKARESAMA DESHITA!” shout Jiro to all of us. We are clapping our hands… Mou owatta… It has finished….I walk slowly to the table, I take my bag and ready to leave.


“Hey, Minami-kun… You don’t wanna join us?” Jiro approaches me…


“Where?” I lose my energy even to speak.


“Family restaurant. We will celebrate for today… I hope you will come.”


“Hmm….” I get too long to answer it.


“Everybody will come…” Everybody? That Hiro guy too? Huh, no thanks!!


“Nah… I pass…” as I say I walk away… How come I sit and see two of you get closer? I will forget this, I will forget the moment with you…. I will forget about you.


>>At Home<<


I sit on the chair in my room. Sighing.


Nee…what are you doing? Are you having fun now?


Maeda…. Why I can hardly get you off my mind? I always remember the way you pose and smile… Why should I feel all of these? It is really tiring you know… You never think about me, even for once… Then I’m here, suffering because every time you always appear on my mind….


My phone is vibrating, someone sends me message…


[i]Hey Minami…

I’m waiting in front

of your house.




I see my handphone closer, closer, and yes… It’s Atsuko’s name. Hmm? Atsuko? Maeda Atsuko? How could she know my phone number? And then I open the curtain as I see her down there…She’s looking at me.. DEG! It’s her!

I go downstairs and open the door. I see she is already standing in front of the door. She smiles at me.


“Ma-Maeda?” I blink as I am not sure it’s Maeda Atsuko.


“Hi, Minami…”


“Ho-how could you…..W-why you know….W-why you are…” I am stuttering as she pushes me inside and she closes the door.


“Wait, why are you pushing me?!”


“I am sorry…” Oh!! Those eyes! They are shining!


“Okay! Why are you here? You should be at family restaurant, right?”


“Yeah… But I am not interested…” I keep looking at her waiting for her explanation. “I worried since you didn’t join us…”


Huh? Because of me??


“What do you mean?”


“I don’t understand, but… when I knew you didn’t come, I could not stop thinking about you, Minami… I don’t know why…” I keep looking at her… Is she for real?


“Okay, okay… You make me confuse now…”


“I am confused too, Minami… You know when I realized that today is our last meeting, I am so sad… I am sad that I…. I can’t meet you anymore…”


“…” I don’t know what to say… Her reason and mine are just the same… We both are feeling sad when we know today is last day of our cooperation.


“Why do you keep silent, Minami? Am I disturbing you right now? Okay… I should leave then….” when she turns back, I grab her hand….


“Don’t go!” I shout at her… She slowly turns her body around.


“I….I also feel the same Maeda…”


She holds my hand… “Please, call me by my name…” I nod.


“At-Atsuko….” Finally I can call her Atsuko….


“I understand one thing… I….I feel lonely when you are not around…” I add. I can she a beautiful smile appears on her face. I can tell she is an angel from heaven… She looks so pretty even without her bikini… I like her in casual cloth…


“Minami….” she said as she holds my hand tighter. “I know when the first time we met, I had underestimated you… I am sorry… And my cold character must be making you hate me more, right Minami?”




“So you hate me?”


“Yes…” she looks down… I put my hand on her chin and make her to see me…


“Atsuko….You know, I don’t like taking photo of a girl with bikini. I don’t like doing it…”


“So why you decided to do so?”


“Yeah it was because of my boss…. My friends who are used to do this job can’t do it. They have many reasons. I respect my boss, so I take this job…”


She keeps looking at me and bites her lower lip…




“I should thank him then… I can… meet you, I can take your photos, I can see your smile, even your smile is not for me…”


“Minami….” I smile… and I stroke her hair, and feel its softness.


“Your hair is so soft….” My hand still is on her hair, then she holds it… She keeps looking at me, and I do too….


“So you like me, Minami?”




“No?” she sounds so disappointed. Hey Atsuko… I’ve not finished yet… I realize that my feeling to you is not just a ‘like’ but…


“It’s love…” I simply answer. She smiles to me… A smile that she always makes when I take her photos. The smile that I like very much….


She puts her hand on my waist and attach her forehead on mine….


“Minami….. Can I kiss you?” she asks. Oh please Atsuko… You don’t need to ask…


I nod slowly as she moves her head closer to me… Her soft lips have touched mine… I put my hand on her neck and try to feel her kissing. Atsuko is a great kisser I don’t know it is her first kiss or not… but actually, it is my first kiss… She slowly pushes me back until we both fall on my long couch… She is on my top right now…


“Wow Minami… Your face is red…” she teases me… Mou~ she always does that….


“Stop talking about it… Like I trust you…” I said as I touch my cheek…


“I said the truth… Maybe it’s because your table lamp so I can see your red face so clearly…”


“Okay Atsuko… just turn it off…” my face blushes again…


“I won’t… I can’t see your face then…”she chuckles… then she makes her move again… she kisses me and I reply it… Her hands are moving, traveling to all of part of my body… I can feel her soft skin and her small finger on me… Then she breaks the kiss..


“Tell me Minami… Is this your first kiss?”


“Yeah…. I hope I won’t make you disappoint. I know you are a great kisser…”


“A great kisser? Hmm… This is my first kiss too…” Are you sure? she is really good in kissing.


“I know you are lying…”


“What for I lie to you Minami? I don’t want to tell you a lie since from now you are the most important person in my life…”


“Yeah… You are my important person too, Atsuko… And I am sorry, If I am not a good kisser as you….”


“Not at all… I like your kissing Minami. Soft, slow, and so gentle…” she pinches my red cheek and kisses my forehead…. Then she kisses my nose, and slowly goes little bit down to kiss my lips… What a hot kiss…. And again she breaks the kiss as she looks into my eyes…


“Forget to say…. I am so in love with you, Minami….” she smiles and continues kissing me…..



hihihi ;9


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